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Audio/Book Review of The Watcher of Dead Time (Relic Guild 3) by Edward Cox @EdwardCox10

Book Title: The Watcher of Dead Time (The Relic Guild Book 3)
Genre: Science Fiction/Dark Fantasy
Pages: 400
Audio Run Time: 15 Hrs 57 Mins
Author: Edward Cox 
Date Published: 18 August 2016 (E-book & Audiobook)


Labrys Town, home to a million humans cut off from the rest of the universe, has been invaded. Those who protected it have been deposed.

The Relic Guild are scattered across the worlds of the Aelfir. Many of them are dead or dying. The Genii control everything. The war is almost over.

Clara, a young woman barely able to control her werewolf side, has seen her friends and mentors killed in front of her. She is the last hope for Labrys Town.

But someone else is watching...

The dramatic conclusion to the award-nominated fantasy trilogy which began with THE RELIC GUILD.


The Watcher of Dead Time (The Relic Guild #3)The Watcher of Dead Time by Edward Cox
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the third and concluding book in the Relic Guild series. I absolutely LOVED it!

The story is again narrated by Imogen Church. She did another fantastic job in bringing the characters to life. Her ability to voice the different accents used for the various characters impressed me. I loved her speaking voice, and her reading pace was perfect.

Clara is a young woman of eighteen, who has been working as a prostitute in a brothel since the age of fourteen in the Labyrinth city called Labrys Town. I really liked her. She is stubborn and determined. She has magic in her veins, is known as a magica and is a wolf shifter.

The story continues from the shocking events at the end of the second book, The Cathedral of Known Things. The Nightshade is under the control of the Genii and the members of the Relic Guild are scattered. Their only hope is to locate Goldur Bellow, a Nephilim, who first met Vam Bam and Angel during the Genii War forty years previously. Meanwhile, Sergeant Ennis, a policeman of Labrys Town, has been tasked to investigate and locate the members of the Relic Guild. However, during his investigation he finds out that things are not as they seem.

As this story progressed, loose ends from the previous books were tied up, but new secrets were revealed. I found myself on another emotional rollercoaster ride as the story reached its zenith, then climaxed in an all out battle. Eblisha Spiral, the first lord of the Thaumaturgists and now leader of the Genii, is a megalomaniac in my opinion. I think that Fabian Moor and Mo Asherzad came to the same conclusion in the end, though a little too late to avoid their fate.

This is a unique story; the world building and character development is extraordinary. I loved the descriptions of the scenes and characters. The story has a post apocalyptic feel to it, with a hint of steampunk, which is further enhanced by the split timelines, which are forty years apart. The characters in both the past and the present are quite interesting. This split timeline shows the reader the events in the past that led to the isolation of Labrys Town from the houses of the Aelfir, and also reveals secrets hidden by a few of the characters. This story has several twists and turns that kept me hooked. There is a bit more action (as in explosions and weapon fire) compared to the other two books but, it's the storytelling that instantly pulls you in. The author has a fantastic way of describing the scenes so that you can picture them easily within the mind's eye. My only complaint is that it ended!!

Edward Cox has written a fantastic trilogy. I loved his fast paced writing style. The flow of the story seemed a little more seamless than the first book, and I was sad to reach the end. This is an author who is unafraid to kill off his characters. Although this is one of the things I find annoying about authors (they usually leave me an emotional wreck and I end up with a book hangover because of it), I will be keeping an eye out for more of this author's work in the future as he has found a firm fan in me.

Due to scenes of violence and gore, I do not recommend this book for younger readers under the age of 15. However, I highly recommend this book if you love science fiction and dark fantasy genres. - Lynn Worton

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About The Author:

Author of THE RELIC GUILD, THE CATHEDRAL OF KNOWN THINGS and THE WATCHER OF DEAD TIME (2016) published by Gollancz. Represented by John Berlyne of Zeno Agency: http://zenoagency.com/

Edward Cox began writing stories at school as a way to pass time in boring lessons. It was a hobby he dabbled with until the late 80′s when he discovered the works of David Gemmell, which not only cemented his love of fantasy but also encouraged a hobby to become something much more serious.

With his first short story published in 2000, Edward spent much of the next decade earning a BA 1st class with honours in creative writing, and a Master degree in the same subject. He then went on to teach creative writing at the University of Bedfordshire. During the 2000′s he published a host of short stories with the smaller presses of America, where he also worked as a reviewer.

Alongside David Gemmell, Edward's influences continue to range from past masters to current authors. Neil Gaiman and Gene Wolfe, George Orwell and Richard Matheson, Angela Carter, Kafka, Tad Williams, Michael Moorcock, Susanna Clarke and Chuck Palahniuk - these are the kinds of authors with something to teach on the craft of storytelling, and they inspire Edward in a continual pursuit to get better at what he does.

Currently living in Essex with his wife and daughter, Edward is mostly surrounded by fine greenery and spiders the size of his hand. The Relic Guild is his first completed novel, and it is the result of more than ten years of obsessive writing.

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Release Day Blitz: Joint Venture (Venture Series #4) by Kristen Luciani @kristen_luciani

Title: Joint Venture
Series: Venture #4
Author: Kristen Luciani
Release Date: Aug 29, 2016

Notorious celebrity playboy A.J. Morgan has more emotional baggage than notches on his well-used bedpost, but bleached blonde, silicone-enhanced three-ways and excess of whiskey are all the therapy he needs.

Live to indulge, indulge to fill the voids.

Those are his rules…. until he meets cunning financial analyst-slash-sexy club singer Lisa Embry, a woman whose heart is surrounded by more barbed wire than a high-security prison.

Rules? What rules?

One lust-filled romp with his female alter-ego turns A.J. into an addict in need of his next fix and he’ll pay any price for another hit.

But he soon finds out Lisa has her own rules… ones that can never be broken.


She smoothed the front of her skirt and twisted in a slow circle. Jessica would be back any second, ready to gnaw off her arm if she took a minute longer to pay for the shoes.

“Excuse me, would you like—”

Startled, she pitched forward. “Ow! What the hell--?” Something hard smacked into her bare shoulder, making her stumble in the sky-high heels. A loud clanging sound followed by shattering glass greeted her as she spun into the salesgirl who had been carrying a platter of champagne flutes, a platter that was now sitting in a large puddle of liquid and smashed crystal. Cold liquid dripped down her arms, pooling on the floor in front of her brand-new and not-yet-paid-for suede shoes. One of the things she loved best about this place was the very thing that could make her cry in that instant.

With a gasp, Lisa quickly tiptoed away from the champagne to avoid collateral damage, but one of the fabric soles didn’t cooperate. Her leg slid out, arms flailing as she skidded to gain the slightest bit of traction. Argh! Can’t fall, can’t ruin the suede!

After one final spin, she stumbled, landing cleanly in the muscular arms of a delectable specimen of a man who had eyes resembling swirls of melted brown chocolate with flecks of gold dancing around in the depths.

Oh. My. God.
Her mouth dropped open, mind paralyzed. Words eluded her… not that there were enough expletives on earth to satisfactorily convey her disgust. But those eyes sent her floating off into the abyss with no recollection of how she’d ended up there in the first place and no immediate desire to return.

Telling him to go fuck himself would be so gratifying, if only her lips would cooperate. Her skin tingled under the pads of his fingertips. Ugh, wasn’t it just like her body to completely betray her like that?

“If you’re about to have another heart attack, I’m ready and willing to stop it again.”

Lisa shook her head, opening her mouth but still no words emerged. Her pulse raced like a thoroughbred; that sparkling white smile had rendered her mute, until… “In your dreams,” she finally squeaked. Really? Her mouth decides to kick it into gear and that’s what comes out?

Egomaniacal Asswad’s grin deepened, that damned dimple making her heart quake. A heady scent swirled in the air. If he hadn’t had such a tight grip on her, she’d have ended up on her ass since her limbs refused to operate under his intoxicating spell. Her fingers itched to crawl through his thick dark hair despite the animosity bubbling in her veins.

“Well, if this were a dream, we’d be on that very cushy couch right about now.”

Argh! He may have the face of a Greek god, but damn, he was arrogant as all hell. “You are such a jackass. I wouldn’t go to the hospital with you if I was wandering around barefoot on hot coals, bleeding out my eyes, and you were the only person on earth with a car.” But despite the caustic tone, the fluttering in her belly persisted. What was that all about? It was new, an unfamiliar sensation, one she’d never experienced.

“You’re not exactly running away.”

“I can’t run in heels this high, but trust me, I’d love nothing more than to put as much distance between us as humanly possible.” She settled her stiletto-clad foot on the still-slippery tile and lifted herself out of his firm grasp. Who the hell did he think he was? She’d rather her ass land in that bubbly puddle than remain in his sleazy clutches a second longer.

“That’s too bad, although the view from behind would be worth it.”

She furrowed her brow, steam practically blasting from her ears as she cocked her head in mock confusion. “Sorry? I didn’t quite get that. But then again, I don’t speak scumbag.” With a swing of her hips, she nearly collided with a brunette saleswoman rushing toward Tall, Dark and Delicious-But-Still-A-Total-Dickhead. Smooth, real smooth.

The woman handed him a large shopping bag and flashed a bright smile. “Here they are! Please give Kayla my best.”

Lisa stifled a snort as she hurried back to the register. Kayla. What a total sleaze, propositioning her while he was picking up shoes for another woman. She spotted Jessica glowering at her. “Don’t be mad, Jessie. I had a little altercation with some champagne glasses, but I’m ready to go.” Cocky bastard didn’t even warrant a mention. She grabbed the empty shoebox and handed it to the salesgirl along with her credit card. Her gaze wandered toward the front of the boutique. Empty, save for the cleaning guy who was mopping up the alcohol-soaked mess. So why the heck was her heart still pounding like a block of cement in a dryer?
Kristen Luciani is a self-proclaimed momtrepreneur, beauty product junkie, and romance author with a penchant for Christian Louboutins, Silicon Valley, plunging necklines and grapefruit martinis. As a deep-rooted romantic who prefers juicy drama to fill the lives of anyone other than her, she tried her hand at creating a world of enchantment, sensuality, and intrigue, finally uncovering her true passion. No pun intended…

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Book Review of The Seven Year Dress by Paulette Mahurin

Book Title: The Seven Year Dress
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 336
Author: Paulette Mahurin
Date Published: 8 May 2016


One of the darkest times in human history was the insane design and execution to rid the world of Jews and “undesirables.” At the hands of the powerful evil madman Adolf Hitler, families were ripped apart and millions were slaughtered. Persecution, torture, devastation, and enduring the unthinkable remained for those who lived. This is the story of one woman who lived to tell her story. This is a narrative of how a young beautiful teenager, Helen Stein, and her family were torn asunder, ultimately bringing her to Auschwitz. It was there she suffered heinous indignity at the hands of the SS. It was also there, in that death camp, she encountered compassion, selfless acts of kindness, and friendship. Written by the award-winning, best-selling author of His Name Was Ben, comes a story of the resilience of the human spirit that will leave you thinking about Helen Stein and The Seven Year Dress for years to come after the last page is shut.


The Seven Year DressThe Seven Year Dress by Paulette Mahurin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

This is a very touching story. I loved it!

Myra is a young student, training to be a nurse at UCLA. Looking to rent a room near the university, she meets Helen Stein. A little wary of her prospective landlady at first, she comes to realise that Helen has faced unimaginable horror and has survived through one of history's most darkest times.

Helen is a wonderful character, I really liked this brave but wounded soul. This is her story and told in first person narrative.

When I was contacted by this author and asked to read this book I quickly said yes, even though I knew I would be in for an emotional roller coaster ride of enormous proportions having previously read another book written by her.

I started to read this story and within minutes had tears streaming down my face. This story took me on a journey into Germany and the political turmoil leading up to the outbreak of war in 1938 and beyond. Many families were affected, but seeing the world through Helen's eyes brought home to me how one family was torn apart simply because they didn't fit with the ideals of the country's leader.

Helen's story is full of horror, but there are moments of light that made me smile. Helen's family consisted of her father, Irving, her mother, Rose and three siblings: Lawrence, Shana and Ben. Helen was the youngest. I loved getting to know them, they were a warm and loving family. We are also introduced to Helen's neighbor and best friend Max, who also plays a pivotal role in this tale.

War is not a pretty subject and I felt the author did an amazing job in bringing the hardship and horror to life with her emotive and descriptive writing. I felt the horror and despair that Helen felt as her life imploded, I shuddered at the brutality brought on the people of Germany whether they were Jewish or not and felt the joy of being rescued from the awful concentration camps.

Genocide is not an easy subject to face never mind write about and my heart broke for all of the people (living and dead) affected by the second world war, however, I feel that the author broached the subject with sensitivity and tact. Soldiers were ordered to commit terrible atrocities against their own citizens and families, whilst ordinary hardworking families were torn apart or killed all in the name of a "pure race". Helen's tale, although dark at times, also showed me that even though they survived the war, scars still remained within those who lived long after the war finished. The pain of loss that they live with is unimaginable to me. However, their bravery and determination to survive against insurmountable odds made me feel proud of them too.

Although Helen is a fictional character, her story is not. I feel that she is the voice of all those who are (or were) unable to speak for themselves. Some people would like to sweep this terrible moment in history under the carpet where it could be forgotten. However, I feel that we should never forget the events so that it never happens again; I am not in favour of letting history repeat itself.

Paulette Mahurin has written another fantastic historical fiction novel. I love her descriptive writing style, which made the past and the characters come to life. I also love the flow, which kept me turning pages. She has a firm fan in me and I am now looking forward to reading more of her books in the future.

Due to scenes of violence, I do not recommend this book to young readers. However, I highly recommend this book as a MUST READ if you are looking for a fantastic story that will touch you deeply. - Lynn Worton

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About The Author:

Paulette Mahurin lives with her husband Terry and three dogs, Max, Bella, and Lady Luck in Ventura County, California. She grew up in West Los Angeles and attended UCLA, where she received a Master’s Degree in Science.

While in college, she won awards and was published for her short-story writing. One of these stories, Something Wonderful, was based on the couple presented in His Name Was Ben, which she expanded into the fictionalized novel in 2014. The first week out, His Name Was Ben, made it to top ten books sold in the Amazon Kindle store (topic: health/wellness/cancer). Her first novel, The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap, made it to Amazon bestseller lists and won awards, including best historical fiction of the year 2012 in Turning the Pages Magazine.

Semi-retired, she continues to work part-time as a Nurse Practitioner in Ventura County. When she’s not writing, she does pro-bono consultation work with women with cancer, works in the Westminister Free Clinic as a volunteer provider, volunteers as a mediator in the Ventura County Courthouse for small claims cases, and involves herself, along with her husband, in dog rescue.

Profits from her books go to help rescue dogs.

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Cover Reveal: Love A Boss by Logan Chance @BrotherChance


Love A Boss
Logan Chance

Cover Designer: PopKitty

Release Date: October 6th

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Love A Boss Full Cover (1).jpg


The music had all but played out. My life was in turmoil. My only fault was falling for my new boss.

Penelope Marks is now the boss of Lopa, a tiki bar in the heart of South Beach.

Theo Sullivan is still the owner, who sold his soul to the devil himself.

What will these two do to overcome the forces trying to keep them apart?

Continue with the Boss Duet as Theo and Penny try to take down the ones making their lives miserable.

Logan’s Links:



Other books by the author:

Like A Boss

Buy on Amazon Now for 99 cents


About the Author:

Logan Chance enjoys the simple things in life. Star Wars, music, and pretty girls. Always in trouble at school, he was made to copy the dictionary while the others played. This began his word fascination.

With a love of words he then realized he loved stringing those same words together to create stories to inspire all.

From Boston, and relocated to Florida, he lives out his days writing, reading, and avoiding the beach.

Not afraid to tell it how it is, Logan is definitely a man of his own.

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Audio/Book Review of The Seacrest: A love story (Paines Creek Beach Book 1) by Aaron Paul Lazar

Book Title: The Seacrest: A Love Story (Paines Creek Beach Book 1)
Genre: Romance/Suspense
Pages: 336
Audio Run Time: 8 Hrs 29 Mins
Author: Aaron Paul Lazar
Date Published: 14 October 2013 (E-Book)
17 December 2013 (Audio Book)


They say it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

Finn McGraw disagrees.

He was just seventeen when he had a torrid summer affair with the girl who stole his heart—and then inexplicably turned on him. Finn may have moved on with his life, but he’s never forgotten her.

Now, ten years later, he’s got more than his lost love to worry about. A horrific accident turns his life upside down, resurrecting the ghosts of his long-dead family and taking the lives of the few people he has left.

Finn always believed his estranged brother was responsible for the fire that killed their family—but an unexpected inheritance with a mystery attached throws everything he knows into doubt.

And on top of that, the beguiling daughter of his wealthy employer has secrets of her own. But the closer he gets, the harder she pushes him away.

The Seacrest is a story of intrigue and betrayal, of secrets and second chances—and above all, of a love that never dies.


The Seacrest (Paines Creek Beach #1)The Seacrest by Aaron Paul Lazar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first book in the Paines Creek Beach series. I really enjoyed it.

I downloaded this book in audiobook format as I have listened to this author's work in this way before and really enjoyed it. This story is narrated by George Kuch. His narration was easy to listen to and his reading pace kept me engaged.

Finn McGraw is a wonderful character. I really liked this young man. He fell in love with a mysterious young girl he met on the beach when he was seventeen and had an affair. Ten years later he's married and working at the Seacrest, a horse farm, when his life is turned upside down by a tragic accident and his wife and his estranged brother are killed. As he delves deeper into his brother's life, he finds out secrets long kept hidden. With the help of his employer's daughter, he begins to realise that things are not all as they seem. However, Libby Van der Horne has her own secrets and demons from her past.

It is not often that I come across romance books told through the male POV, but I must admit that it makes a nice change. Each chapter is told through alternating time lines, flicking between 2013 to 1997. I did find myself wondering who the girl Finn met and fell in love with really was, as her identity was hidden for the majority of the story. Even Finn never really knew her real name until later (he gave her a nickname - Sassy). Nevertheless, their love story was extremely touching and made me a little teary-eyed at times.

There are a few story threads in this tale that weave into the whole. There is Finn's past and his one true love. Then there's the car accident that killed Finn's wife, Cora, and his brother Jackson, which creates a mystery that sees him trying to piece together the events leading up to the accident. Then there is Libby's past and her secret. All in all, this story is masterfully told with several twists and turns that kept surprising me. There is mystery, suspense, love, loss, forgiveness and redemption, along with a whole emotional roller coaster from start to finish. My only gripe is that I would have loved to have known the identity of "Sassy" long before it was revealed. However, that is only my opinion. Other readers may not have the same reaction. The ending, for me, was bitter sweet and something I didn't expect. I am looking forward to reading/listening to the next book in the series, The Seacroft, as soon as I can.

Aaron Paul Lazar has written a fantastic tale that captured my imagination. I love his writing style, which is fast paced and entertaining. I also love the flow. He has found another fan. I am now looking forward to reading more of his books in the future.

Although this book doesn't have any bad language, there are some slightly explicit scenes of a sexual nature. Therefore, I recommend this book to older teen readers and to adults who love contemporary romance or romantic suspense genres. - Lynn Worton

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About The Author:

Aaron Paul Lazar wasn't always a mystery writer. It wasn't until eight members of his family and friends died within five years that the urge to write became overwhelming. "When my father died, I lost it. I needed an outlet, and writing provided the kind of solace I couldn't find elsewhere."

Lazar created the Gus LeGarde mystery series, with the founding novel, DOUBLE FORTÉ (2004), a chilling winter mystery set in the Genesee Valley of upstate New York. Like Lazar's father, protagonist Gus LeGarde is a classical music professor. Gus, a grandfather, gardener, chef, and nature lover, plays Chopin etudes to feed his soul and thinks of himself as a "Renaissance man caught in the 21st century." This book has since be rereleased in 2012 as an "author's preferred edition," via Twilight Times Books.

The creation of the series lent Lazar the comfort he sought, yet in the process, a new passion was unleashed. Obsessed with his parallel universe, he now lives, breathes, and dreams about his characters, and has written ten LeGarde mysteries in eight years. (UPSTAGED - 2005; TREMOLO: CRY OF THE LOON - 2007 Twilight Times Books; MAZURKA - 2009 Twilight Times Books, FIRESONG - 2011, DON'T LET THE WIND CATCH YOU - 2013, VIRTUOSO - 2014, with more to come.) The author has just completed his twenty-first novel.

One day while rototilling his gardens, Lazar unearthed a green cat's eye marble, which prompted the new paranormal mystery series featuring Sam Moore, retired country doctor and passionate gardener. The green marble, a powerful talisman, connects all three of the books in the series, whisking Sam back in time to uncover his brother's dreadful fate fifty years earlier. (HEALEY'S CAVE, 2010; TERROR COMES KNOCKING, 2011; FOR KEEPS, 2012) Lazar intends to continue both series.

Lazar's books feature breathless chase scenes, nasty villains, and taut suspense, but are also intensely human stories, replete with kids, dogs, horses, food, romance, and humor. The author calls them, "country mysteries," although reviewers have dubbed them "literary mysteries."

"It seems as though every image ever impressed upon my brain finds its way into my work. Whether it's the light dancing through stained-glass windows in a Parisian chapel, curly slate-green lichen covering a boulder at the edge of a pond in Maine, or hoarfrost dangling from a cherry tree branch in mid-winter, these images burrow into my memory cells. In time they bubble back, persistently itching, until they are poured out on the page."

In 2009, Kodak gave him up for grabs, and during the year off before he landed in his coveted new job with KB America, he had time to explore and reconnect with his environment. Little did he know that several trips to the Adirondack Mountains would reawaken his passion for that part of the country. Two new books were written in that time frame, starting yet another mystery series, Tall Pines Mysteries. The first two combooks in the series, FOR THE BIRDS - 2011 and ESSENTIALLY YOURS - 2012 have been winning literary awards. Keep an eye out for SANCTUARY (2014), and MURDER ON THE SACANDAGA (2015), coming via Twilight Times Books.

In between all the novels, Lazar found time to issue three writing guides based on his many years of writing advice blogs, entitled WRITE LIKE THE WIND, volumes 1-3. These are available in eBook and audio book.

In his twenty-first book, Lazar has jumped genre. THE SEACREST - OCT 2013 -, a love story, is poised to capture hearts across the globe.

The author lives on a ridge overlooking the Genesee Valley in upstate New York with his wife, mother-in-law, two dogs, and cat. He finds grandfathering one of the most precious and important times of life, and spends as much time as possible with Julian, Gordon, and Isabella.

Lazar maintains several websites and blogs, was the Gather Saturday Writing Essential host for three years, writes his monthly "Seedlings" columns for the Voice in the Dark literary journal and the Future Mystery Anthology Magazine. He has been published in Absolute Write as well as The Great Mystery and Suspense Magazine. See excerpts and reviews here:


Contact him at aaron.lazar@yahoo.com.

Twilight Times Books by multi-award winning author, Aaron Lazar:

DOUBLE FORTÉ (print, eBook, audio book)
UPSTAGED (print, eBook, audio book)
TREMOLO: CRY OF THE LOON (print, eBook, audio book)
MAZURKA (print, eBook, audio book)
FIRESONG (print, eBook, audio book)
DON'T LET THE WIND CATCH YOU (print, eBook, audio book)
VIRTUOSO (~2014)

HEALEY'S CAVE (print, eBook, audio book)
TERROR COMES KNOCKING (print, eBook, audio book)
FOR KEEPS (print, eBook, audio book)

FOR THE BIRDS (print, eBook, audio book)
ESSENTIALLY YOURS (print, eBook, audio book)

THE SEACREST (coming fall of 2013)


WRITE LIKE THE WIND, volumes 1, 2, 3 (ebooks and audio books)

Aaron Paul Lazar writes to soothe his soul. An award-winning, bestselling Kindle author of three addictive mystery series, writing books, and a new love story, Aaron enjoys the Genesee Valley countryside in upstate New York, where his characters embrace life, play with their dogs and grandkids, grow sumptuous gardens, and chase bad guys. Visit his website at http://www.lazarbooks.com and watch for his upcoming Twilight Times Books releases, SANCTUARY (2014), and VIRTUOSO (2014).


Double FortΓ©
* 2012 ForeWord BOTYA, Mystery, FINALIST

Tremolo: cry of the loon -
* 2013 Eric Hoffer Book Awards: Grand Prize Short List
* 2013 Eric Hoffer Book Awards: Honorable Mention, Eric Hoffer Legacy Fiction
* 2011 Global eBook Award Finalist in Historical Fiction Contemporary
* 2011 Preditors & Editors Readers Choice Award - 2nd place Mystery
* 2008 Yolanda RenΓ©e's Top Ten Books
* 2008 MYSHELF Top Ten Reads

For the Birds
* 2011 ForeWord Book Awards, FINALIST in Mystery
* 2012 Carolyn Howard-Johnson's Top 10 Reads

Essentially Yours
* 2013 EPIC Book Awards, FINALIST in Suspense
* 2013 Eric Hoffer Da Vinci Eye Award Finalist

Healey's Cave
* 2012 EPIC Book Awards WINNER Best Paranormal
* 2011 Eric Hoffer Book Award, WINNER Best Book in Commercial Fiction
* 2011 Finalist for Allbooks Review Editor's Choice
* 2011 Winner of Carolyn Howard Johnson's 9th Annual Noble (not Noble!) Prize for Literature
* 2011 Finalists for Global EBook Awards

Terror Comes Knocking
* 2013 Global Ebook Awards, Paranormal - Bronze

For Keeps
* 2013 Semi Finalist in Kindle Book Review Book Awards, Mystery Category

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Book Promo: Victims2 (The Reaper Trilogy Book 1) by Muriel Garcia

πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€FREE ON KUπŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

Title: Victims²
Author: Muriel Garcia
Series: book one of The Reaper Trilogy
Cover designer: Indigo Designs



I am a monster.
I am evil.
I've done things that would shock the toughest cops.
I've done things that will send me straight to hell and put Satan to shame.
I've done things that I shouldn't have enjoyed, but relished.
I've loved every single second of it.
I don't know the meaning of the word regret.
Why regret doing what needs to be done?
They had to die.

I am a monster.
I am evil.
I am unstoppable.
I am Helltown's worst nightmare.
This is who I truly am.