Tuesday 8 March 2022

Author Bio and Book Blitz: Glenn Beavers

 Today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to Glenn Beavers, a British children's book author.

Glenn is a welder by trade but began making up and telling stories to his young grandson when he came to stay. His grandson encouraged him to write them down, which has led to several years of notes, ideas, and concepts. Glenn had amassed a few short stories that he self-published. However, he wasn't content with just writing short stories, so he began writing his first novel for children: SWIFT 1: Mindy, a New Breed, published in 2019. He then decided to re-edit and bundle his short stories into a series. Thus, the Grandparents, Parents and Children series came into being. After publishing SWIFT, Glenn began working on a new series, Rasta Christmas and the Santa Corps. Rasta Christmas and the Santa Corps: The summer connection is the first book. He also began work on the second book in the SWIFT series, Ramsbottom Betty's Revenge. Then, during the pandemic of 2019/2020, Glenn began working on the second book in the Rasta Christmas series, Rasta Christmas And The Santa Corps: Santa Girl. Today, he is still coming up with ideas for all series and potentially other stories, too.

Let's get to know him better. I sent him some questions, which he kindly answered:

1. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? 
I played with the idea for over ten/fifteen years, not really thinking I could or not entirely taking the notion seriously.

2.     How long does it take you to write a book? 
Good question. How long is a piece of string? It depends on my time dedicated to the idea and the ideas I generate to make a story come together. My shortest a few weeks, then the editing and design, ending up months.

3. What do you think makes a great story? 
Something that captures people's /children's imaginations. Something they become a part of.

4.     What is your work schedule like when you're writing?
To be truthful erratic, and inconsistent. This aspect I need to work on and dedicate myself to the project.

5.    How do you balance family and writing?
It's really not a problem at the moment; life in general, work, living, day-to-day events do cause interference. 

6.    Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?
Ideas I don't usually have a problem with; something will generally pop out of my head. Any information otherwise is by asking people or googling for information. 

7.    What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your book/s?
Despite the industry being very hard to break into, or, in my case, it has been. The surprising things are the fact I can do this, and secondly, I'm blown away when both adults and children say they really liked them or even loved them, which I do get. That feels very satisfying. It feels good, especially with being a welder for over forty years. This is quite different.

8.    How many books have you written? Which is your favourite? 
Twelve books so far, my favourite at a squeeze would be Rasta Christmas and the Santa Corps. But all of them, really. When you hatch an idea then turn it into a story and children or parents like it, that is a very cool feeling.

9.    Are your characters based on anyone you know?
No, not really, not as yet.

10.   Do you have a favourite place you love to write?
If given a choice at a desk with a view. When writing and stopping for a while, I tend to daydream and then ideas flow from fresh air, not all the time but quite often. 

11.   What do you like to do when you are not writing?
Just get on with life; whatever that is at that moment in time.

12.   Do you have any suggestions to help aspiring writers better themselves and their craft? If so, what are they? 
Just do it, do it to any level you feel comfortable with a nice simple little story for friends and family or a best seller. AND DO NOT LISTEN TO PEOPLE WHO SAY YOU CANT!!!

13.   As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?
When I grew up one of two and don't ask me why I have no idea, A)  Vicar and  B) a Comedian.

14.   What are your favourite books, and which authors inspire you?
To start with Steven King then James Clavell. I read Lord of the Rings. J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter I think for me; her use of words is like liquid velvet, I think she's a great writer. But I tend to love auto and biographies. Mainly of people who have struggled then come out on top and won through, A bit like a kind of Rocky, it could be a simple thing but someone who has struggled and done well. 

15.   What are you working on now?
Geoffrey. Possibly which is a tall order or I cant choose, Rasta three, SWIFT three, George and Queenie two or even a blobysaurus stand alone spin off from Queenie. So not really sure.

Author Links:

Goodreads ; YouTube ; YouTube 2

Now we've met Glenn, let's take a look at his books and series. We'll start with the Grandparents, Parents and Children's series. Currently, there are six books in the series. They are available individually and in a single volume as a collection. 

The first book in the series is Grandad and the Giraffes (Grandparents, Parents and Children Book 1):


Why do all giraffes look the same – or do they? It's almost as though Grandad was there with the monkeys and the giraffes. 'In the time of the giraffe, giraffes were wondrous creatures.' 'How, Grandad? How, different?' So Grandad tells the story of what happened to the incredibly coloured giraffe clans.

The second is Mum's Turn to Drive (Grandparents, Parents and Children Book 2)


This story is not about everybody's mother, or everybody's father. But it is about an exciting journey to school. Does it sound just a little like yours? The girls are excited. Today, mum is driving them to school. It's sure going to be fun to see who dares cross her path!

The third book is Noah the Bullfighter and Caballito (Grandparents, Parents and Children Book 3) 


There was a prophecy that, one day, all the bulls in Spain would be saved from bullfighting. Even Caballito, the most feared bull in all of Spain. Join young Noah as he finds out if that day has finally come.

The fourth book is Quincy the Miserable Dragon (Grandparents, Parents and Children Book 4)


Why is Quincy soooo miserable? Especially during BBQ season. Someone needs to show him just how special he is and put a smile back on his face.

The fifth book is The Loneliest Star (Grandparents, Parents and Children Book 5)


Have you ever felt that nobody is listening to you? He was a lonely star with a big heart. It took a boat in peril to help his true character shine through. After you've enjoyed the story, get out your colouring pencils and make the pictures your own.

The sixth book is The Spider Who Was Afraid of Heights (Grandparents, Parents and Children Book 6)


If you've you ever been turned to ice by fear, then listen to what happened to Morgan. If you are quick enough to catch him he'll tell you how he overcame his fear – by taking tiny steps. After you've enjoyed the story, get out your colouring pencils and make the pictures your own.

Finally, the entire collection can be found in Grandparents, Parents and Children Collected Stories: Volume One.


The first six delightful stories in the Grandparents, Parents and Children series:

Grandad and the Giraffes - all about why giraffes look the same, or do they?
Mum's Turn to Drive - not a story about everybody's family, but perhaps it is a bit like yours?
Noah the Bullfighter and Caballito - there was a prophecy that, one day, all the bulls in Spain would be free;
Quincy the Miserable Dragon - someone needed to help Quincy feel special;
The Loneliest Star - how do you make people listen to you?
The Spider Who Was Afraid of Heights - Morgan leans how to deal with his deepest fear.

Then, there is George And Queenie, a stand-alone adventure:


An alarm clock is bad enough, imagine being hit on the back of the head with a hammer and chisel.
Well, that’s how this story starts with a start and a huge shock if you prefer. A Dinosaur awoken from a very long sleep and being told he is treasure trove and belongs to the Queen. He doesn’t know what a queen is and goes to see her to fight his case of being an individual.
There are many more on this wonderful journey, with a Queen, a sixty-six million-year-old dinosaur, or should I say young dinosaur. That’s just the beginning, sit back and enjoy the show and all the wonderful friends all just doing their best.

These books are aimed at all ages but usually 3-10 years. Now, I introduce two exciting series for middle grade to teen readers. However, these books would be ideal bedtime stories for adults to read to younger children, too. We begin with SWIFT 1: Mindy, a New Breed:


Only the best of the best, the brightest sheep, qualify for SWIFT. Melvin, an evil genius and head of CRUSH (Criminal Ruthless Undercover Sneaky Hitmen), prepares to hold the world to ransom. He threatens to release the deadly foot and mouth disease on an unsuspecting public. Mindy, a young ewe, is determined to follow in her missing father’s hoofprints and joins the army. After she is invited to join SWIFT she gets even nearer to discovering the truth. Will Mindy and her teammates bring the evil genius to hoof? Or will Melvin’s dastardly plan succeed?

The second book, SWIFT 2: Ramsbottom Betty's Revenge


Mindy and her team are no longer recruits. They beat CRUSH and foiled Melvin’s dastardly plot – but new threats are not far away. Evil never sleeps. The National Art Gallery is celebrating the Queen’s birthday. Mindy and SWIFT join forces with SWINE to guard the priceless artwork. Lady C, aka Ramsbottom Betty, broods in her front room over Melvin’s death. She wants revenge by humiliating SWIFT in front of the whole world. With her team of deadly WI (Wollen Institute) ladies, she plans how to use their own tech against SWIFT and their associates. Mindy may have won the battle, but Ramsbottom Betty aims to win the war.

Finally, though not least, we introduce Rasta Christmas and the Santa Corps, a most unusual but magical series.

Rasta Christmas and the Santa Corps: The summer connection is an adventure story that will appeal to everyone. Although it mentions Christmas, it is in no way a Christmas story. 


The first tale in the new Santa Corps series. You have no idea how much help Father Christmas gets – all year round. Best friends Alesha and Jaden know they’ve got a chance of winning the school essay competition. They only need to find out a bit more about the legendary Nightsurfer. Does he genuinely ride the waves at night and dance across the roofs? They investigate by climbing their Caribbean island volcano – and get lost. Rasta Christmas, a member of the Santa Corps, finds them and takes them on a magical adventure. They discover the actual use of the Bermuda Triangle, and meet a talking parrot, walking fire hydrants and a friendly alien. When a hurricane arrives, battering the island, Alesha’s fisherman father and his crew are out at sea in mortal danger. Who will save them from the raging storm? Beautifully illustrated by Kris Lillyman, this is a charming tale for all seasons, all ages and all imaginations.

Just published, Rasta Christmas And The Santa Corps: Santa Girl


 An amazing fantasy adventure has become real. Rasta, Alesha and Jaden are now best of friends. With the bonus of the Santa Corps and Santa himself involved.

A new chapter of the story begins to open. With more magic, more of Rasta’s friends, more of the Santa Corps.

Alesha and Jaden travel from their Caribbean island home to the North Pole, visit the ocean’s depths, and meet new friends, including an exceptional person.

From the shadows, a glimpse of the darker side of Christmas: Who is Claws? Where is he from? Who are the Naughties? And what is a Santa girl?

This new bigger story opens into a beautiful new world of the most likeable and strange characters based on and around the Christmas story – but in name only.

It’s a story for all the family - Christmas characters in an everyday magical world.

All of Glenn's books are available through Amazon US, Amazon UK and Waterstones.