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Book Review of Hidden in the Amethyst; Amelia Maylock #2 (Amelia Maylock books) by Jason Ellis


Hidden in the amethyst is the second book in the Amelia Maylock series.

Had the old hag made a mistake? This couldn't be what Amelia was supposed to meet here, could it? Why would she send Amelia to fight such a - whatever it was - without warning her first? Amelia didn't have time to worry any longer as the creature took another giant step forward, looming closer and lowering its huge head towards her, revealing its bright white eyes, sitting in slits in the skull. The light from the orbs at the side of the room glistened off of the black bone, but it couldn't make the creature look anything other than terrifying.


Hidden in the Amethyst (Amelia Maylock, #2)Hidden in the Amethyst by Jason Ellis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the second book in the Amelia Maylock Series. I absolutely loved it!

Amelia Maylock is a fantastic character. She is still coming to terms with finding out that she is a witch, and having an evil sister (Erryaz) that she has to defeat. I really liked watching this character grow as she trains with the old hag. Her confidence in her abilities is still shaky, but she puts her heart into everything she tries.

This story carries on from the end of the first book, The 12th Year Awakening. There is still a bit of mystery surrounding the "friendly voice" that Amelia hears, but it was nice visiting with the old hag, Anin, Ferul, Ral and Orhus again. There are a few new dimensions to travel to, and new friends and foes to meet. There are also a few twists and turns that surprised me; none more so than when Amelia meets the Leyumina. I had begun to like these people, but when they don't get their way, they sure turn ugly (talk about a swift personality change!). Erryaz is as evil as ever, and will stop at nothing to become even more powerful.
This story has a blend of fantasy, magic and reality that will appeal to young readers and keep them entertained. I am now looking forward to reading the next book in the series to find out what happens next!

Jason Ellis has written an exciting YA fantasy/adventure series that will keep youngsters hooked from the first page! I love his writing style, which is fast paced and flows beautifully. I have added this author to my Favourite Authors list.

I highly recommend this book (and series) to not only boys and girls aged between 9 to 14, but to adults who love the younger YA genre. - Lynn Worton

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Tuesday 29 October 2013

Cover Reveal: Watch What Burns (The Sequel to A Fire That Burns) by Kirsty-Anne Still

Expected Date of Release: 15th November 2013


“It just seems like when everything starts to run smoothly, she causes the bumps to appear. I don’t want to have to worry every day, Tyler. There is no room for that woman in our life anymore.”

Austin Pearson found everything the day she walked back into the small town of Point Arena. She found forgiveness, love and the life she had grown up to believe she was destined for with Tyler. Even with scars that remind her of the past, Austin is empowered and forthright. No longer afraid to hide her feelings, or ignore what she knows is right. She trusts in her husband’s love and her family and nothing can change that.
When Natasha Truman begins to strike up an appearance in their lives again, still evidently living with a grudge and the belief that Tyler will love her again, Austin finds her entire life under threat. Even behind bars, Natasha is unstoppable at her attempts to make Austin doubt her life, her love and her future with the man she belongs with. What Natasha doesn’t realise is the girl she victimised years ago, no longer exists.
What happens when Natasha takes her plan to the next level, and finds that Austin is now a force that should not be reckoned with? What about when Tyler proves how little he cares for Natasha in order to protect his family?

After all, a lot can change in three years.

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The prequel to 'Watch What Burns' is 'A Fire That Burns'. The Goodreads link is as followed and is available on most platforms.

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Blog Tour & Review: Saying Goodbye Without Saying Hello by RaeBeth McGee-Buda

Today, I am pleased to be part of RaeBeth McGee-Buda's blog tour for her new book, Saying Goodbye Without Saying Hello.


The journey of pregnancy brings hope, joy, and love for the expecting mother. The hope of giving birth to a new life. The joy of feeling this new life grow inside of her. The love that starts with a test that doesn’t ever end. Dreams for the unborn child flood the new mother’s mind, as well as those around her. Each step of the pregnancy is a cherished moment. The anticipation of meeting her cherished baby builds from the very first month and ends after birth. 

This is the story of one mother and how a few words changed her life forever. How a piece of her faded when she heard these words: “There’s no heartbeat.” When RaeBeth Buda laid in the hospital in labor, she and her husband heard those dreaded words. 

What happens when all of those dreams are shattered in a moment’s notice? How does one cope with the loss of their child? This is the story of their journey and of the devastating grief of the loss of her daughter, Dakota Emily Buda.


Saying Goodbye Without Saying HelloSaying Goodbye Without Saying Hello by RaeBeth McGee-Buda
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a true story, told by a mother who has lost her child due to stillbirth.

I am not a huge reader of non-fiction, but I had read (fiction) books by this author previously, and when I heard that she was writing this story, I knew that I was in for an emotional ride. I have never had a child, so I could not fully comprehend what someone who has feels when they are expecting. The excitement and joy at finding out that you are to be a parent is something I may never get to find out, but many women do. This story takes the reader on a journey of wonder, excitement, happiness, joy, worry, dread and grief. I had to keep putting this book down to dab at the tears streaming down my face, but I also had to keep reading. This story had me feeling everything the author felt at each stage of her pregnancy. Although I cannot fully comprehend the emotional merry-go-round that this author (and other parents) have gone through, I felt my heart break whilst reading Dakota Emily's story.

What struck me about RaeBeth McGee Buda was that she was obviously grieving for her daughter, Dakota Emily Buda, whilst writing this story. Her heart and emotions are bared on the page for everyone to see. What astounds me is her inner strength, which filled me with awe! Her faith that her daughter was sent here by God for a short time, touched me deeply.

Why things like miscarriage, S.I.D.S (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and stillbirths happen is still a bit of a medical mystery. Why? is a good question. Why does this still happen when we have better medical care? Why do some children die, when others survive? Maybe there is a rhyme and/or a reason for this, but it is elusive. All we have is faith; faith that those who are taken away too soon, will be waiting for us when it's our time. However, sometimes faith is cold comfort for those parents who have lost a child. My heart goes out to each and every one who have lost their child/children.

I highly recommend that this book be read by everyone. It is an emotive story, but if you or one of your family members has also suffered through the loss of a child, you will find that you are not alone. - Lynn Worton

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About the Author:

RaeBeth McGee-Buda was born in southwestern Pennsylvania in 1987, the second daughter of Rachel Yost and Arthur Curtis McGee. RaeBeth grew up loving to read and write poetry, as well as short stories. Her childhood dream was to become a teacher. Rae Beth's dream of writing was created in her eleventh grade literature class where writing became her passion.

RaeBeth married in August 2012 to her husband, Gregory Stephen Buda Jr. and resides in a small Pennsylvania town of Fairchance. RaeBeth is a full time mother of one beautiful daughter Emma, and a mother to an angel, Dakota Emily.

She graduated from American Intercontinental University in 2010 with her associates in business administration. She enjoys spending her time writing and feels connecting with readers and sending her messages are her main goals.

She is the author of the Silenced Series, which is available on Amazon.

Author Links:

Author Facebook Page Link


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Twitter ID: 


Saturday 26 October 2013

Book Review of Sky Blue (The Ruby Blue Series #3) by Julie Cassar


Something strange is brewing in Lake City… as the summer comes to a close, Ruby finds herself caught in a torrent of trouble when a stranger blows into town. Relationships are put to the test, lines are drawn and a choice is made when the ways of the Royal Sky Court rain down upon Ruby and the gang. Weathering through a storm of secrets, spells and yet another life-changing adventure… who will survive in its wake? Find out just what mysteries are revealed in this third, magical installment of the Ruby Blue Series!


Sky Blue  (Ruby Blue, #3)Sky Blue by Julie Cassar
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the third book in The Ruby Blue Series. I "Fashizzilly Freakin' Fantabulous!!!" LOVED IT!

Ruby Blue is a fantastic character. She is a typical teenager, full of angst and sarcasm, who loves ice cream and converse shoes. But she also is not so typical in that she can see fairies, and has begun to acquire powers courtesy of a dragon bite.

In this story, we get to see Ruby trying to come to terms with her new abilities, and starting a new school year with a gorgeous hunk for a boyfriend, Nick. I was quickly sucked back into story and was happy to meet Nick, Jeremy, Brennan and Anya again. I was a bit disappointed that Anya was unable to be in the story as much, due to her royal duties. However, Brennan has a bigger presence in this story; I really liked this, as it gave me a chance to get to know him better. Jeremy is his usually flamboyant self; he had me giggling with his sayings (see above quote). There is also a new character introduced in the book. Her name is Katrina, but Ruby quickly re-names her Ka-Trampy, which actually suits this character's personality perfectly! She's not exactly a nice person either!
There is action, drama and romance aplenty in this third book, with lots of twists and splashes of humour that made this book a pleasure to read! There is also a surprising twist near the end, which made me go (all soft and gooey) "Awww!". I am now looking forward to reading the fourth book in the series, Forever Blue, as soon as possible!

Julie Cassar has written another amazing tale in this YA romance series. I am a massive fan of hers! This story is fast paced, and it flowed beautifully. I think that this YA series is one of the best I have read this year!

I HIGHLY recommend this book (and series) if you love YA romances or fantasy genres. - Lynn Worton

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New Release Book Promo: Author & Character Interview - Cherish Me (The Protected Love Series #2) by Jennifer Culbreth

Today, I am pleased to bring you a new release, Cherish Me by Jennifer Culbreth, the second book in The Protected Love Series! Please check out the author and character interviews and excerpt below. Oh, and please click on the purchase links too (of course!). ;)


Haunted by vivid nightmares that force her to relive the night she was shot, Judy Adams struggles to heal physically and emotionally. Rejected by her family; she finds a ray of hope when an unexpected friend shows up on her doorstep. However her recovery is quickly derailed when she begins receiving sinister threats.

Fueled by revenge and vowing to stop the one causing the terror towards the one he loves, Jace Alexander along with the men of VIP Bodyguard Service decide to take matters into their own hands. Using the training they received in the military and enlisting the help of some unexpected allies, they stumble upon some dark secrets from the past.

With danger and tragedy looming around every corner, can their relationship withstand the strain? Or will it crack under the pressure taking with it everything they cherish most?

Add Cherish Me to your Goodreads "Want To Read" List here

Cherish Me Playlist

Summertime Sadness [Lana Del Rey vs. Cedric Gervais] (Cedric Gervais Remix)
Lana Del Rey

Little Lion Man
Mumford & Sons

Young And Beautiful

Lana Del Rey

Book Link(s): 

Author Interview:

What author(s) influenced your writing?

I grew up reading the classics. I fell in love with Mr. Darcy and Gatsby before the playboys like Christian Grey and Gavin Blake had even been thought of. Now, don’t get me wrong… I love a schmexy CEO just as much as the next girl. But I not only fell in love with the characters in the classic literature that littered the small book case in my room, most importantly I fell in love with the words; the beautiful words that brought the story to life. Authors such as Jane Austen, Leo Tolstoy, and Robert Louis Stevenson were my main influencers. The most influential authors for me, for their support and guidance, have been Gail McHugh and Teresa Gableman. When I started this journey I was scared to death, alone as I knew no authors, and clueless. I reached out asking for help to a number of authors whose books I had read and enjoyed and both Gail and Teresa graciously answered back. I truly have to say if it hadn’t been for them motivating me to take the leap I wouldn’t be where I am in this journey today.

What tips do you have for someone who is thinking about writing a book?

To go for it! Never in a hundred years would I have imagined I would be able to call myself a published author. It doesn’t matter what background you come from, or what your walk of life is. I grew up a tomboy who hunted and fished, and yes I still do to this day. I went to college first to join the Police Force and then graduated with a degree in Business thanks to the coaxing of my family. However I have had no formal training to become a writer. I had a passion. One that I embraced and stayed focused on and this journey for me will never end.
If you are considering self-publishing and you have the creativity, thick skin, and motivation to find the answers you need you have already met half the battle. The publishing world is full of amazing creative minds, being able to think outside of the box and explore new story lines and characters is important. Along with having thick skin. The Indie Author world can be tough and you have to really be able to take criticism. You will at some point get less than pleasant reviews, you will have those who want your cover to look a certain way, or want your story to go differently. But you have to always keep the spark alive and remind yourself that not every reader will fall in love with your book; and that’s ok. You will have readers who will love your work support you and those are the ones that truly matter.
I am always available to help in any way that I can to give advice and guidance to anyone interested in becoming an Indie Author. I have been blessed to have the amount of support from others through this journey and the most humbling part is being able to pass the torch sort of speak. I can always be reached via fb or email.

What do you do for fun?

Growing up in a rural area there wasn’t a lot to do for fun. We made the best of it though driving along dirt roads, hunting, fishing, and having cook outs with friends and family. We are all avid SEC Football fans and enjoy the family rivalries during the fall. Go Gators! I am lucky to come from a huge family and I love spending time with them. Two years ago I married First Class Petty Officer Culbreth and have been blessed to have an amazing partner in life. He inspires me, teaches me, and motivates me every day. I am very lucky to have him in my life.

We just moved to Colorado Springs and look forward to being able to enjoy the mountains and the outdoors here. Being a Florida native for more than 26 years you can imagine my thrill in looking forward to the snow! Hopefully before that happens we will be able to travel up and enjoy the sights of Cripple Creek and Pike’s Peak.

I would have to say my favorite hobby would be trying new foods. I don’t know if you would consider that a hobby but as often as I eat I think we can categorize it as such! I have a slight obsession with s’mores… I love Indian cuisine, and Gordon Ramsey is my favorite person to watch on TV. I look forward to heading up to the bakery I have heard so much about in Woodland Park and trying a bacon maple twist!

What is your favorite movie?

I absolutely LOVE movies with action. That is one of the primary reasons why my books contain elements of suspense. I have to have something that keeps me on the edge of my seat. My favorite movie is Act of Valor. I balled in the movie theatre (only movie to ever make me do that), I cry like a baby every time I watch it at home, and even when I read the book. I can stand in the same places as those wives being married to an active duty US Navy Sailor myself. I can feel their pain, their angst, and their sadness. I love movies that draw me in like that.

However I don’t only like movies where explosions happen in every other scene. I also enjoy a movie that will make me laugh. This is The End is probably one of the only stupidly funny movies I have ever liked. If you are in need of a funny movie that will make your abs hurt from laughing I recommend it!

If you were going out on a hot date what would it be?

Well, as most of you know I am just a down home country girl. Born and raised in the backwoods. So if I could choose any date it would probably be taking my huge, lifted, SUV out in the mud! Bonfire, good friends, apple pie moonshine, old country on the radio, and my hubby to cuddle next to. Of course at some point someone will have to make me s’mores…

Character Interview:

Jennifer: Ok kitties, you asked and you received. I just so happen to have some pull over at VIP Bodyguard Services and was able to get the guys and their lovely ladies over for an interview. Hi everyone and thanks for coming by today!

Ryan: Hi everyone, we are happy to be here.

Abbi: Yes, thank you for having us, Jennifer. You know we love your hair so much that we couldn’t say no.

Jennifer: Yes, I do have fabulous hair don’t I? **Smiles sarcastically**

Jace: Smokin’ hot boss lady.
**Judy slaps his arm.**

Jace: Ow! What was that for?

Judy: Don’t oogle. *Judy giggles**

Jennifer: Now do y’all see what I have to deal with, with this group? Ok let’s get down to business. I have some questions for you all sent in by the readers. Everyone ready?

Judy: Yes, they are real.
**Jennifer cuts her eyes as a slight smile crosses her face. **

Jace: I can second that.

Jennifer: Jace, I will cut you if you interrupt again.

Jace: Sounds familiar…
**Jace covertly point over to Judy.**

Jennifer: Ok first question is for Jace from one of our lovely readers.  Jace do you happen to be looking for a new assistant? I’m qualified.

Judy: Well, I can answer that one for you. **Cuts eyes towards Jace**

Jace: Fortunately I have found an assistant that both Judy and I agree on. His name is Romel and he makes an amazing cappuccino. **Smiles proudly over at Judy**

Jennifer: Ok, next question is for Jace again. What do you think would have happened if you’d met Abbi before Ryan had?

Abbi: I can answer that one for you! **Laughs playfully.**

Jace: Abbi would have kicked my ass to the curb a long time ago. No, but seriously I needed a woman who could roll with the punches and wouldn’t be afraid to put me in my place. No offense Abbi, you do a great job keeping Ryan in line, but I think the only woman on Earth I would ever want is sitting right here next to me. **Leans over and kisses Judy.**

Ryan: Aww. Look at you two love birds.

Jennifer: Ok next one is for Ryan. If you were stranded on a desert island what 5 things would you want with you?

Ryan: You thought you were gonna throw me off didn’t you? You see, I avidly watch Bear Grylls so I know that I need a container for water, a lighter, blanket, an entire box of Zebra Cakes, and of course my woman.

Abbi: Hell no I am not going to a deserted island with you.

Ryan: Aww come on! What if I exchange my box of Zebra Cakes for S’mores Pop Tarts.

Abbi: Ok, I’m game.

Jennifer: Ok, next up is Judy. What did it feel like the first time you and Jace kissed?

Judy: Well, the first night we kissed was a week or so after we had first met. Contrary to popular belief I don’t kiss on the first date.

Jace: Technically it was our first official date.

Judy: Ok contrary to popular belief I only kiss on the first date when I am shit faced. We were both smashed so the first kiss was sloppy and wet. But I could feel the sparks flying.

Jennifer: Aww, aren’t you precious. ** Smiles playfully** Ok next one is for Abbi. It’s date night, but at home, what’s on the menu and what’s prepped on the DVR?

Abbi: Easy. Chinese take-out and anything with Adam Sandler in it. I love funny movies and he is by far my favorite actor.

Jennifer: Short and to the point; I like it. Up next to bat is Ryan. If you hadn’t had to fill in the night you had met Abbi, do you think you would have found each other?

Ryan: Hell, if I hadn’t filled in that night I can tell you I would probably be at the office right now plowing through paperwork and files on upcoming jobs. However I think we would have eventually found each other. **Reaches over and grabs Abbi’s hand.** Probably at the bakery because we both eat there at least once a week.

Jennifer: Ok this one is for the group. What are your Halloween costumes this year?

Abbi; This has become the debate lately. I think we should all dress up like the Super Mario characters. However, someone. **Ahem, points over at Judy** doesn’t want to be the mushroom.

Judy: I think we should dress up as Crayola Crayons.

Jace: No way I am going to be a crayon for Halloween.  I think we should go as a BLT.
**Everyone looks over at Jace.**

Jennifer: A BLT?

Jace: Yeah. You know I can be a piece of bread, Ryan can be a piece of bread, Abbi can be a piece of bacon, the baby can be a piece of lettuce, and Judy can be a tomato slice.

Jennifer: That’s eerily planned out.

Jace: I have been waiting on this since last year.

Jennifer: Ryan, you weighing in on this?

Ryan: I think we should be the cast from Walker Texas Ranger.
**The room goes quiet.**

Ryan: Oh come on! I can be Walker, Jace you can be C.D. Parker, Abbi can be Alex Cahill, and Judy can 
play Sydney Cooke.

Abbi: No way. You lose.

Jennifer: I agree, Ryan you lose. At least Jace’s is cool, who doesn’t like a BLT?

Jace: My thoughts exactly.

Jennifer: Ok, last question and this is again to the group. If you were to get tattoo’s signifying your significant other what would it be?

Ryan: A .357 revolver. The first time we had breakfast I thought Abbi was going to pull it out when I 
mentioned Trish without explaining who exactly Trish was.

Abbi: Ha! That’s what you get.

Jennifer: Abbi, what are you inking on you?

Abbi: I think if I were to add to my collection it would be a lion head down my arm. He’s kind of the leader of our pack and so it’s kinda fitting.

Judy: I would get do not enter right on my ass cheek. Just a friendly reminder for Mr. Rico Suave over here.

Jennifer: Holy Moses, too much info.

Jace: I would get an angel, because Judy is just a perfect sweet beautiful angel.

Jennifer: **Props hand against chin while looking at Jace and thinking.** Yeah, Judy you got anything to follow up to that.

Judy: No. He’s couldn’t be more right. **Smiles widely over at Jace.**

Jennifer: Ok! Well that’s it folks. I want to thank you for stopping by and I hope that your followers have had as much fun as I have. Never a dull moment.

Judy: Not when I’m around!

Abbi: Don’t forget Cherish Me is released October 26th! Make sure you get your copy to see what happens in Jace and Judy’s story! You won’t be sorry!

Author Spotlight:

Top Ten Book Boyfriends, Books, and Fun Facts:

Top 10 Book Boyfriends
1. Lieutenant Rorke- Act of Valor by Tom Clancy
2. Ripper- Unbeautifully by Madeline Sheehan
3. Mr. Tall, Dark, and F***able Gavin Blake- Collide Series by Gail McHugh
4. Drew Evans- Tangled by Emma Chase
5. Jared Kincaid- Jared (Book #2 of The Protectors Series) Teresa Gableman
6. James Canvendish- Mile High Series by R.K. Lilley
7. Dean Jacobs- Fate Interrupted by Kaitlyn Cross
8. William Hayward- Eden Trilogy by Nicole Williams
9. Patrick Hayward- The Patrick Chronicles by Nicole Williams
10. Mr. Darcy- Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Top Ten Books
1. Act of Valor by Tom Clancy
2. Pulse by Gail McHugh
3. Jared by Teresa Gableman
4. The Promise by Kate Benson
5. Eternal Eden by Nicole Williams
6. Fissure by Nicole Williams
7. Fifty Shades by E.L. James
8. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
9. The Great Gastby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
10. Mile High by R.K. Lilley
Fun Facts
1. I am an avid big game hunter. Elk, Moose, Bear, Deer, Hogs; you name it I hunt it. I am also an excellent marksman thanks to my dad and can accurately shoot up to 300yards.
2. I love to craft! I can sew, embroider, crochet, and paint. I can also keep a house, tend laundry, and cook dinner! Not to brag but I make an amazing pork roast with caramelized carrots on the side J Dinner is at six!
3. I have twice in my life taken a road trip that consisted of being in a car for 27 hours! Once from North Florida (my hometown) to upstate New York, the second was from North Florida to my new home in Colorado Springs.
4. I am married to a sexy panty dropping US Navy Sailor. Those dress whites do it every time! I have never been more in awe than when I stood in the basin of the Naval Station and welcomed home the missile guided cruiser that had been home to 300+ sailors who’d been deployed in the Middle East for over 7 months. You stand on the dock surrounded by huge cruisers (ships) and as the returning ship comes into the basin all of the surrounding ships blast their horns randomly, welcoming them home. It’s an amazing thing to experience!
5. I often pitch match with my fab author friend Y.H. Forward because we enjoy making music with our mouths. We also enjoy quoting the entire Pitch Perfect movie on facebook. She’s Aca-mazing even though we haven’t met in person! 

·         Protect Me (Protected Love Series Book #1) released July 30, 2013
·         Cherish Me (Protected Love Series Book #2) To Be Released October 26, 2013

Blog Tour: Book Promo & Interview: Winning Me Over by Amber Garza

Today, I am pleased and excited to be part of the Winning Me Over by Amber Garza Blog Tour! Please make her feel welcome by checking out her interview and reading the excerpts! Thanks! <3



It’s a typical boring night at work when I first meet the mysterious and sexy Colt Lancaster. Minutes after he leaves, I’m robbed at gunpoint by a masked man.
I suspect that the two events are related.
No matter how hard Colt tries to convince me that it was all just a coincidence, my gut tells me otherwise. However, the more I get to know him the more I want to believe him. Just when he’s about to win me over, a condemning secret from his past is exposed. 
Then again, everyone deserves a second chance. Don’t they?

Author Interview:

Did you ever think you'd be a published author?
Yes. It's been my dream since I was in 2nd grade.
What are you working on currently?
-Title : Betray, Book 3 in the Delaney's Gift Series
-Date of Release: End of November/beginning of December

Do you ever write characters you hate?
Of course. Those are fun! I hated Sonya from Tripping Me Up, and Killian from the Delaney's Gift series. I also hated Tripp's dad from Tripping Me Up, and Jon from Winning Me Over. It helps to connect to the main character if you loathe one of their enemies.

Who is your favorite character that you've written?
It's a tie between Sam from the Delaney's Gift series and Colt from Winning Me Over. I love both of those boys so much!

What was your first published book? How do you feel about it now?
 Prowl was my first published book. I like Prowl, but it's probably my least favorite book. I know that I've grown so much as an author, so I feel it's a little weak. But the storyline is one I really connected with, and it's probably my scariest book, so that's fun.

Where do you get the ideas for your books?
Everywhere. Sometimes an idea hits me in my sleep, sometimes during a conversation or while I'm reading a book or watching a movie. Other times I see or overhear something that sparks an idea.

Were there any scenes in them that were difficult for you to write?
Yes. Many. In Tripping Me Up, there were some scenes with his dad that were difficult. In Winning Me Over, my heart broke for Colt a couple of times. But the hardest book for me to write was ENGRAVED. The main character, Amy, has a past that mirrors my own and some of the scenes I ripped straight from my life. That was very therapeutic but also very hard.

Do you have a favorite genre to write?
I love writing contemporary romance, but I also love writing suspense, so I think it's a tie.

Is there a type of genre you refuse to write?
Yes. Erotica. I will never write that.

Do you prefer your books in print or e-book format?
I never thought I'd say this, but I love ebooks. They are just so convenient. However, there really is no better feeling than holding your paperback book in your hand.

What are you currently reading?
Finding Cinderella by Colleen Hoover

Author Bio:

Amber Garza is the author of Young Adult paranormal and contemporary romance. She has had a passion for writing since she was a little girl, making books out of notebook paper and staples. Amber lives in California with her amazing husband and two hilarious children who provide her with enough material to keep her writing for years.


Amazon US   ;   Amazon UK   ;   Barnes & Noble 



"What's up? You didn't get enough of me earlier?"

"Nope. Not at all," I say honestly.

"It's the tongue bar, isn't it?"

"You got me."

"Uh oh. So does this mean I have to worry about you mauling me at work to get another taste of it? Because I have to warn you that I take my job very seriously."

"Says the guy who chased me around with a towel on his first day."

"I really think that says more about your training technique than my work ethic."

I giggle, so happy that we are bantering like this. "I hardly think that's true."

"Either way, I'm happy to give you a sampling of my tongue bar when you pick me up in the morning."


I shouldn’t want this. Not now. Not when she’s so upset. But when she peers up at me, her colorful hair falling into her face, I see the same longing reflected in her eyes. She parts her lips slightly, bright lipstick smeared across them. Black mascara rakes down her pale cheeks and her eyes are red. Yet she still looks so pretty to me. I graze her cheek with the back of my hand, honing in on how her soft skin feels on my knuckles. Tuning out every thought and every sound around us, I trail my fingers over her moist cheeks, down her chin and over her lips. I want to be in this moment, to savor every second. This has never happened to me before, and I don’t ever want to forget it. When this ends, I want to be able to close my eyes and imagine this day over and over again. I memorize every ridge, bump and nuance of Paige’s skin, the way it feels on the pads of my fingers. Her eyelids flutter and I take a mental photograph of her face in this very instant, tucking it away for later. Her lips purse. I swallow thickly. My hand is curved around her throat, and our lips our so close that if I move forward an inch they will touch. I want nothing more. With my heart hammering in my ears, I tilt my face downward. She angles hers upward ever so slightly. In fact, it’s so subtle I hardly notice it. But I do, and I take it as an invitation.


“You really like ice cream, huh?” Colt eyes me while I lick the ice cream swiftly to keep it from dripping down the cone.

“Hmm mmm.” I take a bite out of the cold sugary concoction. We are sitting at a table outside of Baskin Robbins. The heat is sweltering even though we are in the shade, but it beats sitting inside with a gazillion rowdy toddlers and their moms. No one else sits out here. They aren’t crazy enough to endure these temperatures.

Colt leans forward, his elbows propped on the table, his chocolate ice cream cone in his right hand. “I gotta say I’m a little jealous of that mint ice cream now.” He waggles his eyebrows. “Do you do everything with this much vigor?”

My body heats up. “Yes, I do actually. Life is short, so I plan to enjoy every minute.” He leans back, bringing the cone to his lips. When his tongue darts out of his mouth and touches the ice cream, I can’t help but stare. His tongue bar glints in the sunshine. So I was right. “You’re pretty wise, McAllistor. How old are you?”

“Hasn’t anyone told you that you’re never supposed to ask a lady her age?” I wipe my sticky hand on a small paper napkin.

“I’m not asking a lady. I’m asking you.”

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Friday 25 October 2013

Book Blitz: Vampire In The Tropics by Jill Elaine Hughes

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A paranormal erotic novella.

Our heroine, known only as “Beloved,” has had it with vampires. Or so she thinks. After hightailing it out of frozen Poughkeepsie, New York for Mexico in an effort to escape both winter and the loser vampire ex-boyfriends she’s sick and tired of fending off, she finds something she never thought she’d encounter under the blazing tropical sun—a vampire god.

Enter Julio, an immortal Aztec god that blends elements of the Western vampire with the chupacabra. It’s lust at first sight when Beloved lays eyes on him in human form on a white-sanded Mexican beach, and despite all attempts to resist, she finds that at last she has found her destiny as his mate. Wild otherworldly sex ensues that takes them to a parallel universe where the power of the ancient Aztecs blends with modern bloodlust to create a new level of passion, and where Beloved finds a new role as the Chupacabra Queen.


I spent most of my teen and college years running with the vampire crowd, so I know whereof I speak. It was fun at first.  The vampires were all beautiful, and wore the best clothes, and threw the best parties, and got all the good drugs, and sometimes even flew in celebrity entertainers for the all-night shindigs they threw in the woods surrounding Poughkeepsie (that’s how I met Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian).  All the most popular kids at school were vampires.  They didn’t even try to hide who or what they were, either.  Once upon a time they had to keep their Undead natures a secret, but ever since Twilight came out, being a vampire was cool. And if you weren’t a vampire yourself, being able to say you hung out with vampires was the next best thing when it came to teenage social status.

And I milked my vampire friends for everything they were worth.  Or close to it—I didn’t let them take me over the line into Undeadness myself, of course.  Sure, I’d nick my wrist every now and then and collect some blood in a cup for them that they’d pass around at parties while the mortal kids drank beer and hooch, and sometimes I let them nibble on my neck a little, but that was the extent of it.   And that was good enough for the vampires for many years.

Six years, to be exact.  But starting last year, they wanted more from me than just a little blood and the occasional casual sex session. One of the added bonuses of having sex with vampires is there’s no chance of catching an STD or getting pregnant.
Unless, of course, you let them kiss you.

The sex was great for a long time.  Nothing fancy, no frills, but it got the job done. The vampires’ cocks were cold, but huge and hard, and they knew exactly what to do with them. They knew their way around a clit, too, and never failed to make me come, never once. And no matter how hot and heavy things got, I always stuck hard and fast to the no-kissing rule.  The vampires never seemed to mind that, though. 

Until recently.

Something changed with the vampires about a year ago. They wanted me to become one with them.  As in, their vampire blood-lover. As in, the mother of an Undead-mortal hybrid.

As in, they wanted me to start kissing them when we fucked.  Tooth to tooth, fang to fang, tongue to scorching tongue.

I refused.

That’s when the trouble started.