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Book Review of Return Of The Wolf (Eye Of The Storm Book 4) by Dianna Hardy

Book Title: Return of The Wolf (Eye Of The Storm #4)
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: 251
Author: Dianna Hardy 
Date Published: 30 October 2014


The fourth book in the dark paranormal fantasy series, Eye Of The Storm. 
The full moon has been and gone, beginning a new phase of greater surety for the wolves of Surrey and the mated four who lead them. Ryan's old pack from Wiltshire – a force to be reckoned with – have ensured their immediate safety from The Trident ... but what will they demand in return for their protection?

As Lydia and Lawrence heal old wounds, finding solace in each other, Ryan battles with his own past. He'd do anything to keep the pack he loves safe, but 'anything' might have consequences he never imagined.

Meanwhile, Selena's sole focus is in keeping herself intact as Gabriel relishes in breaking her. What will she have to become in order to survive?

And Sarah has some tough choices to make, all of which will test her beliefs and challenge her boundaries of what makes good, and what makes evil.

Written in British English. Contains scenes of explicit sex and violence that some readers may find disturbing.

Reading order:
1. Releasing The Wolf
2. Cry Of The Wolf
3. Heart Of The Wolf
4. Return Of The Wolf
5. TBA
6. TBA
(It is planned that the sixth book will be the last.)


Return Of The Wolf (Eye Of The Storm, #4)Return Of The Wolf by Dianna Hardy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the fourth book in the Eye Of The Storm Series. I loved it!

Lydia is a fantastic character. I have really liked her from the start. She is a strong and stubborn woman, who has now had her first change and has fully embraced her mates and her life as a werewolf. However, her life is still complicated by the Trident's. Ryan, in a desperate attempt to keep his three mates safe, calls on his old pack for assistance.

I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this book for months! I started this story and couldn't put it down. In fact, I read this in one sitting! The story continues from the end of the third book and is again told from various points of view. I have missed these wolves a lot!

In this story, we get to know Ryan and his past in more detail. There are secrets in his past that, once revealed, made me love him even more. I was intrigued with his druid background, and this made me wonder if this is why he was able to connect with Lydia in her dreams before they met. I also loved watching his and Taylor's growing attraction for each other blossom.
Lawrence is still quite reserved, but since his story was revealed in book 3, he has begun to be more at ease with his mates.
Sarah, meanwhile, is going through her own problems now that Amil has disappeared. I love the one scene outside of her house containing cats and Tridents, but I will not go into detail because of spoilers, which I try not to include in my reviews.
I did feel a bit sorry for Selena for being accidentally mated to Gabriel, the Trident leader. However, as the story progressed, I found myself feeling sorry for Gabriel instead. Their story is rather twisted and convoluted, and it had me cringing at times. Gabriel is evil, but Selena is very manipulative. Their relationship takes a decided twist near the end of the book, which has me wondering what's coming next!
The story has several twists and turns, not to mention shocking revelations, and is masterfully told. The sensual heat factor in the story is hot enough to start a fire, and the ending has left me wanting more! I cannot wait to read the next book as soon as possible!

Dianna Hardy is one of my favorite authors. I love her writing style, which is fast paced and fluid. Reading her books are a joy, and I will continue to read them for as long as she keeps writing them.

Due to the explicit sensual content and some bad language, I do not recommend this book for younger readers. However, I highly recommend this book (and series) if you love HOT erotic paranormal romances with sexy werewolves. - Lynn Worton

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Book Review of Dhampiri by L.M. Smith

Book Title: Dhampiri
Genre: Dark Urban Fantasy
Pages: 213
Author: L.M. Smith 
Date Published: 20 September 2011


Colleen Patrick thought she was just going to the market one autumn day in 1872, when everything she knew about herself – and the world around her – abruptly changed. Living the American dream, she had been happy with her young, Irish husband on their small farm in Kentucky. Little did she know the town’s exotic gypsy family is actually a family of Vampires with big plans for her: plans that did not necessarily require her consent.

At just twenty-two years old, tragically removed from her life and thrust into an existence for which she was carefully selected, she is now a murderer, a widow, and an immortal.

As this epic tale unfolds Colleen is abruptly taken captive by a clan of Valkyries, demanding vengeance for a war which happened long before she was born, turning her world upside down once more. Now she must choose between the family she has grown to love and the delicate toddler who's life is in her hands.


DhampiriDhampiri by L.M. Smith
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love stories about vampires, so downloaded this book. I really enjoyed it!

Colleen Patrick is a very likable character. She had immigrated to America with her husband, Ronin, from Ireland in 1870 and had settled in Lexington, Kentucky. In the autumn of 1872, her life takes a dramatic turn when she meets the Deussen's. Her life will never be the same again.

This is a book I have been wanting to read for a while. I have read other books by this author, so I was excited to begin this one.
I started to read this book and was quickly drawn into the tale. The story spans 120 years and finishes in 1992. There are several points of view, but the story is mostly told through the eyes of Colleen. I was a little confused as to the motives of the Duessen's, especially Anca and Dorian, and why they would pick Colleen to be one of the family. There did not seem to be a sexual element to this choice, but rather a servile one. But, I did wonder if Anca had feelings for Colleen because of something Dorian said. However, this was not explored by the author.

The story is certainly unique with regards to vampire life. The characters were quite interesting, but I would have loved to have seen more interaction within the family unit. Large segments of Colleen's life seemed to have been skipped over, so on occasion I felt a bit lost. But, as soon as the Valkyries were introduced, things got even more interesting. I liked Pandora. She seemed level headed and logical for a Valkyrie. They have been at war with the vampires for a long time, and have been slowly recovering from the last battle 200 years previously. The Valkyrie queen, known as "Mother", is one ticked off lady, with a grudge against the vampires. In my opinion, her need for revenge made her deranged. I loved the scene where Pandora and Colleen bargain for food and diapers for Ancira, Dorian's half human daughter. All of the scenes in the book were well described, and I could picture them with ease. The end of the book was a little bittersweet, but I was also left wondering whether Ancira/Jennifer really was Dorian's child or just an innocent victim of a kidnapping. I guess I will never know, unless the author has plans for a sequel.

L.M. Smith has written an intriguing dark urban fantasy that will stay with me for some time to come. I love her fast paced writing style, but felt the flow wasn't as smooth as it could have been. However, this is one of her earlier works, so it doesn't have the polish of her later works. She is one of my favourite authors, and I am looking forward to reading more of her books in the future.

Although there is no mention of sex or sexual situations, I do not recommend this book to younger readers due to some violence. However, I highly recommend this book if you love paranormal fiction, horror or urban fantasy. - Lynn Worton

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Release Day Blitz: Arkadia by Dzintra Sullivan

 photo ArkadiaRelease_zps2c5ef25a.jpg

Title: Arkadia
Series: Halfway House
Author: Dzintra Sullivan
Genre: Paranormal Romance

 photo image9_zpsdbb33222.jpeg


I am Arkadia Castner. I am beautiful. I am popular. I am also the most messed-up witch you will ever meet. I can’t make water boil, or make the wind blow; I can’t even light a match without the aid of a flint. My 18th birthday is in six months, and if I don’t pass the Paranormal Safety Exams (PSEs) by then, I will be banished to the Isle of Shadows for eternity, never to be seen again – it will be as though I never existed.

I found myself at the halfway house under the supervision and guidance of Den Mother and telepathic empath, Eloise Mayflower. The halfway house is the last chance for troubled paranormal teens like me to pass our PSEs and avoid banishment. Eloise knows everything I think and feel, and is supposed to be helping me, but I still can’t do basic spells a six-year-old can do. I hate it here, but I have no choice. This is my last chance.

I had all but given up hope, when in walks Bohdan Drak. Tall, dark, and so damn sexy it hurts to look at him – even his muscles had muscles. He is a dragon shifter and wears the mark of having passed his PSEs. When our souls meet, we realize we have found our soul mates and perfect matches. My dying hope has found life again, and I finally have a reason to look forward to a future.

I thought everything would be fine, but darkness and despair creep into my future. I have been framed for a murder, and everyone believes I am guilty. The paranormal council now watches my every move. Can I trust Bohdan and true love? I fear my destiny is to be banished forever …

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 photo image14_zpsa32ce3fc.jpeg

 photo 11_zps3043c605.jpeg

 photo image10_zpsdca64293.jpeg


Arkadia got out of the car and sat on the hood, not wanting to be in the car with Sebastian any longer then she had to. All she really wanted was for someone to “see” her. Arkadia wanted someone whose eyes lit up when they saw her, someone who loved her, cared for her, protected her, and would never ever EVER let her go. She wanted her Prince Charming. Arkadia thought maybe she could hurry this along a little bit. Glancing back at Seb, she was slowly beginning to breathe a little deeper, and not listening to her inner warning bells, Arkadia began to cast a spell.

“Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty,
Bring to me the full of heart,
Find the love of my Prince Charming,
So, that we shall never part.”

Feeling a sudden gust of air, Arkadia wrapped her arms around herself, feeling very uncomfortable in her own skin. She got up, wandered back to the car, and slid down into her seat, glancing over at Sebastian to see how much longer it was going to be before they left. Her eyes widened as she looked around, Sebastian wasn’t there. “Now where did he go? If he is strong enough to walk, he can drive and I’m outta here.”She looked through the windshield to see where he had gone.
“CROOOOOAAKK.” Arkadia cast her eyes down to the frog sitting on the driver’s chair, her blood running instantly ice cold.
“Ooohhhhhhh, fooook me!”


“Have fun?” Arkadia jumped to the side with a small squeal. Looking over to where the voice had spoken so close to her, she saw Bohdan, a cheeky smirk on his face.
“Will you stop doing that? I’m going to have a heart attack!” She playfully smacked his arm.Oh my Gawd, his arm is like concrete. Bohdan looked like a Greek god, having obviously just come from the showers, his wet curls sticking to the back of his neck and water droplets slowly rolling down his bare chest, disappearing into the towel wrapped around his slim hips.Her eyes traveled back up his chest, caressing his well defined six-pack, observing that the cool breeze does in fact make men’s nipples erect. Her eyes jumped back up to his suddenly when he cleared his throat. Having been caught ogling his body, Arkadia smiled sweetly, a little extra flutter to her eye lashes for effect as she softly spoke.
“Cat has made sure that I am having a very exciting night. Thank you for asking.”
“Indeed, I must thank Cat for that,” he replied, turned, and disappeared back into the changing rooms.


 photo Authorimage_zps614cfa80.jpg

Hello, I am a happily married mother of four amazing children. I fell in love with books as a young girl, reading Judy Blume and Enid Blyton. I progressed onto loving the supernatural genre as a teenager and never left.

I live up in the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

It has always been a dream to write a book, but I have never had the self belief that I could. until this year when I celebrated my 40th birthday. It hit me, "now or never" so here I am, about to release my first novel in what I hope will be a series of 7 book.

"Arkadia" is the first book, soon to be followed by "Raven".

I blog and run the Facebook page "Book Friends Forever". Please come and say hello, there is always lots of fun, giveaways, new releases and gossip.

It is a pleasure to meet you. I hope to be a part of your reading life for a long time.


Facebook   ;    Twitter    ;    Goodreads

Book Blitz: Man on the Run (The Love Potion Chronicles Book 2) by Gail Hamilton

Gail Hamilton

Man on the Run

The Love Potion Chronicles, Book 2
Genre: Humorous, contemporary, fantasy romance; African American romance
Publication date: September 26, 2014

Lydia Marshall needs to round up the last samples of an unpredictable "relationship enhancer" created by her employer, NuGenn Pharmaceuticals. The last batch of the so-called potion is in the hands of a test subject, Damone Reid. But when Lydia finally tracks him down she's in for a shock. He is no longer the shy, awkward programmer she interviewed months before. Suddenly, she finds herself swept up in Damone's potion-fueled quest to live life to the fullest. They go kite flying.  They go whale watching. They go dancing in the moonlight.

Even though Lydia tries to keep things professional the former nerd's enthusiasm--and kisses--are infectious. As the tall, sexy adventurer takes her on a wild ride, Lydia finds herself falling for him. But is it the love potion that is igniting her feelings? And what will Damone do if he finds out her secret mission is to destroy the very thing that is changing his life? The discovery could destroy their blossoming romance.

Lydia asked to see Damone right away but Mrs. Benson shook her head. 
"He's gone.  Packed a bag this morning and told me he was going on a trip to have some fun. Didn't know when he'd be back.  Whistling show tunes, he was, and said he meant to start at some place called Barrel-o-Thrills.  Took off before I could get another word out of him."
Hastily, Lydia thanked Mrs. Benson and rushed out to her car.  A quick search on her cell phone found Barrel-o-Thrills out on the edge of the city. It was a club specializing in bungee jumping. The website announced: Give yourself the thrill of a lifetime.  Your molecules will never be the same.  
Lydia remembered the 50-foot railing and tore out of the driveway.  What if Damone came to real harm because of NuGenn!  What if he'd used too much of the potion and it had morphed into a thrill enhancer instead of a relationship enhancer!
Oh, the lawsuit!  Oh, the bad publicity!
By the time Lydia got to Barrel-o-Thrills, parked and paid admission, her heart was pounding.  She raced over to bungee towers just in time to see a long, gangling body flying through the air, arms and legs wind-milling, yelling with delight.  When she finally got to where the crew were slipping the harness from Damone, she could see what his grandmother meant. He was grinning even though, wobbling and whooping, he could barely stand upright.
Could the potion have done this? Lydia wondered again.
Or had he just discovered common recreational drugs?
Moving swiftly and decisively, she rushed over and grabbed Damone by the elbow.
"Let him go.  I'll take care of him from here," she told the crew chief.
Unclipping the last of the harness, the man shrugged and handed Damone over.  Reeling from the wild plunge, Damone staggered straight into Lydia.  Hanging on to stay upright, he blinked at her in disoriented, astonished surprise.
"Volta..." he gasped.
The next second, he flung both his arms around Lydia and started kissing her with a passion that curled her toes and shocked her at the same time.
In fact, Lydia was so shocked that she just stood there while Damone tightened his embrace even more.  His mouth feasted on hers with such total delight, and such complete abandon that the sensation swept away any resistance Lydia tried to muster.  The fellow was kissing her as though he hadn’t kissed a woman in ages--kissing as though he meant to claim every delicious pleasure he had missed living like a hermit in a basement.   Lydia could actually feel the determination rushing through him.

Gail Hamilton has been creating novels since the great romance boom of the eighties, writing for Harlequin and other publishers. She has been a farm hand, English teacher, ad copywriter, and once rode a British Bedford truck across the Sahara and back to see Timbuctu. All of it is fodder for her fiction. She is drawn to action, romance, adventure and characters with a distinctly odd twist. These show up in her many romance novels and her fast-moving historical novel, The Tomorrow Country.

After trying urban life in Europe and Toronto, Gail returned to live on the family farm where she grew up. In this rural corner hugging the north shore of Lake Ontario, Gail digs into the rich, raucous local history. She cherishes a secret passion for animated movies and loves snapping photos of nature all around her, reading the constant changes like a newspaper every morning. What better place to hatch brand new tales for everyone’s enjoyment.

Visit Gail’s website at

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Cover Reveal: A Lil' Less Hopeless by Tara Oakes

Today, I am pleased to bring you the cover reveal of Tara Oakes third book in her Kingsmen MC saga, A Lil' Less Hopeless:

A Lil' Less Hopeless By Tara Oakes


This novella is intended for those 18+ of age and contains strong language, sexual content, and adult situations.

Jay and Lils' epic tale of true love has unfolded, first in 'A Lil' Less Broken', followed by 'A Lil' Less Lost', and now concludes in the third installment of Tara Oakes' thrilling Kingsmen MC saga.

Jay has proven his loyalty over and over... that he is willing to do whatever necessary for his one true love, his Lil' one, Julia. She just so happens to have an uncanny ability to find herself in need of that loyalty time and again.

What happens when the tables turn and it is Lil's who must risk it all to save her ol' man? To prove once and for all, to him, and to the MC they call family that she is no longer the little girl they've known. But instead, is a fierce ol' lady determined not to stand idly by as everything she has worked so hard to regain is threatened.

Pre-order purchase link:

A Lil' Less Hopeless Trailer
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Facebook:Tara Oakes Twitter:@Lil_Oakes

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Blog Tour: Regretfully by Leighton Riley

Title: Regretfully
Author: Leighton Riley
Release Date: Oct 16, 2014
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How do you heal after everything has been ripped away from you?
Completely devastated and alone, Tristen cannot fathom life after losing Cami and his unborn child. He attempts to find normality in his broken world but everything seems wrong.
Aria is compelled to help Tristen and cannot escape the undeniable connection she feels for him, even though Cami was one of her closest friends. She tries to help him move forward by befriending him but quickly realizes that there is more.
Tristen and Aria are both struggling to deal with these confusing emotions. Can they find happiness even when they feel utterly broken?

“I don’t- I’ve always been the sister-type, never like this.  Do you really want this?  I don’t expect anything afterwards, but are you really attracted to me like that?”  She murmured, so unsure of herself.  Her hands landed on my bare chest and glided over my nipple piercings.  The sensitivity was there and I briefly thought about what it would feel like having her luscious lips wrapped around them. 
“Listen to me.  Listen very carefully because you should already know this.  You’re gorgeous, inside and out.  We never saw you as our sister, we all respected you though.  You were the one everyone wanted but never had a chance with.  I could call up any of our surfing friends and they’d agree.  Hell, the girls knew it too.  When one of the guys started working up the nerve to ask you on a date, the others would warn about what would happen if he hurt you.  I guess we all kinda cock blocked you.”  I rub my neck, realizing how we were back then.  “I’m sorry for that.”

- The birth date on the gravestone is my actual date of birth ;)
- I try to include names from my street team and readers in my books. (Rebecca, Elixix, Tami, Cassia were all from them in Regretfully)
- Tristen got his name from a good friend of mine. She was with me in the beginning of my writing process and her boyfriend’s name was Tristen and I fell in love with the name. 
- I saw Cirque Du Soleil’s Zumanity and one of the performers had his nipples pierced. I was sold and knew Tristen would be getting them. :D
- I was able to relate to Tristen in some ways regarding Cami’s death. A boyfriend of mine was taken from this world too soon and I drew from those memories. 
- Gloria’s is my favorite Latin restaurant and I had to include it in the book. The one I go to is in Dallas though. 
- Aria’s flashback (you’ll know which one I’m talking about, hint- alcohol) was tough for me to write. I spent weeks on it, making sure it was accurate and written in a respectable manner. That’s one scene I don’t go back and reread very much, but it’s often on my mind.

Texas born and raised, I found my love for dirty books rather recently.  I work in real estate for my day job and I write contemporary romance with a twist of suspense and erotica.  Sinfully, Regretfully, and Deceitfully can be read in order or as standalones.  Sinfully and Regretfully take place around the same time frame and can even be read in reverse order (will give more background on Payton and Ryder’s story).  Tate’s story, Deceitfully, will finish off the series and will be out in spring of 2015.

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Book Review of Kiera's Quest: Sacrifices - BOOK TWO (Kiera's Quest Series 2) by Kristy Brown

Book Title: Kiera's Quest: Sacrifices (Kiera's Quest Series #2)
Genre: YA Fantasy
Pages: 89
Author: Kristy Brown
Date Published: 3 August 2012


Book Two in the Tween Fantasy

After almost beating the villainous Witch Queen, Kiera’s triumph is tainted with sadness for the loss of Joe and Daz. When the handsome Prince Zakk asks Kiera to re-enter his world in order to save her friend, she does not hesitate. On their perilous journey Kiera realizes that she is there to save many lives. As she comes face to face with her evil nemesis once again, Kiera comes closer to finding out the truth to why she has been chosen. Will she succeed? Will this be the end to Kiera’s quest?


Sacrifices (Kiera's Quest, #2)Sacrifices by Kristy Brown
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

This is the second book in a YA series for children aged 9 to 16. I really enjoyed it!

Kiera Matthews is a wonderful character. She is a typical young teen with hopes and dreams. I liked her very much. She is kind, caring and sensible. However, after meeting Zakk, a prince from Zantar, a parallel world, and battling the Witch Queen there, Kiera is now struggling to come to terms with the loss of her friends, Joe and Daz.

This is a fantastic continuation of the series. I loved visiting these characters again. I was hooked from the first page of the story. It is told through several character's points of view, which made it interesting. I did miss the old version of the evil Witch Queen, though; she didn't seem so intimidating in this story. Maybe it is because she had been severely hurt and damaged by Kiera in their battle. She did terrible things, don't get me wrong, but her personality seemed more subdued. However, that being said, there are plenty of twists and turns in the story which took me by surprise. The scenes are all well described and I felt like I was there, watching it unfold. I was saddened when Joe was kidnapped in the first book, and angry at the Witch Queen for torturing and brainwashing him in this one. But I was totally shocked at one major revelation that I certainly didn't see coming regarding Kiera, and it completely floored me! I found myself on a roller coaster of emotion and even shed a few tears throughout this book; there is deceit and betrayal mixed in with loyalty and love in this tale. Unfortunately, I reached the end of the book all too soon, and I could have screamed in frustration; I groaned instead! I felt like I had only just started to read the story when it finished. I know this book is aimed for younger readers and I am an adult, but I thoroughly enjoyed journeying between Earth and Zantar. I am now looking forward to continuing the series by reading Perceptions as soon as possible!

Kristy Brown has written a fast paced YA story that was entertaining and exciting. I loved her writing style, and the flow was wonderful.

I highly recommend this book to middle grade children who love action, adventure and fantasy. I also recommend this book to adults who love to read younger YA fantasy novels. - Lynn Worton

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Audio/Book Review of A Plunder of Souls (The Thieftaker Chronicles #3) by D.B. Jackson

Book Title: A Plunder of Souls (The Thieftaker Chronicles #3)
Genre: Historical Urban Fantasy
Pages: 336
Audio Run Time: 12 hrs and 59 mins
Author: D. B. Jackson
Date Published: 8 July 2014


Boston, 1769: Ethan Kaille, a Boston thieftaker who uses his conjuring to catch criminals, has snared villains and defeated magic that would have daunted a lesser man. What starts out as a mysterious phenomenon that has local ministers confused becomes something far more serious.

A ruthless, extremely powerful conjurer seeks to wake the souls of the dead to wreak a terrible revenge on all who oppose him. Kaille’s minister friends have been helpless to stop crimes against their church. Graves have been desecrated in a bizarre, ritualistic way. Equally disturbing are reports of recently deceased citizens of Boston reappearing as grotesquely disfigured shades, seemingly having been disturbed from their eternal rest, and now frightening those who had been nearest to them in life. But most personally troubling to Kaille is a terrible waning of his ability to conjure. He knows all these are related...but how?
When Ethan discovers the source of this trouble, he realizes that his conjure powers and those of his friends will not be enough to stop a madman from becoming all-powerful. But somehow, using his wits, his powers, and every other resource he can muster, Ethan must thwart the monster’s terrible plan and restore the restless souls of the dead to the peace of the grave. Let the battle for souls begin in Plunder of Souls, the third, stand-alone novel in Jackson’s acclaimed Thieftaker series.


A Plunder of Souls (Thieftaker Chronicles, #3)A Plunder of Souls by D.B. Jackson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the third book in a fantastic historical urban fantasy. I loved it!

Ethan Kaille is an interesting character. He is a Thieftaker, a conjurer who uses his magic to track down thieves and the stolen items. I liked this eighteenth century gent. He has a very sharp mind, and is quite talented as a magical detective. He has a dark past, which gives him an air of mystery.

I downloaded this as an audio book, so I could listen to it while doing housework, or just before going to bed.
The tale was again narrated by Jonathan Davis, who brought the characters and story alive with his narration. I love his smooth tone and could listen to him speak for hours!

In this story, Ethan is hired by the minister of the local church to investigate a case of grave robbing, but what he stumbles across is even more sinister than just a few missing trinkets. Ethan finds himself facing even more danger than ever before. He will have to unite with fellow Conjurers and even his nemesis, Sephira Pryce, to outwit a deadly foe.

The story has several twists and turns, which kept me hooked from beginning to end. The descriptions of the characters and scenes brought Boston in 1769 to life; I could picture it quite clearly. The book is set about a year after the previous story. There is still tension between Britain and her colony, but Boston is struggling to deal with an outbreak of smallpox on top of the highly volatile political situation. There is plenty of action and danger in the story, but unfortunately, some of the scenes seemed to be slightly overly long and tended to drag. I did like the scene where Ethan joins forces with the other conjurers, but some of the plot leading up to that point felt a bit weaker than it should have done. I did feel a little disappointed that the villain didn't really make an appearance until two-thirds or more into the book, and, when he did appear, he hid behind the captured "souls" he had plundered. This made him seem more cowardly, rather than sinister than he should have been. This, however, did not affect my overall enjoyment in this story. I am now looking forward to reading/listening to the next book in the series as soon as it becomes available.

D.B. Jackson has written a fantastic historical urban fantasy. I love his writing style, which is fast paced and action packed. But, the story flow was not as fluid as his previous books, and the plot had a few holes that were a bit ambiguous. However, I would most definitely read more of this author's books in the future as I am fast becoming a huge fan.

There are a few scenes of a sensual nature, though not explicit, and scenes of cutting (for spell making) that may upset some readers. Therefore, I do not recommend this book for younger readers or those of a nervous disposition. However, I highly recommend this book if you love paranormal, urban fantasy, mystery, thriller or detective genres. - Lynn Worton

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Wednesday 22 October 2014

Blog Tour: Book Promo, Author Interview, Excerpt & Giveaway - Wystan (The Heckmasters #1) by Allison Merritt

Today, I have pleasure in hosting author Allison Merritt and her new series, The Heckmasters, which begins with Wystan. This looks like a fantastic series! Please check out the excerpt and enter the giveaway below for a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

About the Book:
Title: Wystan (The Heckmasters)
Length: 228 pages
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Publication date: October 21, 2014

Her search for safety lands her in a totally new kind of danger.

The Heckmasters, Book 1

Certain that an ad for a job in a small New Mexico Territory town is the answer to her prayers, Nebraska schoolteacher Rhia Duke packs her sister into a rickety wagon and heads west.

Except when they reach the near-deserted town, she learns the truth. There is no job, no future, and no welcome in the bleak blue eyes of the handsome sheriff.

The minute Rhia’s runaway team thunders into town, Wystan Heckmaster feels the change in the air. One of three sons of a demon who dared love a human, he keeps watch over a Pit guarded by seven seals, and slays any Hellbound demon that attempts to free the master imprisoned within.

With a gut full of regret and a forgotten town filled with reformed demons, Wystan is certain of one thing: he can’t be the man Rhia needs. But when the truth behind Rhia’s flight from Nebraska comes to light, Wystan must open his soul—and pray there’s enough love between them to overcome the darkness rising from the Pit.

Warning: Contains a take-no-prisoners sheriff, a woman who can’t outrun her supernatural secrets, and a dusty town where hope is as thin as dust in the wind. Author recommends keeping a glass of cool spring water at your elbow while reading.


Something changed in the air the moment the wagon crossed the town’s border. Too early to be a supply train, and there was no way in hell it was visitors. Berner didn’t host town fairs, theatre troupes, peddlers, or bible thumpers.
Wystan Heckmaster slapped his battered Stetson on his head, collected the keys to the jail, then stepped out the door. The first thing he saw was a pretty woman with hair the color of maple sugar—a rich brownish-blonde. The frown on her face spoke volumes, and the air around her pronounced trouble. She made a straight path for him.
“Mr. Heckmaster. Or should I call you Sheriff? Or Mayor? I need to discuss the ad in the Lancaster County Republican with you. Someone placed an ad, but your brother tells me there is no school here. I’m sure there has to be a mistake. There’s only one Berner in New Mexico Territory. I’m very capable at reading maps. If I wasn’t, I would be ashamed to call myself a teacher.”
He doubted she had taken more than two or three breaths during the speech. If she made talking in rambling paragraphs a habit, no wonder she looked so peaked.
“Teacher?” He glanced along the street, but it was deserted as usual. “Lady, we don’t have a school here. Certainly no need of a teacher.”
Her hands balled into fists that settled on her hips. The dress she wore was patched—the egg yolk yellow faded into something even more disgusting. It had little flowers dotting the material, but they looked as worn as her scuffed black boots.
“Then what was the purpose of placing an ad in the Lancaster County Republican?”
She spoke with the fierceness of a mama bear warning predators away from her cubs.
Wystan reached into his shirt pocket and drew out a toothpick.
“I didn’t place any ad in any Lancaster County anything.” He looked past her, expecting Eban to saunter up the street. Eban had to be the brother she’d referred to since Tell was still on the trail.
“Someone did,” she insisted. She fished a crumpled and much-folded piece of newsprint out of the pocket hidden by the folds of her skirt. “See? Right here it says, ‘School teacher wanted for spring term at Berner Schoolhouse. Wages paid based on experience. Room and board provided. Apply in person at City Hall, Berner, New Mexico Territory.’ I’m sure my eyes don’t deceive me.”
Wystan stared at the clipping, then back at the woman. A galaxy of freckles spattered across her nose and cheekbones, making her look younger than her eyes said she was. Full figured and sure as shittin’ a grown woman. The wariness and worry darkening her hazel eyes gave her away as one with a lot of trouble on her plate.
“I can read.”
She pulled the ad away from his face, folded it, and returned it to her pocket. “Where would you suggest I look for an explanation, Mr. Heckmaster?”
Fussy little thing. “I assure you that no one in this town did. There’s been a mistake. Sorry to inconvenience you, Miss Schoolteacher. Now turn around and head home.”
A flush colored her cheeks. “I can’t head home! I have no home to return to. My little sister and my friend are waiting at the doctor’s office for me to straighten this mess out. The ad says that room and board will be provided. I’d expected to move into a room, sir.”
“You left them with Eban?” That explained his absence.
“Beryl is ill, Sheriff. This is the first town we’ve seen in days and it was past time for her to get some attention.” Despair crept into her voice.
Wystan shifted his weight and transferred the toothpick to the other side of his mouth.
“Eban’s not exactly trained in human medicine.”
The woman’s mouth opened into an O. She shook her head and seemed to regain her senses. “He’s a veterinarian? He seemed certain he could help Beryl.”
Wystan cleared his throat. “Sure, animal doctor. I’m sorry for your misfortune, lady, but as you can see, Berner’s about run into the ground. There’s nothing here for you or your friend. Might be best to move along.”
She seemed to deflate. “Move along.” Her lips moved, softly forming the words, but it was as though she didn’t comprehend them. “We’ll move along, right down the trail into the next town where there won’t be any teaching jobs either. Sylvie, Beryl, and I will starve to death on the side of the road with no one in the world to care.”

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Author Interview:

1. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

My mom says I was telling stories from the time I learned most of my letters, but I don't think it really hit me that this was the thing I wanted most in the world until I started reading romance novels and after reading Harold Bell Wright's The Shepherd of the Hills. I would've been about 12 or 13 at the time and I knew from then on, writing was my thing.

2. How long does it take you to write a book?

Tough question. Last year, I was able to write super fast—I wrote about four novels from start to finish over the span of two to three months, and worked on two at the same time at one point and I finished two I had started earlier. This year (giant frowny face), I've completed one and a novella. It kind of depends on what life is throwing me, I guess.

3. What do you think makes a great story?

Characters. There has to be a plot of course, but I can't read anything that doesn't have characters I either love from sentence one or I grow to love because they turn weaknesses into strengths. I'm extremely character driven.

4. What is your work schedule like when you're writing?

I like to participate in NaNoWriMo, which is sometimes brutal with almost 1700 words a day, but even when I'm not pushing the limits, I always try for at least 1000 a day. Some days, I can't manage it and I take whatever I've gotten, grateful to have anything. I'm an evening person, I barely manage to brush my hair in the mornings so I can get to my day job looking like I'm awake. Evenings or nights have always been my favorite time for storytelling.

5. How do you balance family and writing?

This is where video games come in handy. It's just me, my husband and our rowdy Japanese chin. The dog naps a lot, he pretty much takes care of himself unless he decides I've been at the computer too long. Give the husband a video game and he's playing that thing for hours. Mostly, though, they're pretty good at letting me sit down in the evening to write.

6. Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

Nine-tenths of everything I write is made up. The historicals, minus The Convict and the Cattleman, are based on places I've visited. There's something about standing in a spot where major history happened that gives me chills. The Wrong Brother's Bride is set in Wilson township in southwestern Missouri where I'm from. It was a major site of a Civil War battle and the house where the characters live is semi-modeled from an original house on the site. I wish I lived in it (even though I'm convinced it's haunted because it was used as a field hospital), because it practically thrums with history. Wildwood Spring is a sort of gothic romance set in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, which is home to over 100 springs. In the 19th century, people believe the springs had healing powers, which is the basis for the book. I love going there because, again, the history—and a lot of it is really creepy—is so rich and magical.

As for the steampunk and paranormal books, honestly, I have to research the settings pretty hard on the internet. I've never been to a lot of the places where they're set and for the steampunks, it's a lot of using my imagination to invent some of the items they use to make their lives easier—things that aren't conventional for our universe. In books like the Heckmasters series, I've done a lot of research on the occult and paranormal, even reading grimoires so I can get an idea of how my characters might summon demons—I feel really weirded out by some of the things I've read.

7. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your book/s?

Sometimes the words flow so easily and it's really good stuff. I'm going, who wrote this? Did the magic writing fairies stop by? Other times, it's like pulling teeth. Crazy how it works.

8. How many books have you written? Which is your favourite?

I've finished 10 full-length novels and two novellas. They're all so different, it's hard to pin down one that is my absolute favorite. The first one is special, the first in a series is special, the one that's way out there weird is special. So hard. Right now, though, the one I'm most proud of is The Wrong Brother's Bride. It was the first one I wrote set in Missouri and the characters and plot are among my very favorite.

9. Are your characters based on anyone you know?

No outright. They have characteristics of people I know and love, but they never fully embody people I know.

10. Do you have a favourite place you love to write?

I'm not too picky. I've sat in libraries, write-ins with other authors, at home, at the lake. It's mostly about being focused enough to get into the story and not be distracted by other things.

11. How hard is it to get published?

I think it's kind of about what the house is looking for or what an editor is looking for and being able to fulfill their wishes. I started out in self-publishing after the house I submitted to closed its doors. I was happy self-publishing, but I wanted to know what the other side of publishing was like too. It was about two years before I got up the nerve to submit to another editor. I'm pretty sure it was dumb luck that got me through the doors, although I got offers for a contract from two houses the same day—choosing which one I wanted wasn't easy. Honestly, every time I've submitted, I've received an offer for a contract. I'm not sure if it's dumb luck or good timing. Hopefully talent figures in there somewhere.

12. What do your family and friends think about your books?

My family is wildly enthusiastic about them. Maybe not wildly, but they're always asking when the next one is coming out. I took a stack of paperbacks to a family reunion and they were all pretty fascinated by them. Most of my friends are writers as well and we all get excited about each others' books.

13. What do you like to do when you are not writing?

I'm a huge movie fan. I love comedy, action, adventure, drama. We watch a lot of movies at my house. I also like to explore. This year I've been places in my home state I've never been to before and it's been tons of fun. A nice break from the norm.

14. Do you have any suggestions to help aspiring writers better themselves and their craft? If so, what are they?

Read, read, read. I learned a lot about how to structure sentences by reading. Always, always get a critique partner—one who knows what he or she is doing. You can't go wrong with someone who will encourage you when you're having one of those days when you wonder why you keep writing when it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

15. As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

I wanted to be a ballerina, a cattle rancher, an oil baron, a doctor, a paleontologist, and obviously, a writer.

16. What are your favourite books and which authors inspire you?

I mentioned The Shepherds of the Hills earlier. Always one of my favorites. It has a little of everything in it from romance to a ghost story. I've loved Louis L'Amour since I was a teenager. He inspired my love of the Old West. Linda Lael Miller and Leigh Greenwood's historical romances are a huge influence on my writing as well.

17. For an aspiring writer what do you feel are certain do's and don’ts for getting their material published?

DO know the house (and if at all possible the editor) you're submitting to.

DO let others (preferably writers you can trust) beta read your manuscript.

DO keep writing while waiting to hear back after you submit.

DO search the web and sites like Absolute Write Water Cooler to learn about potential houses where your work will be appreciated.

DON'T be afraid to submit—fear kills dreams.

DON'T be afraid to query if you haven't heard back about your submission in a certain amount of time. Many editors will let you know a rough approximation.

18. What are you working on now?

I'm trying to finish up the third Heckmasters book, Tell. I'm dabbling with a couple of historical's as well.

About the Author:

A love of reading inspired Allison Merritt to pursue her dream of becoming an author who writes historical, paranormal and fantasy romances, often combining the sub-genres. She lives in a small town in the Ozark Mountains with her husband and dogs. When she's not writing or reading, she hikes in national parks and conservation areas.

Allison graduated from College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, Missouri with a B.A. in mass communications that's gathering dust after it was determined that she's better at writing fluff than hard news.

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Tuesday 21 October 2014

Book Review of To Tame a Highland Earl (MacLean Highlander Novel Book 1) by Tarah Scott

Book Title: To Tame a Highland Earl (A MacLean Highlander Novel #1)
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 306
Author: Tarah Scott
Date Published: 14 May 2014


A man torn between two worlds. Both need him… neither wants him.
Groomed for a life amongst the English aristocracy, Lord Erroll Rushton is unexpectedly thrust back into his father’s Scottish world when the Englishwoman he compromises refuses to marry him.
No gentleman breaks into a lady’s bedchamber...but then, no lady sleeps with a pistol under her pillow.
Miss Eve Crenshaw will marry for love or won’t marry at all. When London’s most notorious rakehell breaks into Eve’s bedroom in the dead of night and compromises her beyond repair, she plans a daring elopement that shocks even the earl.


To Tame a Highland Earl   (A MacLean Highlander Novel #1)To Tame a Highland Earl by Tarah Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

This is a fantastic historical romance. I loved it!

Lord Erroll Rushton is a wonderful character. I really liked him. He is a man used to getting his own way and is a bit of a ladies man. When his honour is called into question, he makes a rash decision to confront his accuser, but due to a case of mistaken identity, finds himself in an even bigger mess.

Eve Crenshaw is also a wonderful character. I really liked her. She is a stubborn woman who made a mistake as a young girl. Now older and wiser, she is determined to marry for love. When Lord Rushton mistakenly enters her room instead of her sister's, Eve is determined to extricate herself from the situation she finds herself in.

I hadn't read a historical romance in years, so when I was offered the chance, I took it as it made a nice change from the usual paranormal romances I normally read. I had forgotten how much I actually enjoy reading "bodice rippers". I used to read a lot of Barbara Cartland books as a teen, but once I found the paranormal romance genre, they fell to the wayside. Which is really sad, because I have now come to realise that I have missed reading these types of books.

This story hooked me from the first page. The characters were well thought out and they felt real. The bedroom scene in the beginning made me snicker, because I could picture it so clearly; it was quite comical in content. In fact I really loved the way the author described all the scenes as they unfolded; I could picture them so clearly and I felt like I was actually there. There is an amazingly daring kidnapping attempt, danger lurking around in horse drawn carriages and an all round smoldering romance that got my heart pumping! I must admit though, that I was not particularly enamored with Eve's younger sister, Grace, who came across as selfish and more than a little bit manipulative. She's definitely ambitious about securing herself an important position within Society. In a way, I pity the poor fool who either falls for her, or decides to marry her. Don't get me wrong, she does have a heart, but she is not exactly wearing it on her sleeve either. The story gets even more interesting when the characters arrive in Scotland and the Earl's home in Mull. There, we meet even more of Lord Rushton's family; they are certainly a lively bunch! I liked meeting Erroll's brother, Ash, as well as his mother, the Marchioness and his cousins. They are all wonderful characters too. This book has had me on a roller coaster ride of emotion. I was very sad when I reached the end of the story, because I really wanted to keep reading. However, since I have now renewed my love for historical romances, I will be on the look out for more books in this genre to read in the future.

Tarah Scott has written a wonderful historical romance novel. I loved her fast paced writing style and the flow was absolutely wonderful. I have another one of her books, not a historical romance but a paranormal one, sitting on my "want to read" list. I am going to have to add her historical romances onto there too! She has found a fan in me!

Due to scenes of a sexual nature that are a little on the explicit side, I do not recommend this book to readers under the age of 16. However, I highly recommend this book if you love historical romances with sexy men and stubborn/strong females. - Lynn Worton

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Monday 20 October 2014

Blog Tour: Bittersweet Symphony by J. L. Beck


Bittersweet Symphony (Bittersweet #4) By J.L. Beck

BS Cover


**Half of all sales of this book for the month of October will go towards The National Breast Cancer Foundation. If you would like to donate please visit for more details** 
-This book is suitable only to readers 18++ due to sexual situations, language, and violence.-

I’m a good girl. I don’t go out and party and I most definitely don’t sleep with half the student body. That’s what makes me and Ryder Winchester an unlikely duo. We should never work out, but yet I’m pulled to him like a moth to a flame. I want him, and I know he wants me. He has secrets that I know I could never understand, but so do I. We all have secrets, things we hide from others in fear of what they would think of us if they ever found out. I’m a bastard. An asshole. Most days I couldn't give a shit what someone has to say to me. That is until I meet Kennedy Chaps. She’s different, strong, well opinionated, and completely naive to the person I am... My body, mind, and soul pull to her like no other. I could have her, but I won’t. I won’t taint her. I won't shut out her light. We both have secrets so deep that allowing them to escape would be like losing a part of the person we are. But as friendship morphs into something much deeper I feel myself confessing my secrets; things that could very well be the end of us. Sometimes it’s about finding the right person to tell your secrets to. Sometimes it’s about the risk. Sometimes two damaged souls can’t heal all wounds, sometimes love is not enough. Hearts get broken, people lose hope, and love dies. We are Ryder Winchester and Kennedy Chaps and this is our story.


Worry eats at my insides. I’m scared. Terrified. Sam knows. He obviously knows and told Ryder. I know Ryder is playing it off as nothing, simply looking at me as a way to rid the pain. I want him just as bad as he wants me, but I am not sure I can follow through with everything that’s going on. I have to do something to find a way to stop Sam before he ruins our lives, even if it means sacrificing my own happiness.
I can feel the tears slipping from my eyes at the very idea of never seeing Ryder’s face again, of never being able to show him that life is worth more than what he has been given, of never making him believe that he isn’t anything like his father. He is amazing, kind, generous, loving, protective…I just hope that someday he will realize who he really is.
Wiping away the tears, I fix my hair and force myself to calm down.
Getting out of the car, I walk up the front steps to Ryder’s apartment complex. It has been a week since the incident with Sam and I haven’t heard from him. It is as if he fell off the radar. I try to gather my thoughts and emotions, but once at his door, I have to pull my heart out of my stomach. I am not sure what horrible incident will happen first: Will my heart beat out of control, sending me into cardiac arrest, or will I vomit all over his floor?
Raising my fist to knock on the door, I stop. A noise on the other side of the door startles me, freezing me into place. It sounds like things are being thrown throughout the house.
My heart rate picks up, and my body goes into overdrive as fear finds its way into my mind. I can’t bury it if I tried. Without hesitation, I grab the handle of the door. The coldness of the metal is the only thing I can sense.
Turning it, I open the door and my heart plummets to the floor. Danger registers in my mind, but I’m too worried about Ryder to pay it any attention. The apartment is trashed. It looks as if someone has gone through the place looking for something, but never finding it.
I hear the slamming of doors down the hall… “Ryder?” I call out. Feelings are lodged in my throat. I don’t think I can do this. Taking one look at the apartment, I can tell he is already spiraling out of control. He is losing himself.
“What?” he roars gruffly from down the hall. I can hear the pain laced in his voice. Anger vibrates off of him with every step he takes toward me. He looks nothing like the man I have fallen so helplessly for. Instead, the shell of that person stands before me. He is shirtless and sweaty. His face has a week’s worth of scruff, and his hair is all over the place.
“Are you okay?” I ask as innocently as I can. I have never been more afraid of Ryder than I am in this very moment. I can see the unstableness within him. Like a teeter-totter, he needs something, or someone, to balance him out, but he has to want it, first.
He picks up a nearby bottle of what I assume to be alcohol. He reeks of whiskey and another sweet smell.
“Do I look okay, Kennedy?” he sneers sarcastically. The words are like a slap to my face. What happened to him? I take a soft step backward, not wanting to trap myself within his grasp.
If I am being honest, I know he’s not okay. His eyes are blood shot while his face is a beautiful, ragged mess. He is so damaged, and it hurts my heart. I thought I was the only one suffering, but obviously I was wrong. How could I have been so blind to Ryder’s needs, to what he so desperately needed from me?
“Not really… You look… not…good,” I mumble through my words, not wanting to say the wrong things that may upset him even more. But then my feistiness sparks, and I start to gather my courage. “No one’s heard from you in like a week. You haven’t even called me.” I don’t want to sound needy, but I have missed him. I wanted to make sure he is okay, but I wanted to see him too. My eyes linger over the muscles of his chest, the muscles that make up that delectable V of his.
“Really?” He barks out before taking another chug from the bottle. I seriously need to find every bottle of alcohol in this place and pour it out.
“That’s weird because the only one who called me was you… and then you have my piece of shit father… but that doesn’t really matter now… does it?” I watch him, carefully listening to his slurring thoughts for any hidden meanings.
“It matters…”
“It doesn’t… and I’m not even sure why you’re still here, Kennedy.” He is fucking stupid if he doesn’t know why I am here. He is stupid to assume anything in the state he is in.
“You’re stupid if you don’t know why I’m still here,” I state, trying to hide my anger, knowing he will just get off on it. He is at the tipping point, and I don’t want to give him any more steam.
“I’m stupid…” He lets out a harsh, vile sounding laugh. “I’m the one, but you’re… you’re the innocent, precious, perfect beauty… standing in front of me… trying to pull me off the cliff.”
I look around the room. The couches are overturned, the dining room table broken, glass is all over the place, and everything else is strewn all around. I wonder how the cops haven’t been called yet.
“What happened?” I ask curiously, wanting to take the attention off of me.
“What didn’t happen?” he responds gruffly, pushing off the counter while slamming back another drink. I eye the bottle precariously; I need to get it away from him, but I don’t dare get close to him. I know the Ryder I care about wouldn’t hurt me, but this Ryder is someone darker, meaner, and more abrasive with less boundaries.
“You should probably put the bottle down.”
He eyes me, the darkness within him casting out any good. The light within him is diminishing with every drink.
“You should probably leave.” He takes a step toward me, and my breathing hesitates. Fear spikes down my spine, but I can’t look away from him. My feet are glued to the floor, and I know I won’t leave this place until I save him and bring him back to me. We both might be broken, but he is far more broken than I; if I have to, I will save the two of us, making us whole again.
I shake my head no, afraid that my voice will tremble, giving away just how much he affects me. Before I can even blink, he is directly in front of me, his hand wrapping around the back of my neck.
I am shaking like a leaf in the wind. I know he can feel it. He takes a drink from the bottle again, and the scent of whiskey invades my senses. He smells dark and dangerous, and even though I’m frightened by him, I’m intrigued as well.
“Are you afraid of me?” he asks softly. His voice is that of the Ryder I have grown to know, but the look in his eyes tells me it’s merely a fa├žade.
“No,” I declare, somehow finding my voice. I so badly want to take him into my arms and tell him it will be okay, but I know that isn’t what he needs.
“Are you sure?” he taunts me, his fingers seizing my neck harder. There’s no pain, just discomfort.
Then it dawns on me: he thinks he can hurt me and everyone else who cares about him, like he’s his father. He is wrapped up in his very own dark world, letting the thoughts assault him.
“I know you’re in there somewhere, Ryder. Find your way out, find your way back to me,” I beg, my hands landing in fists against his chest. He’s warm, and I’m so enveloped up in the feeling that I don’t realize we are moving until my back slams into the wall. His body pins mine, a feral look in his eyes as the bottle of whiskey hits the floor.
I can’t breathe, nor can I force myself to close my eyes. I can’t do anything to protect myself from him; I’m at his mercy.

“This is me, Kennedy. The person you thought you knew never existed. My father killed him a long time ago.” His hand skims over my chest, my heartbeat skyrocketing to a point where I’m afraid I will die.

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J.L. Beck is the author of Bittersweet Revenge(A Bittersweet Novella Book 1). A four part novella series. She lives in Elroy, WI with her husband Brandon, and daughter Bella. Since the moment she could reach the shelves on the book shelf shes been reading, thus influencing her to write. Her favorite books are those that leave an imprint on your soul. You know the ones that have you putting everything off because you have to find out what happens next.
When she's not writing or reading(of course)you can find her picking up after her three year old daughter, or explaining to her husband why its unsafe to do something any other way, than the way your wife told you too.
Shes a huge fan of all things drama, with shows like The Vampire Diaries, and Arrow being some of her favorites. She's addicted to all things social media, caffeine, and Starbucks.

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