Tuesday 9 July 2019

Book Blitz: The Gauntlet (Imdalind Academy #1) by Rebecca Ethington @RebEthington

The Gauntlet
Rebecca Ethington
(Imdalind Academy #1)
Publication date: July 8th 2019
Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult
‘Running a revolution is easy when you have a little bit of illegal magic on your side.’ -Gemma
The only way you can receive magic is by running the masochistic Gauntlet that the royal family started seventy years ago as a way to control power. One bite from a Vily and you are filled with what many call ‘the power of the gods’ and sent to Imdalind Academy for training.
No bite, no magic, no Academy, and no place in society besides with the Drains that live in the old tunnels that dot what once was Europe.
Unless you are me, who after one bite from a loose Vily is left with a diseased fragment of magic like the Chosen magic carriers of my world. I may not be as strong as the bastards that lord over us, but that isn’t going to stop me from raising more than a little hell.
This year I am running the Gauntlet, and enrolling myself in their damn academy. There is no better way to take down the evil overlords of our world than from the inside.
Those royal bastards won’t know what hit them.
Now, if I can just get the king’s son Rowan out of my way…
Imdalind Academy is a stand alone spin-off to the Internationally Best Selling Imdalind Series.
Three series + Two Ultimate book boyfriends = The Best Magical Binge.


“They don’t trust you.” I interrupted, tapping my foot and making eyes at Ed in an attempt to get him over here. The guy looked terrified.
“This guy trusts me,” she said, nodding to Eddy who was slowly walking towards us. So slow he might as well have been walking backwards.
I gave her a look, my eyebrows twisting together. She beamed with a broader grin. Damn, all these Eternals were delusional.
“This guy is terrified you are going to eat him. Eddy?” I asked when he was only about half way too us. “Do you trust her?”
He froze in place, taking one slow step back.
“I don’t know how to answer that. If I say no, will she kill me?” Poor Eddy was practically shaking in his boots. I didn’t blame him, Wynifred had always been an unknown.
So yeah, I guess still terrifying. Just terrifying and irritating.
“I haven’t killed anyone in a few hundred years, kid, and I used to be pretty good at it.”
Eddy took another step back, a tiny squeak echoing from behind one of the tents in the communal sleeping space we were traversing through.
“You enjoyed blowing people up?” I asked, regretting the question when she smiled.
“You enjoy turning buildings to rubble,” she shrugged, smiling again.
“I enjoy standing up to oppressors for the sake of my people.” It was taking everything in me not to throw her into the wall. But I wasn’t about to go throwing murderesses against walls if I wasn’t sure I could win.
“The thing about causes, kid, is that you have to make sure you are on the right side. The bad side looks just like the good one when you don’t know any better.”
“I know which side I’m on,” I said between the grit in my teeth, fists tight against my thighs. Maybe I could punch her.
“Sure you do, come find me after you’ve killed your third ‘tyrant’ and tell me if you still think so. Maybe we can go blow up buildings together. Or people. Guess it depends on how your revolution pans out.” She looked around her, again. The curious under mortals who had peeked out to stare at us retreating back into their holes.
“What the hell is wrong with you?”
“Boredom.” She shrugged her shoulders, the maniacal light vanishing from her eyes.
How in the hell was this a four-thousand-year-old immortal and mother of the headmaster to Imdalind Academy?

Author Bio:
Rebecca Ethington is an internationally bestselling author with almost 700,000 books sold. Her breakout debut, The Imdalind Series, has been featured on bestseller lists since its debut in 2012, reaching thousands of adoring fans worldwide and cited as "Interesting and Intense" by USA Today's Happily Ever After Blog.
From writing horror to romance and creating every sort of magical creature in be-tween, Rebecca's imagination weaves vibrant worlds that transport readers into the pages of her books. Her writing has been described as fresh, original, and groundbreaking, with stories that bend genres and create fantastical worlds.
Born and raised under the lights of a stage, Rebecca has written stories by the ghost light, told them in whispers in dark corridors, and never stopped creating within the pages of a notebook.


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Tuesday 2 July 2019

Release Blitz: Tangle (Dogwood Lane #2) by Adriana Locke @AuthorALocke

Title: Tangle (Dogwood Lane #2)

Author: Adriana Locke

Release Date: July 2, 2019

Releases In: Kindle Unlimited, Paperback, Audiobook 

Quick: Sparks fly between a die-hard romantic and a sexy cynic in this fresh, funny romance from USA Today bestselling author Adriana Locke.


That cream-filled, caramel-topped doughnut should have been hers. Still, Haley Raynor can’t deny that the pastry thief with the dreamy blue eyes looks even more delicious. But moving in on a handsome devil like Trevor Kelly is bad news for a die-hard romantic like Haley. Trevor doesn’t believe in love. She does. Giving in to a fling and Trevor’s irresistible charms can’t end well. Can it? What can it hurt to give it a shot?

Girls always fall for Trevor, and in the end, he always ends up looking like a bad-boy cad. Still, spending some time with Haley and her smart-talking, kissable mouth sounds pretty perfect. Besides, he’s only going to be in Dogwood Lane for one week. How much trouble could they possibly get into?

The only answer? A “no falling in love” contract. All Trevor and Haley have to do is follow the rules and resist the attraction sizzling between them…before their hearts get completely tangled up in temptation.

Buy Link: https://amzn.to/2NlUGJd

Pro Tip: If you own the ebook, you can add the Audible narration for just $1.99.


Landing Page: https://gleam.io/XhvLF/tangle-release-giveaway

Tangle Release Giveaway


“Did you just buy my coffee?” I ask.


“You know what goes good with coffee …” I look at his plate and then back to him. All he does is laugh.

He gets to his feet, unfolding a body that’s taller, and harder, than I expected. His jeans are coupled with a grey and black flannel that fits him well enough to see the lines of his body. The curve of his biceps, the dip of his waist, and the slight angle from his shoulder to his neck is divine.

“Are you finished?” he asks.

I zip a line from his boots to his face. “What do you mean?”

“I don’t want to walk out of here until you’ve finished appreciating me.” He grins. “If you’re done, I do need to go.”

A full-on blush covers my body and, when he laughs, I wonder if he’s thinking it’s the same color as my panties. This makes me blush more.

“You are not the gentleman I hoped you were,” I say, failing to hide a laugh.

He smiles devilishly, assessing me as he shoves his wallet back in his pocket. Then, with a pained expression and a dose of hesitation for my benefit, he slides his plate in front of me. “Here. You can have my donut. I know it’s not all you wanted, but it’ll have to do. I’m late.” He takes a cup from Claire for the road.

“I didn’t hear anything you said after ‘You can have my donut’,” I say, sticking my finger in the middle of the pastry. “But thanks.”

“They have forks, you know.”

“I know. But I wanted to make sure you didn’t ask for it back.” A warmth spreads through my middle as he laughs.