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Cover Reveal: Indelible You by Verlene Landon @Verlene_Landon


Indelible You (Imagine Ink #1)

Verlene Landon

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Release Date: November 16, 2015

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About the Book

Ink is indelible.
So is love, at least in theory.
He’s an over-inked, reformed bad boy and she is the slightly older, seemingly out of reach woman who’s head over heels (actually knees over shoulders) in love with him. Almost as much as he is with her.
Somehow, they have remained oblivious to their mutual attraction for five years.
One night, they take the plunge. Love conquers all, right?
They expose hearts and bodies, expecting a happily ever after until a terrible secret is revealed—during climax.
Anything worth having is worth bleeding for—and boy will they bleed—but will it be enough to drain the taint of that secret, or will it be fatal for both of them?
Some things are more permanent than tattoos.

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About the Author

Verlene Landon Headshot

I'm not that interesting, but the people in my head are. I've had fantastical ideas floating around my brain for as long as I can remember, I just finally got brave enough to share them. I was born and raised in the south, if the name Verlene didn’t give that away already. Thanks to the military (myself & spouse), I’ve been all over the US. I now call the west coast home with my husband, my (as of OCT) adult son, my high school daughter, an obnoxiously obese cat, 2 spoiled bunnies, a hyper chocolate lab and a Great Dane puppy that cries like baby when left alone. I like to think of it as living the BAMAFORNIA life.

FUN FACTS: I possess an impressive yet accidental dust bunny collection. I have a serious wine, Bama football & book addiction. My grammar skills are atrocious & no, the irony isn't lost on me. I've made up more words than a certain President. I've worked in fast-food, not so fast food, a lab, a print shop, a club dj booth, dental assistant, a muffler shop, an aviator store, the military, quilting, and just about everything in between. Plus, I've thrown live grenades & survived the tear gas chamber. (Have to add that because it makes me sound badass.)

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Tuesday 27 October 2015

#ReleaseDayBlitz Broken Illusions: A Disturbing Psychological Thriller (His Agenda #3) by @DoriLavelle @KitKatCrzyBooks

Title: Broken Illusions: A Disturbing Psychological Thriller (His Agenda #3)
Series: His Agenda
Author: Dori Lavelle
Genre: Psychological Thriller/Dark Contemporary Romance
Published: October 28th, 2015


***WARNING: Due to sexual situations and adult content, this dark and disturbing psychological thriller is not intended for readers under the age of 18, and anyone who is unable to read books containing the following issues: kidnapping, murder, graphic rape, and extreme violence.***

Jude Macknight is gone forever, and I can finally start my new life with Dustin Brannon. But it's not so easy to move on.

When I close my eyes at night, I still see Jude's face. And sometimes, I swear I feel his presence. When will he stop haunting me? And when will I stop waiting for the other shoe to drop?

This is the breathtaking conclusion to the His Agenda Serial.



On SALE for $1.99 Limited Time Only



Veiled Obsession (His Agenda #1)

***WARNING: Due to sexual situations and dark adult content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18, and anyone who is unable to read books containing the following issues: kidnapping, murder, rape, and extreme abuse.***

I cry for the man I used to know, the man I used to love...until his love killed mine.

My name is Haley Macknight, and I'm dying inside. From the outside my life is every woman's dream. I'm married to Jude Macknight, a sexy multimillionaire who loves me...too much.

Once upon a time, I loved him. But that love is dead. Unwilling to let me go, I've become his obsession. He will stop at nothing to make sure I remain in a marriage I no longer want, inside my gilded cage.

Each day I pull away from Jude, I watch him transform into a monster. Before my eyes, he becomes a man I don't recognize, a dangerous man. He makes it clear that I belong to him, that my life is no longer my own. If I leave, he'll kill me. But if I stay, I'll die a slow death.

***This serial unfolds over three volumes.***


Dangerous Intentions (His Agenda #2)

My name is Haley Macknight, and I've finally escaped my marriage from hell. But my husband, Jude Macknight, has murder on his mind. He will stop at nothing to get me back. Even from a distance, he's controlling the course of my life. It's only a matter of time before he finds me. Before he kills me.

***WARNING: Due to sexual situations and dark adult content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18, and anyone who is unable to read books containing the following issues: kidnapping, murder, graphic rape, and extreme abuse.***



Dori Lavelle, is a mother, wife, and a sucker for happy-ever-afters and mint chocolate. Growing up, Dori read a lot, and when she wasn't happy with a particular ending, she wrote a different one, just for herself. Before long, she was writing stories when she should have been doing homework. The time has come for her to share the stories she cooks up in her head.

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Monday 26 October 2015

Release Day Blitz: I Was On That Train (Short Story Anthology) by Jeffrey Brett @NorfolkMagic79 @AHSTOCKWELL

Today, I have pleasure in bringing you a new release, I Was On That Train by Jeffrey Brett. This is a short story anthology of various genres: from mystery to paranormal/supernatural. All aboard for a thrilling ride!

Book Title: I Was On That Train
Genre: Crime, Romance, Tragedy, Comedy, History and Mystery.
Book Type: Anthology/Short Stories
Pages: 240
Author: Jeffrey Brett 
Date Published: 26 October 2015


The sooty, bellowing, clattering steam trains of another era gave every journey an atmosphere of excitement and expectancy. The whole course of a traveller’s life might depend on whether he caught the nine fifty or the ten ten; his fate might be decided by his choice of compartments.

In each of these short stories a train journey provides the backdrop for a momentous encounter or life-changing experience, but each story has a different twist. There is comedy as well as tragedy, romance as well as mystery and fellow travellers include figures from history, guardian angels and ghosts!

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About The Author:

Jeffrey Brett was educated, lived and worked in London before moving to the rural county of Norfolk in England. He has a creative inclination towards writing fictional work for both the young and old. His likes include poetry and has won awards for his landscape oil paintings.

He uses the depth of his experience in having served in both the private and public sector and of the people with whom he has met along the way, to help influence his writing.

Jeffrey admires the writing genre of authors such as James Herbert, Stephen King, Patricia Cornwall and J. K. Rowling.

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Torrs Park
North Devon
EX34 8BA

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Sunday 25 October 2015

Blog Tour: Dixon's Resurrection (Hell Raiders MC Book 2) by Aden Lowe @AdenLowe @AshWheels1

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Title: Dixon's Resurrection (Hell Raiders MC Book 2)
Author: Aden Lowe
Genre: MC Romance / Romantic Suspense Series: Hell Raiders MC  
Release Date: September 29th, 2015


∼ Synopsis ∼

Dixon looks like a Boy Scout, but his past is far from clean. The Hell Raiders Prospect finally has things on the ball, even Georgie. But the ghosts from his former life refuse to stay buried and come back to haunt him. Georgie was a cop, fired for excessive force, but now she manages the Rattlesnake. When Dix helps her with a nasty little issue from her past, will she give in to the temptation he offers? Determined to pull Dix back in at any cost, his ghosts go after his most obvious weakness. When Georgie is taken, she fights like hell, but even she can't overcome such evil. Terrified, Dix calls on the Hell Raiders for help. Can he save Georgie from the hell that awaits her? Or will it claim them both?

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∼ Excerpt ∼

Driven by desperate need to experience more of her, he let his mouth follow his fingers, sweeping kisses down the delicate column of her neck. Her collarbone begged extra attention, and he obliged, swirling his tongue over the tender skin to draw small moans from her. She brought her hands up to smooth along his shoulders, the light touch making his breath hiss between his teeth. He worked further down and she raked her nails gently along his spine until his tongue flicked over her nipple. Then her nails dug in as she arched toward him, soundlessly urging him to take more. He gladly obliged and let his fingers trail down over her ribs and belly, caressing her smooth skin, exploring every nuance. The prospect of possessing her became more real to him with every kiss, every stroke, and made his heart thunder, the force threatening to break through the cage of his ribs. It felt like a living dream, unattainable despite being right there within his grasp. Torn between wanting to lavish more attention on her tits, and the need to have more, Dix finally allowed his mouth to follow where his hands led. When his fingers reached the juncture of her thighs, she gave a sharp cry and let her legs fall apart. Pushed beyond his ability to stay in control, he shifted position for better access and fell on her with a growl, kissing and licking. Georgie cried out again and raised her hips while her fingers scraped hard along the back of his skull until she found hair long enough to grasp. He lost himself in the joy of experiencing her this way. Long before he had his fill, she tugged him upward. "Please, Dix, I want you now."

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∼ Other Books by Aden ∼

Hell Raiders MC Series

Kellen's Redemption

Hunted Love Series

Big Game: Hunted Love #1
Bounty: Hunted Love #2
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Ride Series
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Book Review of The Star Child (The Star Child Series Book 1) by Stephanie Keyes

Book Title: The Star Child (The Star Child Series Book 1)
Genre: YA Science Fiction/Fantasy
Pages: 310
Author: Stephanie Keyes
Date Published: 21 September 2012


The world is about to be cloaked in darkness. Only one can stop the night. Kellen St. James has spent his entire life being overlooked as an unwanted, ordinary, slightly geeky kid. That is until a beautiful girl, one who has haunted his dreams for the past eleven years of his life, shows up spinning tales of a prophecy. Not just any old prophecy either, but one in which Kellen plays a key role. Suddenly, Kellen finds himself on the run through a Celtic underworld of faeries and demons, angels and gods, not to mention a really ticked off pack of hellhounds, all in order to save the world from darkness. But will they make it in time?


The Star Child (The Star Child, #1)The Star Child by Stephanie Keyes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first book in The Star Child Series. I really enjoyed it!

Kellen St. James is a wonderful character. I liked him a lot. He is kind, considerate and pretty cool. Unfortunately, I struggled to connect with this character on an emotional level.

I heard about this book on a blog I was following at the time, it sounded interesting so I bought a copy. Unfortunately, this book has been sitting on my bookshelf since it was first published way back in 2012. However, due to my large reading list, I've only now been able to get to reading it. Since I first purchased the book, it has been re-edited and re-released in 2014. Therefore, I can only review what I've read.

This story is told through the eyes of Kellen and takes the reader on an amazing journey from America to the wild shores of the Irish coast. I don't often read books from a male point of view, so it made a nice change to read Kellen's story. There are several unusual characters in this book, but Calienta is one that has been constant through Kellen's life. She has visited his dreams for years, but when they finally meet in person, she tells him of the prophecy and the part he plays in it.

This book has everything one could wish for in a fantasy novel, faeries, demons, angels and gods. However, there was one long, large scene in faerie that confused me. I felt I was in a scene from the '90's television series "Twin Peaks". Nothing made sense and I struggled with wanting to put the book down, or continue reading in the hopes that there would be light at the end of the tunnel. I decided to keep reading. The scene still made no sense in the end but, I persevered and managed to finish the book with no regrets. The tale is intricately woven with legends of Celtic origin. I love the world building in this story. I did find the prophecy that Kellen was supposed to help bring about to be a little flimsy. Being as this book has been re-edited, the confusing scene may have changed as well as the flimsy prophecy, so I cannot comment further. I reached the end of the book with a sense of deep foreboding and a shiver down my spine, so am now looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

Stephanie Keyes has written an imaginative tale that kept me entertained for a few hours. I love her writing style, which is not as fast paced as some YA novels I have read. However, it was fast enough to keep me turning the pages. The flow was wonderful too.

I recommend this book to young readers aged 16 and above, and to adults who love to read YA Science Fiction, or books with Celtic faeries, demons, angels and gods. - Lynn Worton

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About The Author:

Taken from Amazon:

Stephanie Keyes grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and spent years traveling and working as a Corporate Trainer before she made the decision to pen her first novel. As a teen, her family always accused her of having an "overactive imagination." Now, she's encouraged to keep her head in the clouds and share her world with readers.

Still a resident of the 'Burgh, Steph is now Mom to two little boys who constantly keep her on her toes. In addition, she's best friend to her incredible rockstar of a husband. She is an active member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), as well as a featured author for Love a Happy Ending Lifestyle e-magazine.

Keyes is the author of the YA Fantasy series, The Star Child, which currently includes The Star Child, After Faerie, The Fallen Stars, and The Star Catcher, all from by Inkspell Publishing. Steph writes YA novels because she's a hopeless romantic who lives to believe that Magick truly does exist. She is hard at work on a new YA novel.

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Wednesday 21 October 2015

Book Review of Abducted: Reconnaissance Team (Texas Rangers: Special Ops Book 1) by T.C. Archer @TCArcher

Book Title: Abducted: Reconnaissance Team (Texas Rangers: Special Ops Book 1)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 360
Author: T.C. Archer
Date Published: 12 October 2015


She came for the fashion show. He came to catch a killer.

The El Paso fashion gala was slated to be the hottest event of the year and a must do if Liz Monahan, the creative brains behind Nina Bruno Designs, was to vault the company to the big time. Circumstances put Liz at the party in one of her own creations, escorted by a young, handsome model hired to show her off to the well-known and well-established. But Liz didn't count on her date being an undercover Texas Ranger who is investigating a human trafficking ring. She also didn't count on being kidnapped and trafficked herself.

When Texas Ranger Ben Hunter slips away from Liz Monahan at the gala and begins his investigation, he couldn't be more surprised to arrive in Juarez, Mexico to find her held captive by infamous human trafficker Carlos Sanchez. In order to save her, Ben must commit murder. Hers.


Abducted: Reconnisiance Team (Texas Rangers: Special Ops, #1)Abducted: Reconnisiance Team by T.C. Archer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the first book in a new romance series called Texas Rangers: Specials Ops. I loved it!

Elizabeth (Liz) Monahan is a likable character. Though, I wanted to either slap her or shake her on occasion. She is the creative director at Nina Bruno Designs, an up and coming fashion house in Texas. When she steps in at the last minute to showcase the house's latest fashion design, she has no idea what hornets nest she will be stepping into.

Ben Hunter is also a likable character. I must admit that I liked him better than Liz - he didn't annoy me in the least! Undercover as Liz's date, Ben is determined to break open the human trafficking ring that has been smuggling women and girls over the border from Mexico. However, he didn't count on his attraction to Liz.

I had previously read a paranormal horror and a science fiction book by this author, so when I heard that this book was available to pre-order, I bought myself a copy.

I love reading romances such as this one; they are fun, quick reads. I started to read this book and didn't put it down until I had finished it. This story took me on an adventure full of danger and romance. There are several twists and turns in the tale that had me sitting on the edge of my seat. The villain, Carlos Sanchez, is a dangerous man, with powerful men in his employ. However, I would have preferred if he was more "hands on", rather than letting his henchmen carry out orders. But, just as in real life, this character hides behind them to avoid capture by the law. Nevertheless, his presence is felt through the story and sent shivers down my spine. He is not a nice man by any means.

Unfortunately, although I love this story, I did find this book a little formulaic, with a similar premise to other books I have read over the years (and I've read hundreds). Granted, it's not easy to come up with fresh material when writing romances - it's all been written before. However, the vivid descriptions used to describe the characters and scenes brought the book to life. The danger felt palpable and real - this got my heart racing. Speaking of pulse pounding, the heat generated by Liz and Ben's attraction scorched the page. I reached the end of the book with sadness, as I wanted to keep reading. However, I am now looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

T.C. Archer has written a wonderful contemporary romance. I love their writing style, which is fast paced and exciting. I also love the way the story flowed. I have added these two authors onto my favourite author's list and will be reading more of their books in the future.

Due to scenes of a sensual nature that are a little on the explicit side (though not as explicit as some books I have read), as well as some bad language, I do not recommend this book to younger readers under 16. However, I highly recommend this book if you love steamy contemporary romances. - Lynn Worton

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About The Author:

T. C. Archer is comprised of award winning authors Evan Trevane and Shawn M. Casey. They live in the Northeast. Evan has a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, and Shawn is a small business owner. Their collaboration began on a lark with the post WWII film noir story The Pickle My Little Friend, and has evolved into nearly a dozen works, which includes their new series The Phenom League, and Daphne Du Maurier winner the romantic thriller For His Eyes Only.

Author Links:

Tuesday 20 October 2015

Release Day Blitz: Limits of Destiny (Volume Four) by Sharlyn G. Branson @SharlynBranson

Title: Limits of Destiny (Volume Four )
Author: Sharlyn G. Branson 
Genre : Erotic Romance 

What are the thresholds of pain tolerance?

Alexia feels empty inside – all the joys she’d experienced before are gone. She realizes her recovery will take a long time and she has no right to drag Alexander – the only man she’s ever truly loved – down the hole of her own despair.

Alexia must forget her ordeal if they are to be happy together again. But will she be strong enough to forget what has happened to her? Or will she lose everything?

Alexander Kraftberg is a man of strong character who has money and power, and won’t stop at anything to achieve his goals. He loves Alexia and is determined to do whatever it takes to maintain his relationship with her

But their future together is in the hands of his beloved.

Sharlyn G. Branson is happily married and mother of a lovely boy. She is addicted to coffee and dark chocolate. She believes erotic novels could save a lot of marriages and improve sexual life of many people. Branson reads various genres, but adores erotic romance. She loves to write all kinds of love stories.

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Book Review of Pegasus and the Rise of The Titans by Kate O'Hearn @KATEOHEARN

Book Title: Pegasus and the Rise of the Titans
Genre: YA Action/Adventure
Pages: 352
Author: Kat O'Hearn 
Date Published: 31 January 2015


Join Emily and Pegasus as the legend continues in a new epic adventure ...

The ancient rivalry between the Olympians and the Titans, thought long over, is rekindled - but this time the Titans have a secret weapon that can rival the power of the Flame of Olympus. The balance of power is tipped in Saturn's favour now that he has found his own Flame of Titus. Jupiter's Olympus will finally be in his grasp!

Caught in the middle of this ancient power struggle, Emily and Pegasus must head to the Diamond Head volcano in Hawaii to track down the one thing that can save Olympus ... before the Titans get there first.


Pegasus and the Rise of the Titans (Pegasus #5)Pegasus and the Rise of the Titans by Kate O'Hearn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the fifth book in the Pegasus series. I absolutely loved it!

Emily is The Flame of Olympus. She thought she was an ordinary girl, but she is very special. She is a fantastic character, who has faced many challenges in the previous books and triumphed. I really like her. She is full of determination and spirit. However, she may be facing her hardest challenge yet! Can she survive?

I have a soft spot for Emily and Pegasus, and when I heard that this book was due for release, I immediately pre-ordered it! This is a fantastic adventure, filled with danger and amazing twists and surprises. It was wonderful to meet all the previous characters like Pegasus, Joel, Paelen, Chrysaor and Chiron. However, there were new characters introduced: Fawn, a young girl who is a night dweller (where the myths of vampires come from), Lorin, a girl with her own piece of the flame and Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess.

*Minor Spoiler!*
After Emily helped defeat the Titans in the past (book 4), time reset and a new timeline was created. Lorin awakens from a deep sleep and finds herself trapped in Tartarus. And Emily makes another shocking discovery that changes her life once again.

I started reading this book and read it in one sitting as I couldn't put it down! I found myself on an emotional roller coaster ride from beginning to end, as there are some very sad scenes that had me shedding a tear or two, but there is also a few witty scenes that had me smiling or laughing out loud. I love the imagery created by Kate O'Hearn, as it felt like I was actually there. I love the incorporation of several mythical creatures too, the descriptions of which were vivid enough for me to picture them quite easily. The action is intense and had me sitting on the edge of my seat. I felt sad when I reached the end because these characters have become my friends and I will miss them. I don't know if there is another book due in the series, or if this was the last one as it does not finish on a cliffhanger. But, if there is to be another book in the series, I'm on it like white on rice!

Kate O'Hearn has created a world for Pegasus and the other Olympians that is completely believable. I love her writing style, which is very descriptive and the story flows beautifully. She is now one of my favourite YA authors. I have another one of her books from another series sitting on my Kindle, and I hope to get to read it soon.

I highly recommend this book (and series) to children of 11+ and to adults alike (who love reading YA), as this is one of the most exciting stories I have read in a long time. - Lynn Worton

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About The Author:

She started her career in the fashion industry, spending several years working in the showroom of a large accessory firm in New York, then top management at the Calvin Klein corporation and then to Oleg Cassini in Toronto Canada.
From there she moved into film and television and finally into writing books.

Author Links: