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Book Review of A Dog Named Leaf: The Hero from Heaven Who Saved My Life by Allen Anderson with Linda Anderson

Book Title: A Dog Named Leaf: The Hero from Heaven Who Saved My Life
Genre: True Life/ Memoir
Pages: 224
Author: Allen Anderson with Linda Anderson 
Date Published: 6 November 2012


Allen and Linda Anderson adopted a traumatized one-year-old cocker spaniel who had been abandoned. Soon, the troubled dog they named “Leaf” turned their home into a war zone. Although Leaf and Allen were forging a friendship with visits to dog parks and bonding time, Leaf’s emotional issues overwhelmed the couple. Shortly after Leaf’s arrival, Allen, who had spent eight years as a big city police officer and survived so many close calls that Linda called him “Miracle Man,” received a diagnosis from his doctor that made him think his luck had finally run out. Allen had an unruptured brain aneurysm that could be fatal, and the surgery to repair it might leave him debilitated. Having seen his father live for years with the effects of a massive stroke, he dreaded that the worst fate might not be death. What Allen didn’t know is that he and Leaf, like comrades facing the ultimate battle, would be there for each other with the miracle of this man and this dog coming together at exactly the right time.


A Dog Named Leaf: The Hero from Heaven Who Saved My LifeA Dog Named Leaf: The Hero from Heaven Who Saved My Life by Allen Anderson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

This is a touching and heartwarming story. I loved it!

I am not one for reading many true life stories, but when the author contacted me about reading this book, I decided to try it. I am glad I did. Unfortunately, due to my rather large reading list, it has taken me quite a while to get to read it, for which I am truly sorry.

This story took me on an emotional roller coaster ride. I am a highly emotional person when it comes to animals anyway. I have had my share of pets over the years (four dogs, one feral (turned tame) cat, a rabbit and a hamster. Oh, and some gupies - fish) and, although I currently don't have any at the moment, I would love to have either another dog or cat. Unfortunately, it is not possible at this time as I cannot afford to have one.
Nevertheless, I fell in love with Leaf, who has a fantastic character. This dog has not had an easy life up until the Anderson's adopt him, and reading about their experiences with him made me laugh and cry. Gaining the trust of an abused or wild animal is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. The affection and love they share is more precious because it takes bravery to trust after being hurt. Leaf is one of those dogs that you wish you had found at the pound. However, not many people would have been brave to take on Leaf with all his issues. The Anderson's are that brave. This story is a mix of heartwarming and touching events, together with some very sad ones. However, it is mostly a story of hope, love and happiness. Animals are a gift; I believe they have souls and when they give their trust and love, we should grasp it and hold on to it for dear life.

Allen Anderson has written a deeply touching story that captured my heart. I loved the photographs that were sprinkled throughout. They gave the story a visual insight into Leaf's character. I did feel that the story, although well written, to be a little slow paced for my taste. However, I am used to reading fiction, which is embellished to include fast paced action. A slower pace is sometimes good for the soul. I would definitely consider reading more books written by him in the future.

I highly recommend this book if you love true life stories, memoirs or stories about dogs/animals. - Lynn Worton

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About The Author:

Allen Anderson, New York Times bestselling author of A DOG NAMED LEAF with his wife Linda are coauthors of a series of popular books, published in multiple languages, about the benefits of human-animal companionship. In 1996 they cofounded the Angel Animals Network to honor and expand upon their lifelong love of animals. Angel Animals uses the power of inspirational stories to increase love and respect for all life. The Anderson's books have won recognition from the American Society of Journalists & Authors's Outstanding Book Award program. Allen and Linda were named Partners and Friends of the American Humane Association in recognition that their mission and efforts are in alignment with the organization's work. The Andersons raised two children along with pets as family members. They currently share their home in Minneapolis with pets whose relationships- would make great film plots -- a dog named Leaf, Cuddles the cat, and Sunshine, a cockatiel who says, "I love you, sweet baby."

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