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Audio/Book Review of Good Side of Sin (Save My Soul Book 3) by K.S. Haigwood

Book Title: Good Side of Sin (Save My Soul Book 3)
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 366
Audio Run Time: 12 Hrs 26 Mins
Author: K.S. Haigwood
Date Published: 22 November 2013 (Kindle)
17 September 2014 (Audio)


Josselyn has just spent the last three months in intense Line of Defense training so she could join Malcolm’s search party. Little did she know the archangels had no intention of letting her bring back into Heaven an angel who had opened a portal between Heaven and Hell, at least not before saving God's creations from the tight grasp of Lucifer first.
Three months have passed since the angel Rhyan released nine repented demons from Hell, and now innocent people are dying, but their souls are not going to Heaven. Josselyn's mission is to find the demon responsible for stealing the souls and bring it to justice before Lucifer gains enough power to rise and claim Heaven and earth as his own.
Her whole world is shaken when she discovers what tool Lucifer is using to track down the one key to the release of his eternal damnation. Thoros is one half-souled immortal she prayed she would never see again. The ex-Prince of Lust had stolen her heart and crushed it with a cheeky smile. Now, not only is she being forced to put her damaged ego aside and face the only man that has ever hurt her, but she has to work with him in order to complete her assignment.
Is she strong enough to keep from falling in love with him again? Or is their love the only thing that can keep Lucifer from getting the one thing he wants most? Heaven.


Good Side of Sin (Save My Soul, #3)Good Side of Sin by K.S. Haigwood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the third book in the Save My Soul Series. I loved it!

I downloaded this book as an audio book, so that I could listen to it while doing household chores. This audio book was narrated by Pyper Down. I loved her narration; her vocal interpretations of the characters made them come alive. She did a fantastic job! Her voice was melodic and smooth, and I found myself drawn into the story more easily. I would definitely listen to more books narrated by her.

Josselyn is a wonderful character. I really liked her when I met her in Hell's Gate. Getting to know her better in this story has been a pleasure. Although she is an angel, she has an almost "take no prisoners" attitude that I like. Still trying to find Malcolm, Josselyn will have to team up with the last person she would want to. Thoros, the ex-Prince of Lust.

Thoros is also a wonderful character. Being a Prince of Hell, he intrigued me in Hell's Gate, because I wasn't quite sure what his motives were where Josselyn was concerned. However, as I got to know him better, I realised that, even though he was the Prince of Lust, he is really a nice guy. Now living on Earth with half a soul, his life has become a nightmare. Joining Josselyn's mission could either save him, or damn him forever.

I started listening to this story and was quickly hooked. The story is told through various characters' points of view, which made it interesting. In this story we are also introduced to Ethan. He is a courier for hire - mostly drugs and money. He is an ordinary human with an extraordinary destiny. I really liked meeting him. He is actually a very pivotal character in this tale and, as the story progressed, his importance becomes revealed. This story has several twists and turns that completely threw me. There is danger, adventure and romance throughout the book. I loved listening to the sparks fly between Josselyn and Thoros. I found myself giggling at Thoros's thoughts and confusion over his emotions about Josselyn. Yes, he was an ex-Prince of lust, but he has no idea what to do about the emotion of love. Watching him scramble with this emotion made me feel a bit sorry for him. However, his jealous streak shows itself when they visit Limbo and they meet Omega. Omega is a character I wasn't sure whether to like or not. He has a bit of an identity crisis and I couldn't make up my mind whether he was a Dr. Jekyll, or a Mr. Hyde personality type. However, things are not as they seem and the reason for the split personality is shocking when it comes to light.
As I said before, there are several twists, but I was totally surprised by the one scene at the end of the group's visit to Limbo. I certainly didn't see that one coming! I can understand why Isaiah did what he did, but his choice did make me feel sad. I reached the end of the story and it was a bit bittersweet for me; I was happy for the characters, but sad that the story had to end.

I don't know if there will be anymore books in the series, but if not, I have enjoyed the roller coaster ride this series has taken me on. However, if there are more books to come, I look forward to reading/listening to them in the immediate future.

K.S. Haigwood has written a wonderful paranormal romance. I love her fast paced writing style, and the flow of the story was wonderful. I am fast becoming a fan of hers, and am looking forward to reading more of her other paranormal series as soon as possible.

Due to scenes of violence and some explicit sexual scenes, I do not recommend this book to younger readers. However, I recommend this story if you love older YA or erotic paranormal romance genres. - Lynn Worton

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