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Book Review of Awakening: Book One of the High Queen Trilogy by Jamie Williams


The rise of the High Queen was first prophesized by the Navean Paerex over four hundred years ago, causing him to be exiled to Tiluse. Now, those distantly foretold events are finally coming to pass.
In the tradition of all young Tilusians who are compatible with the Sol, Shayn Kayle has started his training at the Sol Academy in Vetran. While preparing for a competition, Shayn and a group of friends inadvertently discover an enhancing agent for the Sol, giving them an advantage. Their use of the agent is only the beginning, though; the results of the competition will change the lives of Shayn and his friends forever.

Layla Burn has been ill ever since she reached womanhood, and it seems that nothing can alleviate her symptoms. As a last resort, her father sends her to Agien to see her estranged uncle. During her stay in Agien, her illness is mysteriously cured, and powers she never knew she possessed are awakened.

Now Shayn and Layla's paths cross as they barely escape a plot of treachery by their own government. Unable to return to the capital city Vetran, Shayn and his friends escort Layla back to their hometown of Lexhir, where unexpected dangers await them!


Awakening: Book One of the High Queen TrilogyAwakening: Book One of the High Queen Trilogy by Jamie Williams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

This is the first book in a trilogy that is full of magic and sorcery.
I really enjoyed it!

Shayn Kayle is a young mage, sent to the Sol Academy to learn how to control Sol, a magical substance that allows the user to manipulate the elements - fire, wind, water, air and earth. I liked his character very much, and I enjoyed watching him grow into his abilities.

Layla Burn is a young woman who has been ill for a long time. However, no-one can find out what's wrong with her. Sent to visit her Uncle, she finds out about a secret about herself that has been hidden. I also liked Layla, as she finds within herself the strength to follow her destiny.

This is a story that captured my imagination. I love a good fantasy novel, and this story has all the elements - magic, sorcerers/mages, and a plot that twists and turns. However, I did find that some of the story was a bit long winded. There are several characters that have their say, which I enjoyed. But there are so many characters, that I had trouble keeping track of who was whom. I loved meeting all the other characters in the book, especially Marek, Markis and Novi, the other Sol mages. They are fantastic friends to Shayn. Their camaraderie reminded me of a close family. However, it is Layla's destiny to be the Navean High Queen, and I loved watching her become more self-assured and confident in her powers. There is an amazing battle scene that is described in such a way that I felt I was actually taking part in it! This is an intriguing fantasy, and I would love to read the next book in the series to find out what happens next!

Jamie Williams has written a page turning fantasy, but I do think that this book needs a bit of a polish by a professional editor to smooth over some of the rough edges. I think this author could go far if given a chance.

I highly recommend this book if you love fantasy novels. - Lynn Worton

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