Saturday 2 November 2013

Book Release Promo: The Time Smugglers (The Camelot Inheritance Book 2) by Rosie Morgan


An exciting YA adventure series for readers aged 7 to 14, or those who love YA or fantasy genres!

Published date: 2nd November 2013


It’s been a year.
A year since Arthur Penhaligon swapped his skateboard for a sword and became a reluctant, teenage hero - and a Guardian of Cornwall.
Twelve months since he and his friends found themselves amongst time-travellers and ancient knights.
Fifty-two weeks of wondering what would happen next.
The waiting is almost over.
On Cornwall’s shores, old and new enemies are gathering, more deadly and more powerful than the four Guardians could ever imagine.
Memories will live and the Time Keeper will be named. There will be bloody battles - and death will finally claim its prize.

But through it all, a tiny green dragon will make its mark.


Chapter One

~ The enemy returns ~

The seal pushed himself off the rocks and slid into the sea. Moments later he emerged beneath the creaking hull of the ship, tall masts swaying in rhythm with the rise and fall of the water. The animal swam from stern to bow before coming to rest below the prow.
Above the seal a figure leant over the rail, surveying the cliffs rising up from the water’s edge. His gaze was drawn towards a tiny hamlet nestling in a wooded valley.
A light flickered in a cottage window; a door opened and snatches of conversation escaped into the night. The man leant further forward, straining to catch the words, but was interrupted by a shout from somewhere deep inside the ship. He turned, irritated, and after casting a quick look back towards the cottage disappeared from his watch. Below him, the sea-hidden spy vanished beneath the waves as silently as he’d arrived.
In the hold of the ship, the ancient pocket watch continued to tick, marking the seconds and minutes until the meeting with the Time Keeper. It waited, its cogs patiently turning, to be handed to its new owner.
Tick - another second, would the Time Keeper be young or old, male or female?
The pocket watch calmed its hands and adjusted its face. It had been over two hundred years since it had been held by the last Time Keeper, since they’d travelled through time together. What difference would a few more hours or days make? But still its emeralds glittered in anticipation. It chimed once - it could feel that the Time Keeper was nearby – not long now.

On the cliff path the following morning the air was disturbed by a ‘woomph’.
A figure stepped out of the shadows. He appeared to be a keen walker, although wearing a woolly hat and a thick anorak is unusual in the summer - even in England. He was a Watcher, one of the few trusted to travel between times and places.
The Watcher, who was disguised as a walker, scanned the sea and the land around the bay. He observed, ‘A ship lies beyond Lemayne Island and three of the four Guardians are together on the hillside.’
A question drifted out from the trees overhanging the path; he surveyed the hill above the beach. He could see three teenagers sitting in the grass, two boys and a girl. And one of the boys had a dog by his side.
‘Yes,’ he replied. ‘The Chosen One is with them.’
He redirected his gaze out to sea at the wooden-masted sailing ship and followed a movement on the deck.
‘It seems that they are assembling. The woman is on the ship and she won’t be alone.’
 He examined the activity on board the ship for a few more moments before turning and walking back into the shadows at the side of the path.
A sparrow happened to be flying along the cliff way at the instant when there was another ‘woomph’. There was a chirrup and the bird disappeared with the walker, sucked into another time; a downy feather floating gently to earth was the only evidence that it had ever been there.

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About The Author:

Rosie is a proud Mum, and a very proud Granny Rosie, and lives with her husband, Pete, in the UK. 
Rosie has lived and worked in Cornwall UK, the setting for 'The Camelot Inheritance' series, for most of her life.
She's had fun teaching in tiny two-class, village schools; complete with an outdoor toilet and complementary spider. But she's also taught in larger schools with indoor, spider-free, facilities. 
Throughout her teaching career she has been privileged to know many wonderful children. For instance, there was Ben who could work on a farm-tractor engine at 9 years old - and also knew how to handle a herd of cows!
And now Rosie's having fun writing. In fact she's loving it. Her cat, Oz, is happy about it too!

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