Thursday 7 August 2014

Audio/Book Review of Eternal Island by K.S. Haigwood & Ella Medler


A place where vampires rule, witches play, danger lurks and dreams really do come true.

Eternal Island is a paranormal suspense novel, deeply rooted into myth. Vampires and magic form a unique backdrop to a love story with long reaching consequences. Human girl Ariana Lochalan finds herself transported from the relative calm of her ‘Nowhere, Arkansas’ life into a diametrically opposite existence when she discovers she is a powerful witch and meant to wed High Vampire of Eternal Island, Abe Cambridge. Despite first-sight magnetism, the two protagonists are being pushed apart, obstacles tripping them at every step, outside forces interfering and threatening their peace, and ultimately their lives. A world rich in magic and intrigue, Eternal Island is the first instalment of a saga which has love at its core and delves through the mire that is human nature in a turmoil of feeling and emotion.

Would courage, resilience and love be enough to bring together two soul mates?

How much would you sacrifice to save the one who owns your heart?


Eternal Island (Eternal #1)Eternal Island by K.S. Haigwood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the first book in an intriguing paranormal romance series. I loved it!

I downloaded this book as an audio book, so that I could listen to it while doing household chores. This audio book was narrated by Melora Kordos, who did an excellent job in bringing this story to life. I loved her interpretation of the story and found her narration a pleasure to listen to.

Adriana Lochlan is a character I liked very much. She is a human, who has suffered a terrible loss, and she finds out that she is a witch and destined to marry the High Vampire of Eternal Island. She, unfortunately, does not cope with stress very well and tends to faint at the smallest provocation, but she grows a backbone as the story progressed. I loved watching this character grow into the person she was always meant to be.

Abe Cambridge is the High Vampire of Eternal Island. He is a great character, but I thought he could have had a more deadly alpha vibe. Nevertheless, he is a fair and just ruler of the Island and his subjects respect him.

This is a totally unique paranormal romance. I was intrigued with the premise of the story and was hooked from the beginning. The characters have their own quirks and foibles. The story is told from various points of view, which gave the story an interesting twist. I did, however, find some of the dialogue so cheesy, I cringed! However, this cheesiness gave the characters, especially Abe, an endearing quality. I don't know if it was the interpretation and inflections of the narrator, but I found myself doing more than one eye roll at the apparent teenage reactions in a nine hundred and fifty four year old vampire. Granted, he had never been in love before, so these emotions were new to Abe, but I wanted to smack him on the back of his head and tell him to "snap out of it"! However, I loved the tongue in cheek humour, which had me giggling in places.
There are some other intriguing characters in the story. I really liked meeting Rainey, a talented psychic and witch. She has a wicked sense of humour! I also liked meeting Jonah, who also happened to be Abe's cousin. This character is witty, a bit of a ladies man and charismatic, but he is also loyal. I wasn't overly fond of Julia and Max. These two characters were rather dark and dangerous. Julia is a witch and a vampire, who is determined to be the High Vampiss of the Island and is willing to kill for it. Max is under her spell.
The story is full of twists and turns, suspense and mystery; the romance aspect was sweet and loving. I loved the ending, and I am now looking forward to reading/listening to the second book as soon as possible.

K.S. Haigwood and Ella Medler have written a wonderful paranormal romance. I loved their fast paced writing style, and the flow of the story was wonderful.

I recommend this story if you love older YA or paranormal romance genres. - Lynn Worton

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