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Book Review of Fire Kissed (Shadow Kissed) by Erin Kellison

Book Title: Fire Kissed (Shadow Kissed Series)
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 352
Author: Erin Kellison
Date Published: 3 July 2012


Fae Fire

It is Kaye Brand's power to wield. But outcast from her kind, she's been selling herself to the highest bidder-- – money for her survival in exchange for a magic glimpse into the flames of the future.

Angel Ice

One of the angelic Order, Jack Bastian has no use for a female like Kaye, as provocative and unexpected as her blazing beauty. Yet he has no choice but to hire her to uncover the secrets of his sworn enemy and her former fiancé, Ferrol Grey.


War is inevitable between the defenders of the Order and the mage houses who threaten to engulf the world in Shadow. For Jack, mage-born Kaye is off limits, no matter how hot the impossible attraction between them. But in the coming darkness, beset by danger and desire, everything is about to change...


Fire Kissed (Shadow Kissed, #1)Fire Kissed by Erin Kellison
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the first book in the Shadow Kissed series. I loved it!

Kaye Brand is a fascinating character. I liked her a lot, though at first she didn't enamor herself to me. She comes across as a bitter and sarcastic drunk, but as I got to know her better, I grew to like her, though I wanted to slap her on occasion for the way she treated Jack. She has not had an easy childhood and this affects her behavior and attitude. She is a fire mage, and wielder of shadows. Selling her talent to the highest bidder in order to survive, she finds herself facing a past she would rather forget when she meets Jack Bastian, a man who is meant to be her enemy.

Jack Bastian is a wonderful character. He may be an angel, but he has his own share of secrets. I enjoyed getting to know this warrior better. He can be a little arrogant at times, but this is part of his charm. When he hires Kaye to help him, he knows he could get burnt, but there's something about her that draws him to her.

This is one of the books I have been wanting to read for some time. When it was first released, I added it to my wish list and bought a copy as soon as I could. Unfortunately, due to my rather large reading list, it has taken me a while to get to read it. I feel rather bad about the delay, because as soon as I started reading, I didn't put it down until I finished it.

I must admit that when I first started to read this book, I felt like I was reading from a book in the middle of a series rather than the beginning of one. This turns out to be partially correct. There is a series prior to this one called "Shadow Series" which, although I haven't read them, has many of the other characters in them. However, when I first bought this book, I didn't realise it at the time. So when I began reading this book, I had a feeling I was missing something. Some of the characters, especially those like Jack and Adam Thorne, have a history and their interactions gave me the impression that they were continuing a conversation they were having from previous visits. This is not a bad thing, though it did make me curious as to how the two met. Nevertheless, this story hooked my attention from the first page and didn't let me go until the last.

The story is told from both Kaye's and Jack's points of view, which I liked. This gives the reader an insight into both their thoughts and feelings.
There are several twists and turns in this story too; just when I thought I knew where the story was going, something would occur that completely threw me. I was expecting a romance story, but it is so much more than that. There is an undeniable spark between the two main characters and their chemistry is hot! They compliment each other quite well; perhaps it is good that Jack is ice to Kaye's fire, because they could definitely set something on fire with the amount of heat they generate! However, it is the intrigue and danger of Kaye's mission regarding her former fiance, Ferrol Grey, that sent shivers down my back. I took an instant dislike to this man. It may be a little unfair of me to hate him instantly, but I have never liked what I call "snake charmer salesmen". You know the type of person - so smooth and charming, though undeniably evil, it turns your stomach - that you shudder at the thought of them? Well, that was my reaction to Ferrol. I love the way the story took me on an amazing roller coaster ride of emotion, so when I reached the end I felt quite sad; I felt I was leaving some new friends. Though this story doesn't end in a cliffhanger, I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series as soon as I can.

Erin Kellison has written a fantastic paranormal romance. I love her fast paced writing style and the flow was wonderful. She has created a fascinating, believable world where fae and angels live amongst humans, though hidden by spells and enchantments for the most part. Her characters come alive on the page and I could picture the scenes in the book quite clearly. I would definitely consider reading more of this author's work in the future.

Due to the heat level, I do not recommend this book to younger readers. However, I highly recommend this book if you love older YA or erotic paranormal romances. - Lynn Worton

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Erin Kellison is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Reveler serial, where dreaming turns dangerous. She also writes the dark fantasy romance Shadow series and Shadow Kissed series. RT calls Soul Kissed, "a dark fairy tale with a twist, perfect for readers who love passion with their fantasy." And this year she delves into shifter romance with her Dragons of Bloodfire series. Find out more at

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