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CD/MP3 Music Review: Celtic Fairy Lullaby by 2002 @2002Music

CD Title: Celtic Fairy Lullaby
Genre: New Age/Instrumental
Length of CD: 54mins
Artist: 2002
Date Published: 19 February 2016

Product Description:

Celtic Fairy Lullaby is a collection of timeless songs from ancient lands. Harps, flutes, piano, and subtle orchestration accompany delightful lyrics in Gaelic, Welsh and English. These 12 mesmerizing songs are soothing and nurturing, perfect for relaxation, sleep and meditation.



I received a complimentary copy of this album in CD format in return for an honest review.

I have loved the soothing aspects of New Age music for years, though I don't listen to it as much as I should. When I was contacted by the artist to review this product, I listened to the samples and decided I would love to hear more, so I accepted. I am glad I did. I also decided that I would purchase a copy, so that I could keep one in my bedroom, as well as one in the car to listen to whenever I can.

This CD contains twelve lullaby's that invoke peace and calm so that a person can relax and de-stress from life's problems. Each song is accompanied by flutes, harps, piano and other instruments that have a soothing effect. I started listening to them and found myself being swept away to far away places. Although I have no knowledge of Gaelic and Welsh, the lyrics sung by 11 year old Sarah, the daughter of Randy and Pamela Copus (who are 2002), were sweet at times and at others, rather melancholic. Other songs were familiar though, and I enjoyed listening to 2002's interpretation of them. My father, who came into the room halfway through a song said that he found it a little morbid. However, after listening to a few of the other songs, he did agree that they had a calming effect. By the time I had listened to the last song, I found my heart rate had slowed and I felt peaceful. This would be an ideal accompaniment to having any type of beauty treatment such as therapeutic massage, or as light background music at a dinner party, or in a shop. It is also ideal to listen to when relaxing on the sofa and/or reading, or if you have trouble getting to sleep.

Some people may find, like my father, that the songs appear morbid or too melancholic at first. However, if you give them a chance, you may find that there is hope hiding inside them too.

2002 may have several albums to their name but, I had never heard about them before I am ashamed to say. Now that I have listened to this album, I would definitely consider listening to their older albums, and any new ones, in the future.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend this music to everyone looking to wind down the stress levels with easy listening, soothing music. If you like listening to instrumental or new age music but haven't listened to this artist yet, I urge you to do so soon. - Lynn Worton


About The Artist:

The award-winning, progressive new age band 2002 has placed 11 albums on the Billboard Charts and made the list of top new age artists in a Billboard Magazine “Year in Review” issue alongside Yanni, Mannheim Steamroller, Jim Brickman, George Winston and Enya. Over their 22 year career, their ever-evolving sound has encompassed a wide range of genres – from wistful ambient soundscapes all the way to light progressive rock. This daring blend of musical styles has given them an undeniable “signature sound” that sets them apart from other recording artists.

Entering the music scene in 1992, their first album Wings was a lush, ambient tapestry garnering massive sales and critical acclaim. Sound Mind Magazine lamented that the “only regret is that our grading system goes no higher than 5.” 2002’s album, Land of Forever (1998) spent 54 weeks on the Billboard new age chart and an additional 39 weeks on the Billboard catalog chart. It was also nominated for an INDIE award by the AFIM. River of Stars (2000) spent 74 weeks on the Billboard new age chart. Billboard Magazine compared it favorably to Vangelis, James Horner and Enya, remarking, “What a way to begin the new millennium!” This Moment Now (2003) won the COVR Award for Best New Age Album of the Year. Trail of Dreams (2014) won “Best Vocal Album” from Zone Music Reporter. 2002 won “Best New Age Music Artist 2014” from BT Fasmer’s The New Age Music Guide.

Founding members, multi-instrumentalists Pamela and Randy Copus met in high school in the theater department. Their musical paths diverged throughout college as both explored a wide variety of musical styles, instruments, and bands – everything from jazz to industrial rock. Coming back together after college, they ultimately left their respective bands to form the progressive new age band they dubbed “2002”. The zeros in the middle were originally an infinity sign and the “twos” on either side represented them on either side of infinity. However, since it was not the easiest name to type on a computer keyboard, or to pronounce, they became known as “Two Thousand Two.”

On their most recent albums, 2002 has been steadily increasing their use of vocals and percussion, infusing elements from pop, folk and progressive rock into their ambient/neo-classical roots. Also during that time, Sarah Copus, daughter of Pamela and Randy, has been taking on an ever-increasing role in the group. With the release of Trail of Dreams, Sarah, just 10 years old at the time, is one of the harpists and the primary lead vocalist in the band. Her soaring, angelic voice is featured prominently on Trail of Dreams, with many of the harmonies and vocal arrangements having been created by her. The synergy that Sarah brings to 2002’s signature sound has created something entirely new, by a band that believes in following the musical adventure wherever it leads, ever onward.

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