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Pre-Order Crown of Cinders (The Imdalind Series) by Rebecca Ethington @RebEthington

Title: The Imdalind Series

Author: Rebecca Ethington

Genre: YA Paranormal


The Internationally Best-Selling Imdalind Series comes to a close in this long awaited heart-pounding conclusion, Crown of Cinders. Pre-Order your copy today. 
In celebration, the rest of the series has been put on sale - but only until the Sept 23rd!

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For centuries the war that has raged within magic has ripped the world apart. Fought between Skȓítek and Trpaslík; killing father and son, and destroying a fragile balance between mortal and magic.

For centuries everyone has been awaiting the Silnỳ, searching for the girl who was prophesized. The girl with power strong enough to defeat the evil that plagued the world, and bring the war to an end.

For centuries, everyone was wrong.

The Silnỳ was not what they had been told, the promises of future distorted by a sight that was tarnished.

The evil was not what they had expected, not what they had been fighting against. Instead it was hidden amongst them; plotting, waiting for their time to strike.

And it did. With fire and blade the hidden evil took it's place upon a throne of blood. The evil has shown itself and now only one person can save them all.

But with Sights that are no longer infallible and armies that are abandoning their king - it is no longer clear who that person is, or even if they have the courage to stand up to the evil and face their end.

Crown of Cinders Teasers

One liners:

“Hide. Run. Before it’s too late.”

“Take your own advice, Ilyan: regret nothing. We both should have learned that long ago.”

“With the tiniest flick of my wrist, I let another drop fall onto his palm. The burning hissing beyond the silence before his scream rent the air.”

“My stomach tightened further.The look on his face did not give me much confidence for what was coming.”

“How am I expected to think straight if you refuse to remove your feet from my face?”

“You don’t even wear your battle scars well. All that magic and you are still left wanting.”

Paragraph teasers:

“Ovailia said nothing before turning away, her hair swinging down her bare back, revealing the scar that had been opened and reopened, both at my expense.
“You don’t even wear your battle scars well. All that magic and you are still left wanting.”
She didn’t turn, didn’t reply. Still, I could still feel the heat of her anger, her magic as strong as the intensity of the volatile flames.
It was then that the laugh finally escaped me, my humiliation escaping me in a razor sharp snap that cut across her skin. It cut across the air and put her firmly in place on a pedestal far below mine. She could never be my equal, and it was time she knew it.”

About The Author:

Rebecca Ethington is an internationally bestselling author with almost 700,000 books sold. Her breakout debut, The Imdalind Series, has been featured on bestseller lists since its debut in 2012, reaching thousands of adoring fans worldwide and cited as “Interesting and Intense” by USA Today’s Happily Ever After Blog.

From writing horror to romance and creating every sort of magical creature in be-tween, Rebecca’s imagination weaves vibrant worlds that transport readers into the pages of her books. Her writing has been described as fresh, original, and groundbreaking, with stories that bend genres and create fantastical worlds.

Born and raised under the lights of a stage, Rebecca has written stories by the ghost light, told them in whispers in dark corridors, and never stopped creating within the pages of a notebook.

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Kiss of Fire (Imdalind #1) hyperurl.co/fysz56

Eyes of Ember (Imdalind #2) hyperurl.co/853qop

Scorched Treachery (Imdalind #3) hyperurl.co/zdq8ag

Soul of Flame (Imdalind #4) hyperurl.co/lnfp3f

Burnt Devotion (Imdalind #5) hyperurl.co/4i0jau

Dawn of Ash (Imdalind #6) hyperurl.co/DawnofAsh

Crown of Cinders (Imdalind #7) Pre-Order

Barnes and Noble: hyperurl.co/BNCrown

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