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Book Review of Calistos (Guardians of Hades Romance Series Book 5) by Felicity Heaton @FelicityHeaton


Book Title: Calistos (Guardians of Hades Book 5)
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 425
Author: Felicity Heaton
Date Published: 17 July 2020


Prince of the Underworld and Lord of Air, Calistos was banished from his home by his father, Hades, two centuries ago and given a new duty and purpose—to keep our world and his from colliding in a calamity foreseen by the Moirai. Together with his six brothers, he fights to defend the gates to the Underworld from daemons bent on breaching them and gaining entrance to that forbidden land, striving to protect his home from their dark influence.

Tormented by the death of his twin sister, Calistos wants nothing more than to find a way to save her soul, but the pain of continuing without her, the constant feeling that he got her killed, is slowly pulling him down into the darkness and he knows it’s only a matter of time before he succumbs to the call of the abyss.

Until a battle sets him on a collision course with a kind-hearted and beautiful mortal, one who rouses softer emotions he had sworn he would never risk feeling again, threatening to peel away his mask of playfulness and shatter the barriers around his heart.

Marinda is a woman on a mission—to become a great cellist and repay her father for his faith in her. But her regimented and studious life is thrown into chaos when a handsome man is carted into the ER where she works and takes her hostage, pulling her into a dark and dangerous world… one where she discovers there’s more to her than meets the eye and her entire life has been a lie.

When the enemy makes a play for Marinda and the gates, will Calistos find the strength to let someone into his heart again and look to the future, or will the pain of his past lead him to unleash hell on this world?


Calistos (Guardians of Hades, #5)Calistos by Felicity Heaton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Calistos is the fifth book in the Guardians of Hades series. I loved it!

Calistos is one of six son's of Hades. He is an intriguing character, and I liked him a lot. Calistos hides behind a devil-may-care attitude and acts as if he has no worries. However, he misses his twin sister, who died long ago. Every time he tries to remember what happened that day, he suffers from blackouts. After a fight that leaves him severely wounded, Calistos wakes up in the ER, where, in an attempt to escape, he kidnaps a mortal woman.

Marinda is a cellist, who works in the ER as a receptionist when not playing in an orchestra. I loved Marinda. She is a fantastic female protagonist who is level-headed and loyal. After seeing Calistos in the ER, Marinda feels a connection to the injured man. When he kidnaps her, Marinda finds her life will never be the same again.

I have been looking forward to reading this book for several months, ever since I finished Marek.

I love reading the Guardians of Hades series; I love the world the author has created - a mixture of real and imagined, with a dash of action, adventure and romance. The brothers are loveable, with flaws and insecurities, which make them more realistic and relatable, and their women are strong and feisty.

In this story, the brothers are still trying to avoid the Morai prediction of both the human and Underworld colliding to create the Otherworld. It was a pleasure meeting the other brothers and their new loves once more. Hades and Persephone also make an appearance; they are typical parents - overprotective and loving. We also get to meet Marinda's godmother, Cassandra, who has a most unusual effect on Daimon. Marinda herself has a secret she didn't know she had, and Calistos learns what happened to his sister. There are also fast-paced fight scenes, which are this author's forte. She brings them to life with such vividness that I feel like I am there, so I always enjoy those and am now looking forward to reading Daimon and Cassandra's story soon.

Felicity Heaton has written another fast-paced, sexy paranormal romance that I thoroughly enjoyed. I love her fast-paced writing style, which flows effortlessly from scene to scene. She is on top of my favourite author's list.

Each book of this series could be read as a stand-alone, as this one does not end in a cliffhanger, though I would recommend reading them in order. I do not recommend this book to younger readers due to the extremely HOT and explicit sexual scenes. However, I highly recommend this book (and series) if you love sexy paranormal romances full of gods and daemons. - Lynn Worton

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About The Author:

Felicity Heaton is a New York Times and USA Today international best-selling author writing passionate paranormal romance books. In her books, she creates detailed worlds, twisting plots, mind-blowing action, intense emotion and heart-stopping romances with leading men that vary from dark deadly vampires to sexy shapeshifters and wicked werewolves, to sinful angels and hot demons! If you’re a fan of paranormal romance authors Lara Adrian, J R Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter and Christine Feehan, then you will enjoy her books too.

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