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Book Review of Blood and Sunlight: A Maryland Vampire Story by Jamie Wasserman


Melanie would love to believe in fairytales. She’d love, in fact, to believe in anything. The twenty-three-year-old college dropout is stuck — stuck in a dead-end waitress job, stuck in her hometown of Ellicott City, Maryland, and stuck with a boyfriend who likes to play dress-up as a vampire.

Vampires. Her world and her reality are turned upside down when she encounters the real thing. Along the way, she meets Lucas, the would-be vampire slayer, his father the sheriff, and ultimately the vampire himself. Melanie learns that fairytales can come true, and evil isn't always where you expect to find it.


Blood and Sunlight: A Maryland Vampire StoryBlood and Sunlight: A Maryland Vampire Story by Jamie Wasserman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I downloaded this book when I first bought my Kindle as a freebie, but hadn't read it until now. I am kicking myself, because I really enjoyed it!

Melanie is a character that I really liked. She is thoughtful, artistic and bored of playing "vampires" with her boyfriend, Bryan. But, she is also a bit of a carpet where her boyfriend is concerned - she lets him walk all over her, and he takes advantage of it. However, a fateful encounter will change her life forever.

I am a huge fan of vampire romances, but the blurb on this book caught my attention and this is not a romance as such. It is a fantastic mix of romance, thriller and horror. The story is set in the small town of Ellicott City, Maryland, where nothing much ever happens. However, there are things that live in shadows. The story is a roller coaster ride of danger and adventure that kept me hooked from the first page. The characters are all very lifelike. I thought Bryan was a jerk, and deserved his fate. I liked Lucas, but there is a surprise in store for the reader about this character. There are some serious twists and turns that I did not see coming, and I had a few OMG moments. The story is told as half fairy tale and half real story, which sort of reminded me of how "The Princess Bride" was told (there is no other similarity to that book besides that fact) and is mostly told through Melanie's point of view. The reader is also introduced to Keenan, a real vampire. His story is not exactly a happy one, but I liked him; he and Melanie make a great couple. The end of the book did not have a cliffhanger, but it did have a slight twist and it left me with a happy feeling.

Jamie Wasserman has written a fast paced, exciting roller coaster ride of a story that kept me undeniably entertained. I loved her writing style, which flowed wonderfully. I would definitely consider reading more of this author's work in the future.

I do not recommend this book to younger readers, or those of a nervous disposition, due to some violence. There are scenes of a sexual nature too, but they are not as explicit as some books I have read. However, I highly recommend this book if you love paranormal romance, thriller or horror genres. - Lynn Worton

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