Thursday 15 May 2014

Book Promo & Excerpt: New Release: My Demon's Destiny (My Demon Trilogy, Book 3) by Alicia Dawn & Nikita Jakz

Today, I have pleasure in hosting Alicia Dawn and Nikita Jakz and their new release, My Demon's Destiny, the third book in the My Demon Trilogy. Please check out the book and read an excerpt below. I have also included the details of the first two books.

My Demon's Destiny by Alicia Dawn & Nikita Jakz
Paranormal Romance

Just when Sera and Cole thought they were finally on the home stretch, their happily-ever-after just within reach, an unforeseen obstacle rears its ugly fangs. Each blindsided with their own brand of torture, they’re forced to discover what they’re truly made of. With new factions emerging, complicating their already problematic circumstances, heartbreaking sacrifices and startling revelations are made, even as intense confrontations hike the tension higher. As they battle for each other—and their very immortal lives—the conclusion to their love story becomes one of legends. Don’t miss the fiery finish to this forbidden couple’s tale of epic devotion.



The Vampire King

Cole shoved Sera behind him, but before he could give her even the briefest command, the vampire lunged. Black trench coat whipping out behind him, he moved with unfathomable speed. The next thing Cole knew, he was slammed into a building with an iron grip tight around his throat. Sera screamed, but all he could focus on were the wild, pissed-off eyes of the male now inches from his face.
“Hello, Cole,” the vampire sneered, baring his fangs. “I heard you were looking for me.”
Cole smirked through a grimace. “And what do you know, here you are.”
Despite his angel’s distraught sounds, he kept his composure—and his eyes on the king. He knew if he looked in Sera’s direction his anger would erupt like wildfire. He didn’t typically let people touch his woman—especially not in the way that henchman was.
Sera was holding her ground, though, putting up one hell of a struggle. All the grunting and cursing from her handler told him as much—which wasn’t a surprise. She was hardly a damsel in distress. Still, Cole needed to keep it together.
He focused on the asshole crushing his windpipe, Nero Silvanos, the vampire king he’d been tracking for his master a few weeks back. He’d found the male’s lair, but he and his had long since split. An undernourished lackey, unfortunate enough to have been appointed custodian of the place until the clan returned, was all that remained. Apparently, Cole and the Master’s other spies had gotten too close for comfort, forcing Nero and his horde to flee to avoid subjugation.
Seemed the big guy wasn’t ready to put up his dukes and trade a few punches. Cole could imagine how bad having to flee had rankled his undead nerves.
By the way Nero was playing trash compactor with Cole’s trachea, it was clear he was still pretty pissed—which, unfortunately, also made him exceptionally volatile. Oh, the perks of dealing with the supernaturally scorned.
Inwardly, Cole scowled. With all the shit going on recently, the increasing, caustic tension between the vampire and demon factions had completely slipped his mind.
Nero’s grip tightened around his neck, his glower a blinking neon sign that he was functioning on his last shred of patience. “I will make you sorry you ever sought me out,” he growled, “you piece of demon trash.”
Cole eyed the venom glistening on his fangs. The vampire was clearly striving to intimidate.
Cole merely raised a brow. “No need to get nasty.”
The king hissed, yanking him forward only to slam him back into the wall. Brick dust erupted around Cole’s head. But true to his ingrained stoic nature, he didn’t even wince.
Nero snarled. “You’d be wise to keep the sarcasm at a minimum, hell spawn.” Again, he slammed Cole into the building. “Now, tell me what you’ve learned of me and mine.”
Cole lifted his eyes in thought. “Well, let’s see,” he rasped. “You and yours have long, sharp teeth… really, really bad breath and─”
The primeval male bellowed, his free hand punching Cole in the gut. “What you’ve ratted to your master, you son of a whore!”
Cole grunted, pain exploding through his torso. “Easy, King Fang,” he wheezed. “Your little custodian was about as helpful as a wool coat in the tropics.”
Nero narrowed his obsidian eyes and got right up in his face. “I think you’re lying.” A sinister grin curved his lips. “It’s clear we’re going to need to coax the information out of you.”
Sera growled a few feet away. “Touch one hair on his head and you will regret it.” Reluctant to use her angelic powers, she struggled against the brute blocking her path to Cole. After all, she’d yet to test out her new amulet’s effectiveness. Would going ‘angel badass’ somehow alert her kin?
The vampire king laughed. “Is she your new bodyguard, Cole?”
Sera bristled. Cole, however, just grinned.
“Now there’s an idea,” he coughed. “Which reminds me; don’t make her angry. You wouldn’t like her when she’s angry.”
The thug gripping Sera’s arms paused, eyeing her with intrigue. She glared up at him and hissed.
Nero pursed his lips. “Careful, demon, or I’ll toss your female back through that portal to a realm she’ll never return from.”
Cole stilled, and while he did a good job hiding his emotions, Sera could still see his unease; hands clenched tight at his sides, his newly turned black fire gaze. She held her breath, unable to keep her eyes off him, even as she shoved at her big, personal bully.
“So how did you find us so quickly?” Cole rasped, his jaw’s slight tick belying his cool demeanor. “And how’d you know we’d be using this portal, or for that matter, that we’d be using it now?”
The king’s lips curved smugly. “Yours isn’t the only regime with eyes everywhere. Mine may be the underdog at the moment, but not by much. And where your master wields his strength in numbers, I wield mine in shrewdness.”
Sera blinked. So he, too, was some sort of ruler?
He tightened his grip on Cole’s throat. Sera winced. Why wasn’t her prince fighting back?
“You’re a gofer, demon,” the vampire lord chuckled, “and nothing more. Ever on a lowly dog run.” He smirked. “It was only logical to assume you’d be sent on an errand to the city sooner or later.” Casually, he shrugged. “So I posted a sentry at every portal, knowing it was only a matter of time—” his grin turned downright malevolent, “until I got my hands on you.” Happily, he sighed. “Which is where we find ourselves now, isn’t it. And so it begins.”
Sera stiffened, not liking the sound of that.
“What begins?” Cole rasped, his jaw’s tick growing more pronounced. “My versing you on why it’s not smart to mess with demons?”
Nero’s laughter echoed off the alleyway walls. “No, you fool. Your torture.” Ripe anticipation flashed in his eyes. “I know you to be many things, Cole Asteroth, but a loose-lipped weasel is not one of them. And I must admit, I’m happy for it—in a perverse sort of way. It’s been far too long since I disemboweled a reluctant informant.”
Sera’s blood ran cold. “Cole!” she shouted, whacking the brick-wall-male holding her tight.
“Fight back! You are a demon!”
Cole shot her a pointed glance, one that said it wasn’t that simple. That, for some reason, neither his powers, nor his darker half, were an option at the moment.
Her brows pinched in confusion.
In amusement, the arrogant king laughed.
Righteous fire surged through her veins. Cole’s hands may be tied, but by God, hers were not!
With a furious shriek, she threw out her arms, her palms igniting with light. Into her foe’s face she shoved them. He howled, stumbling back as his eyeballs sizzled and popped. She pursued him, shoving solidly at his chest. Back into a building he flew.
A few yards away, Cole and his aggressor gaped. Well, the vampire did. Cole was visibly fighting back a grin.
Sera squared her shoulders and stalked their way. “You will release my demon,” she snarled, glaring poison daggers, “or I will smite you, you leech, right where you stand.”
Nero stiffened. “You dare threaten me? The Vampire King?”
Shaking with ire, she threw up her arm and pointed. “You,” she shrieked, “are no king of mine!” Pulsing orbs bloomed bright from her fists.
“No, Sera!” she dimly heard Cole croak.
But it was too late. She’d already launched one at the seething vampire, hitting him square in the back. He arched with a hiss, his claws sinking even deeper into Cole’s throat. Flesh singed, smoke rose from his form.
He pinned her with a killing glare. “You will pay for that, bitch. In more ways than one.”
But Sera was too busy pitching another volley to heed his furious threat. He bucked and bellowed with each orb she landed, his wild eyes glowing red with murder. Cursing, Cole struggled urgently against his hold, like he knew something was coming, unbeknownst to Sera.
So be it. Wings snapping wide, she rocketed upward, readying for another round. Yet, as she reared back and manifested a fresh set of spheres, her opponent grew suddenly wise.
Simultaneously, as she fired her next two shots, he, too, threw out his hand.
“Sera, duck!” Cole barked, his eyes going wide.
But again, his warning came too late. A brutal blast of energy slammed into her hard, knocking the wind from her lungs. Like a runaway wrecking ball, she crashed into a wall.
Debilitating fire shot up her spine and exploded into her skull. Her mighty wings trembled, her ribs shrieked in pain. And as she hit the ground with a whimper, tiny stars littered her sight. What on Earth just happened? It felt as though her outgoing blast had been syphoned then thrown back at her.
“Stay down,” Cole snarled from behind fresh plumes of brick dust.
But Nero’s haughty laughter drowned him out. “For an angel, she’s not very smart.”
Sera bristled. Oh, no he did not. Unadulterated fury splintering the last of her restraint, she shoved back up to her feet. She would show that arrogant male smart.
Once again, she took to the air, her wings still screaming as they powered her higher. Swiftly, searing light exploded from her form. So bright, in fact, that even she could barely see. And while Cole had known to look away, the king evidently had not.
He roared in pain, blindly throwing out his hand to, once again, leech from her energy. In the blink of an eye, he redirected Sera’s shot, blasting her like a renegade train. She nailed another wall, her head’s solid impact resounding with a crack! Concrete facing crumbled all around as she dropped like lead.
She heard Cole roar from somewhere far away. But as fresh pain stole the breath from her lungs, tunnel vision swiftly descended. The lights dimmed and the world tipped on its side.

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My Decadent Demon by Alicia Dawn & Nikita Jakz

Paranormal Romance


Seraphina Orielle, an angel of divine fire and light, was also an oracle of foresight.
Considered adolescent among her peers, she had yet to master her gift of precognition when her first vision came to pass; a captivating male whose destiny was intimately intertwined with her own. Yet he was not of angelic design. In fact, he was very far from it. Tragically, by the time Sera discovered this pivotal detail, he had already attained ownership of her heart.

But not her ability to flee…

A hundred years later and Cole Asteroth does whatever the hell he wants. When he’s
not busy, that is, with ‘dirty deeds, done dirt cheap’ for his master. Ornery and sarcastic, he gets his kicks wreaking havoc in the human realm. Oh, and making very un-angelic women beg for his touch. Life is good…

Until fate finally catches up with him.

A few weak moments, one too many innocent visitations and the two are entangled all over again. But not as they had been before; things are much more complicated now. And Cole no longer possesses much in the way of faith and forgiveness. As the estranged lovers struggle with what path to take, they quickly discover that destiny, too, is a reluctant second chance provider. As outside resistance and decadent captivity ensues, can their situation get any more exasperating?

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My Demon Determined by Alicia Dawn & Nikita Jakz
Paranormal Romance

Never did Seraphina foresee herself taking refuge in the underworld. Cole, however, should have. Sera’s kin would never let her go and this was the one place their holier-than-thou feet couldn't tread. Unfortunately, residing in a realm of vile depravity only adds to his problems. Now he must keep Sera safe from not only her kind, but his as well. Even Cole’s demon is more volatile from the subjection to incessant evil.

When the opportunity arises to solve their dilemma, he jumps at it. But it’s a dangerous mission - and Sera’s riding shotgun. As deadly adventures unfold and all hope seems lost, Cole is forced to search inside himself. With a soul that’s riddled with more questions than answers, can he find the lifeline they need?

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Nikita Jakz

Born and raised in the Northern Virginia, Nikita Jakz has always loved to write, but it wasn't until her preteen years that she fell hard for all things romantic and paranormal. She could thank Lestat for that one, as well as for her new-found love of reading. With sci-fi fanatics, literary teachers and writers in her family, it shouldn't have been a surprise. Waiting tables and bar-tending after high school, she worked hard to earn a degree in Electronic Graphic Design. It was during this period of time that she met her husband. Together they've built their crazy life together, ushering in four equally crazy children to enjoy it with. As a stay-at-home-mom she's quickly become, along with the masses, sucked into the insane world of pop-culture 'vampire love' and she couldn't be more thrilled. First came the book forums, then came the role play groups, which ultimately led her to become a fervent online independent writer. With a couple of her favorite writing partners, she endeavors to share with the world her beloved stories of love, adventure and supernatural wonderment.
Nikita is currently working on a handful of other projects as well, all paranormal romance, to be released as early as next year!
Come visit her on any of her many social sites!

Alicia Dawn

Alicia Dawn was your average 9-5 workalcoholic that took care of every day business. After 10 long years of having no life, outside of home and work, she found Facebook as so many others had. Always having the passion, since she was in the fourth grade, to read and write, she got drawn into the Role Playing world. Living, via roleplay, the stories that picked up and continued on a book after it was done. This was a whole new world. Loving that the books she had devoured and loved to read were now never ending. She became captivated by all the stories that others with the same passion created, and Role Played out on Facebook. Getting drawn into something that she had never done before, but always in back of her mind wished she could do, Alicia started Role Playing on Facebook in 2010, meeting Nikita Jakz along the way. After a year, she decided to be adventurist and create her own characters. Not unlike what all authors do, when creating those awesome books that she had coveted and devoured when they came out. Joining a group of independent writers, Cole was born. A year later Nikita Jakz joined the same group and getting snagged by his story, Seraphina was born.

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