Friday, 5 September 2014

5,000 Likes Giveaway!!!!!!

Since my Facebook page has reached 5,000 "likes", I have been busy organising a giveaway as a "THANK YOU" for your support. Below is a list of the gifts I have on offer:
1 x Kindle Wifi 6" Display

1 x Limited Edition Dark Awakening (Frightlings) Print with Certificate of Authenticity (#16 out of 200 made)

1 x Skully (Frightlings) - Dead Tired Coffee Mug

1 x Limbo (Frightlings) - Falling Apart Coffee Mug

1 x Pen in Gift Case with signed "The Spell of Summer" by Dianna Hardy Card

1 x Fake Pearl Tear Drop & Crystal Necklace with signed "The Spell of Summer" by Dianna Hardy Card

1 x Keep Calm & Carry On Memo Pad & Pen with signed "The Spell of Summer" by Dianna Hardy Card

1 x Active Fake Eyelash and Makeup Kit with signed "The Spell of Summer" by Dianna Hardy Card (UK Only)

1 x Avon Naturals Sugar Plum & Vanilla Gift Set with signed "The Spell of Summer" by Dianna Hardy Card (UK Only)

2 x "I Love Books" Silver Bookmarks 

1 x "Of Darkness and Light" by Lily Crussell Swag Pack

5 x Winners of 1 Paperback book each to value $10.00 (winners' choice) through

2 x Audible Audio Books of "The Boots My Mother Gave Me" by Brooklyn James (one US & one UK)

1 x E-Book copies of Bittersweet Love & Bittersweet Revenge by J.L. Beck 

2 x E-Book copies of a New Adult Paranormal Anthology novel "Lacing Shadows" by Tina Smith, Andrea Stanet, Laurie Treacy, Lee Ryder and Alexia Purdy for 2 winners

This giveaway is open internationally, except for a few items which are UK based only. Please enter the giveaway and get your friends to join in too!

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  1. Ooh ooh ooh. Such amazing prizes. Thank you

  2. I'm not sure my comment went through the first time so here it is again.
    Thank you for this awesome giveaway! I have a question tho. You mentioned some of the prizes are UK based. I'm not from the UK but I have friends and family there. If by any chance I win, is that okay if I give you their UK shipping address? Thank you. And congrats on 5k!!!! :)

    1. Hi Nicole,

      Sorry, your original comment didn't get posted, so I had no notification for it. Thank you for your congratulations! I was completely shocked at how quickly I got there, to be honest!

      The reason why those two prizes were marked as UK only is because I wasn't sure if cosmetics would be allowed to be shipped overseas (terror related no-no's that cannot be sent in the post, and customs duty which may need paying). I would have to double check with the post office. However, as you are one of the potential winners, there is a chance you could win them. If you did win one or both of them, then I would be happy to ship it to your family in the UK. However, they would face the same issue of sending it to you in the mail. UK is quite particular as to what can or cannot be sent in the Royal Mail. If I find out I can send cosmetics overseas through the mail, I would be quite willing to change it to an international winner. :)

      Thank you for entering my qiveaway, and I wish you all the best of luck!

      Kind regards,


    2. Looks like it hasn't sent my reply again, ugh.

      I live in Europe, Hungary, so maybe there won't be any problems with shipping. Though I've only gotten letters and magazines from the UK, they arrived within a week without any problem. But you probably know more about it, as I don't live there.

      Thank you for the chance!


    3. Hi Nicole,

      No, I didn't get your reply. However, after your previous comment, I checked on line through the Royal Mail website. There is a restriction on sending creams/lotions and nail varnish through the mail, but there was no mention of makeup/cosmetics (eyeshadow/lipstick) in general. If you are one of the lucky winners of either of the two cosmetic items, I think we could get away with it. However, as I will be using the random generator on the Rafflecopter to pick winners, we will just have to wait and see if you are picked. I wish you the best of luck! I will be crossing my fingers for you.



  3. Congratulationssss!!!! ON 5000 Likes
    Thank you for the chance to win :)