Saturday 6 December 2014

Audio/Book Review of Ahoy Gum Drop by Miss Mae

Book Title: Ahoy Gum Drop
Genre: Children's Fiction/Humour
Pages: 110
Audio Run Time: 2 Hrs 19 Mins
Author: Miss Mae
Date Published: 12 April 2013 (Paperback)
16 September 2014 (Audio Book)


What if -? What if you no longer could find your favorite chocolate in your candy store? What if the store informed you they may never get in a new shipment? Imagine the horror, the chaos, the wailing and gnashing of teeth, not to mention your impending foul-mood. And then imagine this scenario happening on a worldwide scale! What can be the problem? What can be the solution? It’s up to the brave (?) adventurer, Sir O. Yuri Wiseguy-eh and his mishaps from Gum Drop Island to boldly (double ?) go where no one has gone before. Yes, they must enter the realm of the forbidding and humuggity shrouded land called Moldy Corners. The next question, dear readers, is - can what happens in Moldy Corners affect you?


Ahoy Gum Drop!Ahoy Gum Drop! by M. M.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I wanted to read this book as the synopsis intrigued me, but due to time constraints, I opted to download this as an audiobook. I am glad I did, because it was the most entertaining read I have come across so far this year!

The story is narrated by Owen McCuen. I absolutely LOVED his narration! His voice and cadence is wonderful and he made all the characters come alive!

I usually do character breakdowns in my reviews, but I have a little trouble doing this for the main character, who narrates this story in the style of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, as she actually didn't have a name. However, we are introduced to several characters including Sir O Yuri Wiseguy-eh and well known journalist, I.B. Nosy.

This story has a fantastical plot, which kept me hooked from beginning to end. There are several references and play on words that would go over a child's head, but adults would pick them up with ease. This is a sweet (literally, as it deals with candy and chocolate) adventure that is so nonsensical and humourous, I found myself highly entertained. The story starts at No Particular Place and ends on Gum Drop Island. Moldy Corners is a strange and magical place, where candy is grown and harvested to be sold around the world. I could almost imagine Willy Wonka visiting Gum Drop Island and Moldy Corners to place an order or two; it would be interesting indeed if he did! I am not sure what age range this book is aimed at, but I sat with a smile on my face all the way through the story. The only problem I found with this story is that it was too short! It is only 2 hours and 19 minutes long. However, this length would be ideal for children to listen to a chapter or two at bedtime.

Miss Mae has written a wonderfully imaginative story that will enchant adults and children alike. I love her writing style, which is fast paced enough to keep even the most fidgety youngster enthralled, and the flow was wonderful.

I highly recommend this book to children aged 5 upwards and to adults looking for a quick, light read. - Lynn Worton

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