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Audio/Book Review of Keeper vs. Reaper (Graveyard Guardians Book 1) by Jennifer Malone Wright @Jennichad217

Book Title: Keeper Vs. Reaper (Graveyard Guardians Book 1)
Genre: NA Paranormal Romance
Pages: 392
Audio Run Time: 8 Hrs 17 Mins
Author: Jennifer Malone Wright
Date Published: 12 August 2014 (E-Book)
16 June 2015 (Audio Book)


When her father died, Lucy Mae Estmond inherited the family business. She has known all of her life that she would be in line to watch over the souls of the recently passed, keeping them safe from the Reapers.

The soul eating Reapers have been a plague upon the Earth, stealing souls and leaving the Keepers as the only thing that stands between Heaven and Hell. The factions despise each other and have warred for generations.

Then Lucy discovers an ancient legend predicting the arrival of the Chosen One, destined to bring forth an end to the Reapers. The surprises continue when she realizes she is that person. For Lucy, being the Chosen One doesn’t change much. Fighting Reapers is just another day in the life of a Keeper.

When she meets Jack Walker, they both realize they have an insane, mutual attraction. Too bad that he’s been sent to prevent the prophecy from coming true. His only mission: to kill the Chosen One.


Keeper vs. Reaper (Graveyard Guardians #1)Keeper vs. Reaper by Jennifer Malone Wright
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first book in an intriguing NA series. I enjoyed it.

I downloaded this on to my Kindle, but due to time issues was not able to read it. So when the author offered me a complimentary code for an audiobook copy in return for an honest review, I gladly accepted.

This book is narrated by Kelsey Osborne. Unfortunately, I don't know what it was, but I found that her voice, although young and energetic, sometimes set my teeth on edge. I mean no disrespect. She read the story clearly, but there was just something about her reading style that rubbed me the wrong way. I cannot put my finger on the reason why. Other readers/listeners may not have the same reaction.

Lucy Mae Estmond is not your typical character. She is a Keeper, or protector of souls. I have no idea what age she is, but she acted like an angst-filled teen rather than a responsible adult at times. I struggled to like her due to the self-pity party she had going on. Granted, her father had just passed away and she felt emotional, but I felt like strangling her on occasions.

Jack Walker on the other hand is a fantastic character. He has his faults and is a total jerk, but he seemed more mature and with it than Lucy. He's a Reaper and the enemy of the Keepers due to the fact he eats souls to survive. He also happens to be the son of the Emperor and Empress of the Reapers, and has been sent on a mission to kill the chosen one.

I started to listen to this book and received a shock. It's not often a book starts out with an explicit sex scene. However, once I got over that little surprise, I began to understand why the author would do that. It shows the reader the supposed personality of the character. I'm just glad I was listening to it with my headphones on, or my Dad would have had a huge shock too and I would have been completely embarrassed! Anyway, back to the review. Once I got over that stumbling block, I really enjoyed meeting the Estmond clan. They are as complex and diverse as any family. They fight with each other, as siblings do, but if one of them is in danger they band together and are a formidable team when threatened. Jack's best friend Aiden is also intriguing. He's got a tough job, being Jack's friend, but he's ambitious and determined to rise in the ranks of the Reapers.

The story is a little predictable at times, especially near the beginning. It is told through the eyes of Jack, Lucy and Aiden. However, there are a few twists and turns that kept me hooked. The mystery of the prophecy regarding the "chosen one" made for an interesting twist. However, there is not much romance between the two main protagonists in the beginning. In fact, they don't interact until quite some time into the story. However, once they meet, things get interesting. There's a spectacular fight scene near the end of the book that got my heart racing, and now I am looking forward to reading Keeper of the Peace as soon as possible.

Jennifer Malone Wright has written an intriguing start to a series. I love her fast paced writing style and the flow of the story was wonderful. I have read only one other book by this author, but I would definitely read more of her books in the future.

Due to scenes of explicit sexual situations and the liberal use of bad language, I do not recommend this book to young readers under the age of 18. I do, however, recommend this book if you love new adult paranormal romances with spunky heroines and sexy heroes. - Lynn Worton

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About The Author:

Jennifer Malone Wright is best known for her short story series, The Vampire Hunter's Daughter. Other works include the follow up to The Vampire Hunter's Daughter series called The Arcadia Falls Chronicles, The Graveyard Guardians series, and her vampire novel called Savior. Jennifer also co-authors a series called Once Upon A Zombie Apocalypse as well the Beary Tales series.

She resides in the beautiful mountains of northern Idaho with her husband and five children where she practices preparing for the zombie apocalypse. Just kidding!

But seriously, between the craziness of taking care of her children, Jennifer has little time left for herself. The time she does have left, usually leading far into the night, is spent working on her beloved fiction or chatting with her equally crazy friends.

Jennifer also loves coffee, has a passionate affair with red bull, wishes the sushi were better where she lives and dances while she cleans.

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