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Book Review of Jennifer's Ghost: A Tale of Ghostly Love by Rick H. Veal @MasterWhitehall

Book Title: Jennifer's Ghost: A Tale of Ghostly Love
Genre: YA Supernatural Romance/Urban Fantasy
Pages: 52
Author: Rick H. Veal
Date Published: 23 February 2015


Meet Jennifer, an almost thirty single girl who suddenly finds herself summoned to an attorney’s office in Beaufort, South Carolina. Once there she discovers that she is the sole heir to her Aunt’s estate, a beautiful nineteenth century cottage overlooking the beach on a small coastal island. She soon finds that the cottage comes complete with its original owner … who died in 1864. See what happens when the two of them come face to face …


Jennifer's Ghost: A Tale of Ghostly LoveJennifer's Ghost: A Tale of Ghostly Love by Rick H. Veal
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a wonderful short story. I really enjoyed it.

Jennifer Lynn Walden is a likable character. She is a normal young woman who finds herself the heir to her aunt's estate. When she meets Jonathon Ashton, she quickly falls for him. But there's a catch - he's a ghost.

Having previously read The Master of Whitehall saga written by the author, I was eager to read this short novella, as I wanted to see what he came up with.

This is a charming and romantic tale. The story is told through the eyes of both Jennifer and Jonathon and gives the reader an insight into their thoughts and feelings. I really liked this aspect, but felt that I would have liked to have had more of Jonathon's side and delved a little deeper into his history. However, as this is a short story, I suppose there had to be a compromise.

There are a couple of interesting characters introduced. I really liked Leslie Johnson, although she is not in the story for long. She's the secretary for the attorney dealing with the estate. Her boss, Cecil Woodcock, is also an interesting character. He's a gregarious and likable man.

I really liked this tale and wondered how these two potential lovers would ever get together (if ever). I must admit that the way the author wove the story had me completely hooked. There is even a twist at the end that I didn't see coming. I am now looking forward to reading Hannah's Heartache, a Master of Whitehall novelette.

Rick Veal has written an intriguing short story. His characters are lifelike and likable. His writing style is fast paced. The flow of the story is wonderful, this kept me turning the pages. He's now on my favourite authors' list. I would definitely read more of his work in the future.

There are no explicit scenes, so I recommend this book for younger readers aged 13 and up . - Lynn Worton

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About The Author:

Rick H. Veal was born sometime during the last half of the twentieth century in the upstate of South Carolina and has spent the majority of his life there. He joined the Navy immediately out of high school becoming an aircraft mechanic. During a six year span he sailed four times around the world and had the pleasure of visiting eighteen different countries. He says of that time that he did about two thirds of everything there was to do and was accused of taking part in the other one third.

After returning home he attended The University of South Carolina graduating with a double Associates Degree with Honors. He completed his education at Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina where he earned a Bachelor's Degree in History and Education. Since that time he has worked in the education field as a teacher and in various management positions in industry. He currently lives alone and shares his home with his 'daughter', a six year old Tuxedo cat who graciously allows him to think he actually owns the house. Her name is 'Daddy's Pretty Girl' but she will actually answer to anything except 'Late for Dinner'.

His two favorite authors are Anne Rice and Clive Cussler. He enjoys Cussler's storytelling ability and Rice's attention to detail. He considers Anne Rice, The Grand Dame of Vampire Writers, to be the architect of the modern vampire genre. Her works are the foundation on which current writers continue to build and expand the field. He believes that current writers of vampire lore owe her a huge debt of gratitude for laying that foundation. Clive Cussler, his other favorite author, is the quintessential American storyteller, one who is able to spin a yarn that draws the reader in from the very beginning. Both of them have a way of bringing their characters to life so that you feel as if you personally know them. Veal hopes that his readers will be able to see the influence of those two great writers in his writing as he tries to convey the same believability with his characters.

He has been a reader for most of his life and enjoyed much of what he's read. He has always enjoyed reading about and watching movies on the subject of vampires. He was completely hooked by Barnabas Collins in 'Dark Shadows' way back in 1966. After reading all the vampire books he could ... Rice, Smith, Harris, Craine, Meyer ... he decided that if they could write a vampire story, then so could he and he set out to do just that.

He decided that a setting with a rich history surrounding it would be ideal for a paranormal love story. Charleston and the surrounding Low Country of South Carolina, replete with an abundant history of ghosts and the unknown, combined with the lore of Vampire stories just seemed to be made for each other. So tying the two together he formed the initial idea and built on it from there.

The result of his efforts is The Epic Saga of The Master of Whitehall, a sweeping three volume narrative set in historic Charleston and the surrounding Low Country of South Carolina. A forth novel, the first of a two volume prequel to The Master of Whitehall, is in progress with one more planned for a total of five volumes in the series.

His other works include Jennifer's Ghost, a short story set in beautiful Beaufort, South Carolina and Hannah's Heartache, a Master of Whitehall novelette, set in Savannah, Georgia.

It has been said that that if you want to write, you should "write the book you want to read, and then others will want to read it too". That is exactly what he hopes he has accomplished in his own writings.

All of his books, Katelyn's Chronicles, Lexi's Legacy, Dale's Descent, Jennifer's Ghost and Hannah's Heartache are available at in both print and e-book formats.

Should you wish to receive a personally inscribed and signed copy of any of his books please contact him directly for more information. He can be contacted via e-mail at, his website,, or on Facebook at Rick H. Veal.

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