Sunday 26 January 2014

Book Review of Judgement of Souls by Margarita Felices


JUDGEMENT OF SOULS is a Gothic horror in which a naïve pure-blood Vampire is tossed into the mortal world. Rachel meets Daniel, a nightclub owner and his group of friends and after Daniel’s best friend is murdered by Max, becomes embroiled in the search. Rachel tries to fight off her feelings for Daniel, even siding with her Vampire friend Arun to think again about Daniel’s involvement, but he’s her love and she’s going to protect him, no matter what.


Judgement of SoulsJudgement of Souls by Margarita Felices
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

This is a most intriguing story. I really enjoyed it.

Rachel is an interesting character. She is a vampire on the hunt for a rogue member of her clan. I liked her spunk. She is stubborn and a bit naive, but she has good intentions, which gets her into trouble sometimes.

Daniel Moore is also an interesting character. He is a nightclub owner and the grandson of a philanthropic millionaire. I liked this character's loyalty to his friends, but I felt that he was being taken advantage of by them. When he meets Rachel, little does he know that danger is not that far away.

I started reading this book and was quickly drawn into the story. It is more of a romance than a gothic horror novel. However, the mix of horror and romance made for an interesting read. This story is told from multiple points of view, but Rachel and Daniel are the main characters. The story is set in Cardiff, Wales, which makes a nice change from the usual US settings. I did find some of the plot a bit thin and the motives behind Max's actions a bit shaky. However, the characters were well developed and rather interesting. I took an instant dislike to Juliette, who was rather jealous and possessive of Daniel, even though they were only friends. I must admit that I rather liked Arun, Rachel's leader and friend. He has a dry sense of humour that borders on the mischievous side. He had me giggling at some of his comments.
There are a few twists that kept the story interesting, and a mystery of a missing scroll to solve. Near the end there is a massive fight scene that was rather riveting and had me sitting on the edge of my seat! I do love a happy ending, and in this regard the book does not disappoint!

Margarita Felices has written a fast paced paranormal gothic romance that was quite entertaining and flowed wonderfully. I am looking forward to reading her short story, The Psychic, shortly.

I recommend this book if you love paranormal romances or gothic horror filled with vampires. - Lynn Worton

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