Wednesday 19 March 2014

Book Review of Gabby, Angel of God: Guardian and Messenger: Keeper of Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness and Faith ( A Supernatural Romance Thriller ) by Greg Sandora


Gabby, Angel of God is a Supernatural Romance Thriller that feels like falling i
n love!

The story starts out with a young widower, Bo, raising two small children and the three heartbeats that will change his life. Ride along as stunningly beautiful Gabby, takes this human man on the no-holds barred adventure of a lifetime!

If you've ever lost a loved one this story is for you!

A story of Peace, Love, Hope, Charity and the strength of Faith, you'll love Gabby, Angel of God.


Gabby, Angel of GodGabby, Angel of God by Greg Sandora
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was recommended this book by a friend, so I decided to try it.

Bo Garrett is a widower and a father of two. He is a man who has lost, not only the love of his life, but his way. I liked this character very much. He is a bit of a doubting Thomas, but when he meets Gabby, he goes on a journey of self discovery.

This is not a book I would typically pick up, nor is it one of the first genre's on my list. However, I try not to judge a book on the cover (or even on the rather long title!), as I like to keep an open mind and try new things. I do love supernatural romance thrillers, so I started to read it and was pleasantly surprised. The tale is one of love, loss, hope and faith. The book is relatively short, but I kept getting interrupted and found that I wasn't able to concentrate on it, which made me a little annoyed. However, once I managed to get rid of all distractions, I found myself turning the pages. Unfortunately, some of the scenes seemed to jump erratically and not have as much fluidity as I would have liked. I got a bit confused at one point, and was unsure if a few of the scenes were real or a dream. Nevertheless, some of the scenes were quite touching and inspirational. I am not the most religious person out there, but I am not a non believer either. Some of the thoughts shared by Gabby are quite deep and meaningful. I don't know why, but as I was reading this book, a song began playing in my head: All You Need Is Love by The Beatles. It sort of summed up my thoughts about this book and it's message. As this is a supernatural thriller, there are some really dark and twisted scenes that made me shudder! However, there is also romance to balance out the evil.
The ending has a huge twist, which I wasn't expecting.
This book has left me with mixed emotions; I still haven't figured out what they are yet!

Greg Sandora has written a most unusual supernatural romantic thriller. His writing style is relatively fast paced and his characters are interesting. I look forward to following his career with interest.

Due to some violence, I do not recommend this book to younger readers. However, I recommend this book if you love supernatural romance thrillers or Christian Fiction. - Lynn Worton

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