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Book Review of Robyn's Egg (A Futuristic Thriller) by Mark Souza


2013 Indie Reader Discovery Award Winner for Best Science Fiction 

In a dismal future driven by corporations, where most citizens are human billboards focused on status and entertainment, Moyer and Robyn Winfield struggle to attain a baby. Moyer doubts he will make a good father. His wife Robyn, however, is frantic for a child, and Moyer wonders how long his marriage will survive without one. In an age when babies must be cloned and purchased, the high cost almost makes the point moot.

When his wife learns their friends negotiated the price of their baby, she sends Moyer to Hogan-Perko, a corporation with a monopoly on human cloning, to negotiate for their child, and Moyer finds himself face to face with Viktor Perko - The Father of Mankind. The cost for their baby, all of their savings and the promise of a favor. Moyer agrees and is soon asked to spy on Perko's enemies.


Robyn's Egg - A Futuristic ThrillerRobyn's Egg - A Futuristic Thriller by Mark Souza
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

I love Science Fiction and Dystopian genres, so when I was offered the chance to read this book, I snatched at it. I loved it!

Moyer Winfield is a wonderful character. I liked him very much. He is a hardworking computer programmer/analyst in a huge corporation. He is not particularly the bravest person to have as a lead character, but I found this made him more human and lifelike to me. Living in a future where children are a commodity due to a disaster of biblical proportions, he finds himself thrown into a dangerous game that could get him and his family killed.

I started reading this book, and I was catapulted into a possible future that frankly scared me to death! I love a good science fiction novel, but this is so much more than that. It is also a great thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat! This story is not easy to put down once started, because there are several twists that keep the reader hooked and wanting to find out what would happen next. The story is told from both Moyer and his wife, Robyn's point of view; this made it very interesting. Some scenes reminded me a bit of the movie "The Minority Report", especially the shopping ones, which I loved, but I wouldn't want to live in this world for any money in the world! The frightening thing is, I could see this present world we live in evolving into Moyer's world in no time at all, and this thought terrifies me!
There are some truly scary characters in this book, but I have got to say that Viktor Perko is one of the scariest, not to mention the creepiest! However, there are also some wonderful characters too, which gives the book some balance. Robyn is a woman with a ticking biological clock, which can, in some cases in real life, make people do some crazy things to get a child. I felt sorry for Moyer, because I think he was not ready to be a father and felt pressured. However, I think Robyn is so blinded by her desire to be a mother that she becomes a bit selfish. I must admit that, although I am a woman, I have never had the urge or desire to be a mother; perhaps my biological clock is broken! Nevertheless, I can understand to some degree the desperation these characters feel to have a child, when there is no way to have a family the old fashioned way. Or is there? The story has a lot of twists, as I have said previously, but there were also a few surprises too. There is a lot of action and danger, which kept my anxiety levels high, but there is also some lighter moments that brought a smile to my face. I loved some of the "parenting class" scenes, although I felt for Robyn, as she seemed to have a really hard time with the teaching instructor. When I reached the end of the book, I had a few mixed emotions. I was happy for both Moyer and Robyn, but sad the story ended. I was also left wondering if Moyer managed to find Pandora, but perhaps that will be another story. Who knows? I think this would make an intriguing movie or mini-series.

Mark Souza has written a fantastic futuristic thriller. I love his writing style, which is fast paced and flowed wonderfully. This is the author's first full novel and, although I haven't read anything else by this author, he has several anthologies and short stories which I am seriously thinking of reading in the future.

I highly recommend this book if you love Science Fiction, Thrillers or Dystopian genres. - Lynn Worton

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