Friday 20 June 2014

Book Review of Alice Parker & The Curse of Fate: Book 5 of the new adventure series for children (Alice Parker's Adventures) by Nicola Palmer


Accidents are happening suspiciously frequently. It is not simply bad luck - someone is trying to kill Alice and Thomas.

For their own safety they decide to get away and set off for Berlin. But staying with Aunt Brigitte is not without its dangers. When chaos follows the Parkers to Germany friends, family and even famous landmarks are at risk.

Alice begins to think she is cursed - and that's before an alarming discovery about her future. Will a new admirer change her luck or must she learn to accept her fate?

For Alice nothing is ever simple.


Alice Parker & the Curse of FateAlice Parker & the Curse of Fate by Nicola Palmer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the fifth book in the Alice Parker's Adventures for children. I loved it!

Alice Parker is a fantastic character! She is a very special girl. She is a Finwip (a descendant of fairies), and the only known Finwip able to fly. I loved this girl when I first met her in the first book, Alice Parker's Metamorphosis. Alice has grown in confidence and ability, but when danger again threatens the safety of her family, can she find the culprit without being killed herself?

I started to read this story, and was quickly pulled back into the fantastic world of the Finwips. I read this book in one sitting, as I couldn't put it down! Alice and Thomas, as well as the rest of the Parker family, have had a few near misses, thanks to some mysterious "accidents". So, to be safe, the family travels to Germany. This story was just as exciting as the previous four, and the suspense and mystery of not knowing who was after them was killing me! It certainly kept me guessing! There are some new characters to meet, and some old faces pop up, which keeps the story interesting. One of the new characters is a boy called Ralph, who is around the same age as Alice (who is now 15). His family calls him Katalysator (or Kat for short), due to his ability to enhance other Finwips abilities - sort of like an amplifier. He also has several other abilities similar to Alice, which gives them something in common. The story has several twists and turns which often surprised me, and Hugh makes a surprise appearance with a shocking announcement. The story does not end on a cliffhanger, but it left me feeling happy. Although I don't know if there may be another book in the series, I hope there will be. This is a fast paced, action packed adventure that will keep children from the ages of 9-13 completely engrossed!

Nicola Palmer has written an amazing children's series that is enchanting, exciting and all round good fun! Her writing style is fast paced, but easy enough for youngsters to read and follow. She is one of my favourite children's book authors!

I highly recommend this YA children's book (and series) to children and adults alike! - Lynn Worton

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