Monday 29 April 2013

Book Review of Birthright (Shepherd's Moon Saga) by J. Anne Fullerton


Heritage has its price.

For centuries, werewolves have been condemned to live in the shadows. Now, in a Victorian world of steam machines and gas lights, sheep farmer Nick Buchanan unwittingly finds himself married to a werewolf. His new wife Agatha only wanted to escape a life of torment, not realizing that a greater destiny was her birthright. They will have to overcome one werewolf’s legacy and the madness of another to keep Australia from being thrown to the wolves. In sickness and in health, for better or worse, they are on the road to redemption for all werewolves.

“Birthright is an epic tribute to werewolves everywhere. It will change your mind about them being mere monsters.”

—Verdine Daniels, editor


Birthright (Shepherd's Moon Saga, book #1)Birthright by J. Anne Fullerton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is most definitely a saga! I loved it!

Nick Buchanan is a sheep farmer, living on the outskirts of Sydney. He is a rather taciturn man, who works very hard for his living. I liked this character very much, as he is honest, a firm but fair boss, and a really likeable man. Looking for a wife, he meets Agatha, but little does he know what he is letting himself in for!

Agatha Whistleton is an American, and a werewolf called a Birthright. She is a wonderful character, who has managed to survive some terrible conditions. She has come to Australia to make a new life for herself. Marrying a stranger may be her only salvation.

I started reading this book, and struggled to put it down! This is a unique look at werewolves living in Victorian Australia. I'm not sure I believe in love at first sight, but these two characters (Nick and Agatha) have a chemistry that sparks from the first moment they meet! I loved reading their different points of view, as it gave the story a definite TV film or movie feel to it. Thanks to the very descriptive prose of the author, I could "see" Australia as it was in the Victorian era. The characters come alive in this story too. This story was completely absorbing! There are two types of werewolves, Birthright (born) and Sauvages (bitten). There is one Sauvage that is extremely dangerous. His name is Dirk; he made my skin crawl!! There is a lot of action, danger and romance in this book. I am now looking forward to reading the next book in the saga, as there is a teaser at the end of the book that had me gasping for breath!

J. Anne Fullerton has written a fascinating, exciting and absorbing read! Due to some scenes of violence, and also some scenes of a sensual nature, I do not recommend this book for younger readers. I do recommend this book if you love reading action/adventure/ paranormal romances or epic sagas about werewolves. - Lynn Worton

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