Friday 12 April 2013

Book Review of The Life We Dream by J.H. Glaze

The Life We DreamThe Life We Dream by J.H. Glaze
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a fantastic story that touched me deeply! I LOVED IT!

Jack Bailey is a very lonely character. He has loved a girl from afar for many years. But, when he finds out that the love of his life is critically ill, he sets off to go visit her.

This is an extremely sweet love story. I was hooked from the first page! I loved the way the story flowed. I could literally "see" Jack and his memories as he remembers meeting Sarah for the first time. I was entranced as his memories of his childhood played through his mind. This story switches between present day and past memories, but I never felt confused or distracted by this contrast. Jack's love and friendship he felt for Sarah is all encompassing - it made me wish that I had someone like that in my life!
This book is well written and flowed beautifully from beginning to end. I did find myself in tears during some scenes, so keep a tissue handy! There is also a twist at the end that is bittersweet, but I think it's extremely fitting.

J.H. Glaze has written an amazing, loving and touching story that is a complete departure from his usual horror/thriller genre. I don't know if he is planning more books in this vein, but if he does decide to write more, I would love to read them! I do love his horror stories though, so I hope to read more of those books too!
I highly recommend this book if you love a fantastic, touching and sweet romance. - Lynn Worton

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