Saturday 27 April 2013

Book Review of Scary Stories with Twist Endings Vol. 1 by John M.W. Smith


Too many patients in Intensive Care are dying, and no one seems to know why! So is Inspector Jim Murray going to end up with a severe case of INTENSIVE CARE BLUES? And listen to this, because your sanity might depend on it---even though they are good for you, are you really going to be tempted to hand over any APPLES to Marek the magician? Melissa is not afraid of being KIDNAPPED; she is more afraid that someone will guess her terrible secret--but are her kidnappers going to be too clever for her? Is anyone about to tell Palmer about the nightmare that awaits him when he goes out on his assignment to provide SECURITY for Miss Hartnell? Hey, Palmer! Sorry, man, but the answer looks as if it is going to be no! It is so sad that Sam Parker's FEET seem to sink him ankle-deep into tragedy and insanity all the time-- is there no escape for him despite all his attempts to be free of them? Stop that man! Look out, THE SHOPLIFTER is about to get clean away-- for the love of Mike, isn't anyone going to listen to Shona? And, finally, is there not anything left in this weary old world that can convince Nigel that SANTA LIVES?

Eight stories to make you check under the bed and behind the sofa before you dash to make sure the front door is locked. Maybe now is the time to give up all hope, because what you have to ask yourself is--- despite all your efforts---when it happens, will you see it coming? The first in a two-volume series here are eight stories to make you shiver as you look nervously up and own the road before you step out. Prepare yourself for the usual twist at the end!


Scary Stories with Twist Endings Vol 1Scary Stories with Twist Endings Vol 1 by John M.W. Smith
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

Having previously read Wacky Stories With Twist Endings by the same author, I was looking forward to reading these scary stories.

This book contains eight short stories. Each story is well written, and contain moments of humour and/or horror. Unfortunately, I did not find them particularly scary. Yes, some of them were macabre, and there were definitely twists to the endings on all of them, but there was nothing that made me want to hide behind the sofa. I did find them to be a highly entertaining read, don't get me wrong! I have the utmost respect for this author, and do not mean any offence. I cannot put my finger on why these stories weren't scary for me. Perhaps it's because I have read some really chilling horror stories in the past, or it's because I'm not easily scared. However, as I have said, I did enjoy reading this book and I would definitely read more of this author's work in the future.

John M.W. Smith has written a fantastic anthology that thoroughly entertained me. I'm just sorry that I didn't find them scary! I do not recommend this book for younger readers due to there being some gruesome scenes, but I recommend this book if you are looking for a quick, entertaining and scary read! - Lynn Worton

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