Thursday 19 December 2013

Book Review of Mohawk Moon (Mohawk Series #1) by N. Kuhn


Janelle hasn't been home in ten years. All of a sudden, she has to deal with her mothers death, her broken relationship with her sister, and some sexy stranger following her. She doesn't know whether to be scared, or excited.

Damien needs to restore his family's honor. He needs Janelle to do it. There's one problem. Someone is standing in the way. He's vowed that no one will stop him from getting what's rightfully his.

Together they must save what's left of both their families, and along the way, deal with what's going on between them. Join them on the beginning of their journey, under the Mohawk Moon.

Follow the Saga with Mohawk Sunrise and Storm of the Mohawk. 


Mohawk Moon (Mohawk, #1)Mohawk Moon by N. Kuhn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

This was an intriguing novella that I enjoyed.

Janelle is a very strong character to say that she has had an abusive childhood. She is now a police detective, but has not been home for ten years. When her mother is murdered, she comes home to track down the killer. I really liked this character. She is feisty and totally focused on finding her mother's killer, but a sexy stranger could be a fly in the ointment!

Damien is a man with a shaman-like ability to have visions. His visions send him looking for Janelle. Once they meet, sparks fly! I really like this character. He is a very honourable man. It doesn't hurt that he's uber sexy!

This is a novella that I struggled to put down. Told from both Janelle's and Damien's point of view, I was quickly hooked into the story. Unfortunately, this book is a little rough around the edges, and needs a good editor to go through it and correct some of the more glaring errors. However, that being said, the plot line kept me interested enough to keep going. There are twists and surprises that I didn't see coming. I was a bit surprised at Janelle's reaction to her father, but I could understand it, even as I disagreed with it. The ending has a bit of a cliffhanger that made me want to read the next book in the series.

N. Kuhn has written a book that is a diamond in the rough, hence my 3* review; I would have loved to give this book a higher mark. With a little bit of a polish, this book could shine brightly! Her characters are lifelike and likable. I will definitely be following her career with interest.

Although there are some scenes of a sexual nature, they are not too explicit or erotic. I recommend this book if you love paranormal romance mixed with mystery and suspense. - Lynn Worton

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