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The Crimson and the Frost A fantasy novel by John Williams and James Colletti - Reblogged from Tattle Tale

The Crimson and the Frost
A fantasy novel by John Williams and James Colletti


cover artwork by Kip Ayers
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John Williams
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James Colletti
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Cousins and co-authors John Williams and James Colletti are close in age and
have been a creative team for as long as they can remember. The pair shares a common
drive and tenacity that has transformed all of their creative aspirations into realities.
From early childhood John and James would dream of being famous musicians,
air-guitaring to their favorite bands. In their teen years they decided to leave the world of
pretend and with the determination that came naturally to them, they taught themselves
how to play guitar. Forming the rock band Soulvyne with a handful of other talented
musicians, they recorded an album and performed all around New York State.
As movie and television buffs the pair, once again, was determined to be a part of
another industry they loved. Through the years both have had successful careers
producing and editing for such companies as MTV, VH-1, Miramax, FOX, The Speed
Channel and TruTv as well as directing nationally broadcasted music videos and an
internationally released independent film.
Outside of their hectic careers they would find the time for a more personal
creative outlet away from all of the stress and deadlines of the entertainment
industry…writing. They collaborated on a handful of screenplays and used their industry
contacts to shop them around. There was one co-written script they both were particularly
proud of. One film producer in England read it and said, "I love this! It would make a
great movie but we’ll never be able to raise the 150 – 200 million it would take to make a
film this epic and grand-scale. It is too new and unknown by the masses. There is a
reason the Harry Potter movies got made, that series had a huge built in fan base from
the books. Maybe scale your story down.” Never ones to compromise, John and James
decided to tell their tale another way. So they re-worked it into what has become their
first novel "The Crimson and the Frost." During the novel writing process the story
became so much more than the screenplay ever was and we are even more proud of it.

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Take a journey to a world full of wonder and mystery, where magic rules and a war
between two legends looms on the icy horizon…

Late one night, young Billy Hampton investigates a strange presence in the woods behind
his house, where he discovers a curious transport. He makes the hasty decision to climb
aboard, and suddenly he is whisked away to the remote winter wastelands of the far north.
Billy finds himself in a town full of mystery and wonder, built by the legendary Crimson
Wizard and his devoted followers. The residents had lived here in peace for centuries,
protected by a powerful magic jewel known as the Heart of Polaris. It is their only
defense against the wicked and covetous King of Winter who wants them cast out of the
lands he claims are his alone.
Now, Billy accidentally loses the Heart of Polaris and without its protection, his
newfound friends become vulnerable to the power and fury of the King of Winter and his
army of savage grimghouls.
Its desperate race against time as Billy and his friends search for the Heart of Polaris
before they fall victim to the impending onslaught.






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“A world of fantasy awaits older kids in this magical and fun read. Journey into the
frozen wastelands ruled by the King of Winter. Enter the Crimson Wizard and watch as
an epic battle unfolds :) This story line is so involved and intriguing with characters that
are very well developed and yes, believable. The plot of the book has intricacies that
point to a creative imagination and confidence in the authors writings. We are taken from
a tragic story into a place of hope. Where did these writer's come from, and how is it
possible that this accomplished work is a d├ębut? It is sure to be one of the highlights of
my family's holidays!”
I was transported into my childhood with every page I read!
(from author Jami M. Brumfield)

“Wow! What an amazing read! I stepped out of my usual genre when I got this book and
I am so happy I did. It was a fantasy thrill ride from page one to the end. I was
transported to my childhood with every page I read. This book is great for all ages, young
and old. The characters were amazing and very likable! The description throughout the
book painted a beautiful picture scene after scene. I highly recommend this book for the
holidays and the rest of the year!!!”
Invincible Summer: Disney or Dreamworks For the Movie?
(from author Thomas Baker)
“First of all, I thoroughly enjoyed the amazing artwork on the cover of this book. It sets
the reader up for a fantastic journey with memorable characters, an intriguing, good vs
evil plot, and a final confrontation that will leave the universe as the reader wants it to be
(good), or changed forever (bad). The opening quotation is a foreshadowing device that
caught my attention immediately, namely:
"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was within me an invincible summer."
--Albert Camus

I took a moment to actively digest how that made me feel. Instinctively, I agree that it is
when things seem darkest, seemingly hopelessly lost, that I usually find within myself
some unknown source of imagination, creativity, or pure refusal to submit to reality, call
it whatever you like, but I can tell you countless stories of when I was on the very edge of
defeat or some other negative, undesirable consequence, that I found something inside of
me to overcome and triumph in the face of overwhelming odds to the contrary.
Accordingly, my anticipation, for a story that would exhibit similar characteristics, was
already in place, and I began to read from this perspective, namely, a heroic struggle. I
was not disappointed. The plot is meticulously well developed, the characters memorable,
and the climax leaves you breathless, a real roller coaster thrill ride.
The book has an unmistakable flavor of C. S. Lewis, and it is a very good fit. Children
and adults of all ages will enjoy reading this book, and it is a good candidate for a Disney
or Dreamworks movie. The possibilities are endless in the hands of the talented and
creative moviemakers at Disney and Dreamworks.
Finally, I most enthusiastically recommend this book for readers of all ages who enjoy
great storytelling, magic, and fantasy. This book has all of that and more.”
Great Read!
“My 10 year old son and I both read the book and really enjoyed it! We love fantasy
fiction and he is the ultimate critic! In his words "This is right up there with Harry Potter


Out of all the stalagmites jutting from the cavern floor of Hailstones’ Peak, one stood
apart from all the rest. It was smoother than the others and its top was carved into a claw-like
holder. It clutched a rough-hewn orb of ice.
The King of Winter stood nearby admiring the prize he had painstakingly constructed.
Centuries had been spent meticulously infusing it with doses of his wintry magic. For eons, he
had been waiting for the day he would have the chance to use it…and it looked as if that day
was finally coming to pass. It was time to inject this dormant, yet powerful artifact with its final
Now in deep concentration, he stood perfectly still with his eyes closed and ignored the
powerful rush of wind. His hands were outstretched as glowing hues of blue light danced across
his features. The surge of frigid air carrying an immeasurable number of ice particles raced past
him, pelting him, as they were sucked from the sky above and speeded through the many
tunnels that led from the surface. Cracking and shattering ice echoed throughout the vast
structure as the mountainous formation of ice that was Hailstone’s Peak was beginning to be
sucked inward upon itself, threatening to implode. It too was being absorbed as the vacuous
mouth of the cave grew ever wider from the fury of wind that was tearing away at it.
Suddenly, The King of Winter’s eyelids snapped open to reveal two pupil-less, white orbs
as he released the gathered power.
The rough-hewed orb of ice radiated a blinding luminescence as The Winter King
imbued it with an unimaginable amount of power. The block of ice began to rise and spin with
blinding speed as the magic gushed into it, filling it to the point of nearly shattering, while
mutating its surface.
As the final bit of magic entered the orb, The Winter King’s eyes closed once more as he
reached deep within himself and searched. He felt his essence and allowed the icy magic
flooding the orb to latch onto his immaterial spirit. He found his essence being sucked through a
dark tunnel that crackled with veins of energy as his spirit raced toward a brilliant light at the
end of the passageway. His body shuttered as his very being was ripped out of its physical form.
Reaching the end of the tunnel, he knew that he and the icy orb were now one as the sense of
nirvana flooded his being. Although tempted to give himself over completely, he fought against
the overwhelming need to allow the magic to fully absorb his spirit. With the last bit of strength
and clarity he possessed, he moved away from the purity of magic that was beckoning him and
his spirit raced back through the dark tunnel.
The Winter King’s eyes opened and his body crumpled to the floor. He lay there a long
time, sapped of all strength. He wondered if this is what death felt like for mortals. He then eyed
the orb that lay in the snow next to him. Finally, after centuries of crafting, the once ordinary
block of ice was completed, its surface covered in intricate patterns of facets as it pulsed with an
inner brilliance of frosty magic. It was so clear and so expertly crafted with symmetrical
perfection that it appeared more like cut glass than ice. He smiled a wickedly confident grin. The
Soul of Winter was born.


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