Saturday 25 May 2013

Book Review of Evil Among Us (Species Intervention #6609 Book 5) by J.K. Accinni


Lorna, Jennifer and Seth struggle to reach the Hive amid the chaos of Armageddon. Their bodies and minds wasted, will Lorna survive long enough to rat out Seth's psychotic cruelty? And what of the innocent child Suzy that has been kidnapped by Doc Benjamin's tribe of female enslaving barbarians? What fate awaits the beloved planet Earth?

The Hive is now one big happy family, romance is in the air as our survivors become mysteriously fit and robust, pheromones and testosterone fly as all accept the new law of the Hive: protect the animals at all cost.

Netty, Wil and Baby now hold the power with the help of the terrifying Kreyven. Shock after shock ensues as the survivors unravel most of the mysteries of the Hive and mourn unexpected deaths. The overriding surprise will be a complete blast from Netty's past, tying up all of the unanswered questions from Baby.


Evil Among Us Species Intervention # 6609 Book 5Evil Among Us Species Intervention # 6609 Book 5 by J.K. Accinni
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the fifth book in an amazing series! I loved it!

In the aftermath of the terrorist attack, Lorna, Jennifer and Seth are struggling to reach the Hive. They face several obstacles along the way. Meanwhile, inside the Hive, life has settled down somewhat, and Abby, Scotty, Jose, Echo, Chloe, along with Captain Cobby and his son, Kane, Peter, Ginger Mae, her daughter Daisy, Kenya, Johno, Netty, Wil and Baby, are gifted the protection of the Womb.

I found this story not as dark as the previous four books, but even so, this book has so many twists and turns I struggled to put it down! There are several revelations that shocked me, but I also found myself faced with several new questions. Such as, "What is the purpose of the Womb's delaying the birth of Kenya's baby?" and "What will the future hold for the survivors?". I am hoping that these and other questions will be answered in the sixth book, which I am now looking forward to reading! *SPOILER ALERT* I don't normally write spoilers, but in this case I have to! - I must admit that I was not sad to read about Seth's demise! He was a REALLY nasty piece of work!

On a side note: I hope that humanity will avoid anything like a nuclear war. We are the only sentient beings (that I know of!) on this planet that is causing damage to it. I am not surprised that Mother Nature is fighting back: Earthquakes, Tsunami's, Hurricanes etc. I sometimes feel that we are reaping the cosmic Karma caused by our actions and greed!

J.K. Accinni is a fantastic writer and has become one of my favourite authors. Her stories are most certainly dark, but there is compassion, and a plea to change our ways in her work. I agree with her sentiments. It is not too late, but one day it may be, and there will be no return.

I highly recommend this book (and series) if you love Sci-fi or Dystopian genres. - Lynn Worton

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