Tuesday 28 May 2013

Book Review of Keeping Never (Never Say Never Trilogy #3) by C.M. Stunich


Keeping Never, a New Adult Novel Recommended for Ages 18 and Up
Never say Never Trilogy: Book Three. Book One, Tasting Never, and Book Two, Finding Never, are both a
vailable now!

“In your pain, I see my own, so I'm going to tell you and only you, okay?”

Never's past might be under control, but Ty's is just starting to unravel. After receiving a phone call from his broken past, tensions run high between Never and Ty, especially with Never deciding to do something she's never done and keep her pregnancy a secret.

While visiting the skeletons in his dark, dark closet, Ty is threatened by all that he once was and all that he thought he'd overcome. With his pain about to consume him, Never is the only one who stands between Ty and relapse, who can help him control his emotions and find peace, but is she up to it? After all, with two tortured souls desperate for a healing touch, are they more of a hindrance to one another than a help?

Love, marriage, and a baby. Three things that Ty and Never didn't see coming. It's judgment time for both of them, time to see if the light really can overcome the dark. Here's to hoping.

“I know you'll make the right decision, no matter how hard it is, no matter if it cuts you into pieces, because you have to believe that I'll be there for you in the end.”


Ty enters the bathroom, and I turn my head forward, back towards the large, gray seat in front of me, determined not to give myself away by acting too anxiously. After all, I've seen one too many horrible scenarios in movies regarding the infamous Mile High Club. I suppose now I'll get to find out if it's really a reality or if Ty's just sh*tting with me. I want to erase his pain, though, give him something else to occupy his mind for a little while. After all, he did the same for me on the bus, took something that used to be my weakness, twisted it around so that it was not only a distraction technique but a bonding exercise that drew the two of us together in ways that I can still barely understand. For so, so long, sex was just this thing, this dangerous activity with physical and emotional consequences that I ignored in desperation, wildly fighting to fill that emptiness inside of myself. Now, my feelings for Ty and my family sit there and make my heart tight with love, and sex has become … something else. It's just pleasure and not pain, another way for me to show Ty how I feel and vice versa, a stress reliever, exercise, relaxation … It's all of those things and more. It's something for him and me alone, just the two of us. Just us. Us, us, us.


 Keeping Never (Never Say Never, #3)Keeping Never by C.M. Stunich
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the third and final book in the trilogy. I loved it!

Never Ross is a fantastic character. She has come a long way since the first book, Taking Never. I love her sassy attitude, which hides a vulnerability - fear of being hurt. Keeping her pregnancy a secret from Ty is becoming harder. Just as she's about to tell him, a phone call changes everything.

Ty McCabe is also a fantastic character. He too carries baggage from a past he would rather forget. Meeting Never, and falling in love, has changed him for the better. He too has a vulnerability hidden under his attitude, but a phone call brings his past back to haunt him. Can he find peace?

The first two books were focused on Never, and her issues with her family. This book focuses on Ty and a past he is trying to forget. I was completely hooked (again!) from the first page and couldn't put it down! I was extremely touched with this story, as I knew that Ty's background was not a happy one. What amazes me about his character is that, although the experiences he had were deeply disturbing, he wasn't bitter; Angry, yes. However, he managed to get out when he could.
I think that if Ty was a real person, and not a character in a book, I would probably fall in love with him myself. However, I think Never would have something to say to that! Their feelings for each other are extremely deep and intense. It fairly rolls off the pages in waves! I am happy that I got to meet these characters, as they are very lifelike and likeable. I am sorry that their story is over, but I wish them all the best, and that they never say never!

C.M. Stunich has done it again! I don't know how she manages to impart so much emotion through the written word! I was in tears in places at one moment, and sniggering at a snarky comment from Never in the next! She is a wonderful author, and I will read any future books of hers with pleasure!

As this book contains scenes of a sensual nature and has bad language, I do not recommend this book to younger readers. However, I highly recommend this book (and series) if you love older YA or New Adult genres. - Lynn Worton

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