Wednesday 15 May 2013

Do you love to read?
Do you have an active account on Amazon?
Do you want to pay forward some Indie author love?
Then this is how you can do it --

Ask to join this closed group.
We will accept you. We're a bit crazy and have a loon or two, but we love them all the same.
Once in the group, see the top pinned post.  These are the books we are featuring.  We need help on those books ASAP.  Every Friday, all the authors in the group gets to ask for reviews on their books above and beyond the featured authors... thus you can fill up your Kindle for free.
All we ask in turn is for you to leave a minimum of 21 words on Amazon, telling other readers if you loved, liked or hated the book.  That is it.  From time to time we have giveaways, we always have a chat or 20 going and we share, like and love each other.
If authors wish to join this is easy. Join, but remember that we will expect you to pay it forward as well.  If other authors review your book, return the favour.
If you really can't read all the books, then like their pages, share their giveaways and show us that you care about your Indie community and in turn, we will show you how much we care for this community.

Ask to join via the link above.

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