Thursday 2 May 2013

Book Review of Heavy Bags of Soul by K.D. Rose


A book for those who are awake- or want to be.

The inside speaks with a different language. Ancient and modern religions, mystics, philosophers, and poets have all attempted to translate the language of the soul. To express the evolution of the soul through mere words is almost impossible. The process is experiential. Understanding the process is a direct experience.

Heavy Bags of Soul translates years of experience into poetry from the brink, modern day insights, and humor that reveal the central threads common to multiple paths and perspectives. Rare insight, sharp humor, and passionate thought combine with subtle wordplay that will speak to your core.

This book will leave you changed. If you dare.



Heavy Bags of SoulHeavy Bags of Soul by K.D. Rose
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

When I was offered this book to review, I was a bit unsure about reviewing it, as I am not a big reader of poetry. I find that it is a very subjective experience. Sometimes, I struggle to understand what the poet/author is trying to express with their words, as I may not have had the same emotional experience or completely none (as in most cases!). I thought I would give this book of poetry a try, as I like to think myself as a philosophical and deep thinking person. I am glad that I did! This is a witty, philosophical read that had me giggling in places, and in deep thought in others. Unfortunately, I also found some of the poetry a bit TOO deep. My brain boggled slightly at the complexity of the thoughts expressed by the author. I did enjoy a few of the stories that were mixed in with the poetry. There's a great one featuring Schrodinger and Heisenberg that entertained and educated at the same time! I think everyone has heard of Schrodinger's Cat (theory). This story takes it to another level!

K.D. Rose has written a thought provoking read that is extremely deep and philosophical. I recommend this book if you love poetry, are a deep thinker or into philosophy. - Lynn Worton

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