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Book Review of Beyond (Crossroads Saga #3) by Mary Ting


Torn between the past she can't remember and a future she isn't ready for, Claudia feels at a loss. With unanswered questions, she is certain there is more to her past than just being a venator. Finding the missing pieces in her life won’t be easy because duty calls. When mysterious dark shadows get released, an apocalypse sets in motion. The venators and the alkins must work together once again. Knowing Claudia would be the key to destroying the demons that were released, a familiar stranger appears to protect her. Drawn to the beautiful angel, Claudia finds she must unravel the mysteries of her past in order to help save the world. Who is the angel assisting her and why does she feel a strong connection to him? Time is running out. Will she discover all the secrets before it’s too late?


Beyond (Crossroads Saga #3)Beyond by Mary Ting
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

This is the third book in the Crossroads Saga. I loved it!

Claudia Emerson is a fantastic character. I have come to regard her as a friend. She also has a strong personality - she has a stubborn streak a mile wide! She is now training to be a venator, a nephilim demon hunter. But she feels that there is something missing, but cannot remember what.

I was very happy to meet all the characters again, as I have come to think of them as being friends. However, I had been incredibly upset when I read the ending of the second book - I had been left in tears! When I was offered the chance to read the third book, I jumped at it! I wanted to find out what Michael thought he was doing! I know he did what he did out of love, but it left me (and him) heartbroken!
In the meantime, the other Alkins are back in Crossroads. I absolutely missed Devlin! He's a honey! I love his sense of humour. However, it was somewhat subdued in this story; and with good reason! This is an action packed read that is full of intrigue and danger! I did feel somewhat sad for Austin, as his feelings for Claudia went unrequited. However, when you have found your soulmate - and even if you cannot remember him, as Claudia did - then no-one else will do. Micheal is absolutely heartbroken about what he had to do, but I think his love for Claudia made his decision for him. There are a few new characters in this book. They have their own secrets, and finding them out is a big surprise! The ending has left me wanting to read the next book in the series RIGHT NOW!

Mary Ting is an amazing author! Her characters are extremely lifelike and likable. I added her to my favourite authors list a while back. Her books are a joy to read (when they're not making you cry!). They are fast paced, take you on a roller coaster ride of emotion and flow beautifully!

I highly recommend this book (and series) if you love YA, Paranormal Romance, Angels, Demons, Nephilim and Alkins. - Lynn Worton

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