Wednesday 3 July 2013

Book Review of Alice Parker & The Secret of Arcanum Cove (Book 3 of the new adventure series for children) (Alice Parker's Adventures) by Nicola Palmer


Alice’s holiday starts with a surprise when she discovers a new, remarkable ability. 

But her excitement is short-lived; soon she is distracted by the temptation to pursue an enigmatic mission. A local woman who died before Alice was born is believed to have left a hidden legacy.

Determined to unearth Jessie’s secret, Alice puts her trust in new friends, and comes face to face with the creatures of her nightmares.

Is she ready to deal with the enormity of what she finds? Will it help her end the reign of terror off the coast of Arcanum Cove?

One thing is certain - things are never what they seem.

'Alice Parker's Adventures' are children's chapter books for ages 9-12. 


Alice Parker and the Secret of Arcanum Cove (Book 3 of the new adventure series for children)Alice Parker and the Secret of Arcanum Cove by Nicola Palmer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the third book in the Alice Parker's adventures. I loved it!

Alice Parker is a fantastic character! She is a very special girl. She is a Finwip (a descendant of fairies), and the only Finwip able to fly. Her abilities and powers are growing. Going on holiday seems like a great idea, until she is involved in a dangerous mission to unearth the secrets of Arcanum Cove. Alice, along with her brother and grandfather, will have to face a most cunning adversary, and comes face to face with an old enemy.

This is a fantastic continuation of the series! I have wanted to read this for a while! The Finwips are a fascinating group of people. They have many different and unique abilities that range from invisibility to super sensitive hearing! Alice finds herself embroiled in another exciting adventure that had me sitting on the edge of the seat! This is a fast paced, action packed adventure that will keep children from the ages of 9-12 completely engrossed! In fact, I struggled to put it down myself! I love all the characters (even the "bad guys", who are deliciously creepy, oddly enough!). They come alive on the page! I am now looking forward to reading the next book, Alice Parker & The Sound of the Silent, as soon as I can!

Nicola Palmer has written an amazing children's series that is enchanting, exciting and all round good fun! Her writing style is fast paced, but easy enough for youngsters to read and follow. She is one of my favourite children's book authors!

I highly recommend this book (and series) to children and adults alike! - Lynn Worton

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