Monday 1 July 2013

Cover Reveal & Giveaway: Conflict (Control #2) by M.S. Willis

Today, I have pleasure in bringing you the new cover of the second book in  the Control series by M.S. Willis called Conflict!  I love it, and look forward to reading the book as soon as I can!


***Content Warning - This is a new adult fiction with mature themes. It contains graphic sexual situations, mature language and explicit description of sexual violence.***

Conflict is the second book in the Control series. This description contains spoilers for those who have not read book one in the series, entitled Control.

Private Investigator, Paige Stone has always appreciated the independence of her life, however, her world was pitched upside down when she and her roommates were attacked and nearly killed. As a result of the attack by Chris, Paige now finds herself dependent upon Daemon Pierce for a place to live as she hides from Chris. Paige has never lived with a man before and demands that Daemon consider her a "roommate" only, even though it goes against her own desires.

Strong-willed and arrogant, Daemon Pierce has been working hard to protect Paige from Chris and from herself. Letting go of his life as a womanizer, Daemon tries to prove to Paige that she can trust him, even though he refuses to enlighten her as to his past. Daemon struggles to comply with Paige's ridiculous demand to be "roommates" and quickly finds that he has fallen in love with the girl who does nothing but push him away.

Chris is still on the loose and Paige becomes impatient at the amount of time it is taking the authorities to apprehend him. Paige takes it upon herself to hunt Chris down, while still refusing to ask for Daemon's assistance. When Paige discovers a message left by Chris, she devices a plan to locate him while keeping Daemon in the dark as to her plans. Paige's emotional journey once again places her in dangerous situations and when secrets are revealed and decisions are made, Paige has no choice but to look deep within herself to see if she can finally trust the man who will stop at nothing to save her.

Conflict Teaser #1
Teaser #1 - 

     The only sound which followed my greeting was the slurping from me sipping on my coffee.  Daemon didn’t move, didn’t speak, and didn’t react in any way.  I was at a loss as to what to do.  Do I greet him again?  Did I speak too quietly the first time?  I wasn’t sure.  I stood silently waiting for Daemon to respond.  After a few moments, he groaned before raking his hand over his face.  His eyes were still closed and he placed his hands on the edges of the counters beside him as he stretched out his large frame.  I was stunned by his glory.  He was no longer hunched over and I had an unobstructed view of his body.  If ever there was a perfect man; a man who was the epitome of masculinity and carnal strength, Daemon was it.  My adherence to the ‘roommates only’ policy was already coming unglued and the man hadn’t yet voiced a single word. 
     His beautiful blue eyes finally cracked open and as they met mine, Daemon smirked.  “Your mouth is open.”
     What?  I was looking at him with a questioning wrinkle between my brows when his words finally sunk in.  I slammed my jaw shut and my face must have turned purple from the embarrassment.  I could not believe I just literally stared open-jawed at him.  There was no gracious way to get out of this. I reverted back to my earlier tactic and rolled my shoulders back while holding my chin up.  I was absolutely mortified at that moment, but I wasn’t about to show it.
     “Very funny, Daemon.  I was yawning…silently…and for a long time.  There’s no reason for you to get a big head over that.”

Conflict Teaser #2
Teaser #2 - 

      Daemon laid down beside me and we watched the clouds together.  I’d started to fall asleep from the warmth of the sun when Daemon turned on his side and leaned over me.  The sudden shadow caused me to open my eyes and his piercing blue eyes burned into mine as he stared down at me.  My body displayed its usual reaction to him and he laughed while running his hands down the goose bumps.  Embarrassed by his amusement, I pointed my finger up at him and said, “We have a truce today, Mister.  No bump rubbing for you.”
      His smile brightened at my unintentional innuendo and those delicious indentations appeared on his cheeks.  His smile faded quickly as he continued watching me and his eyes heated.  I was motionless and breathless from his proximity and his expression was about to be my undoing.  Daemon smirked and said, “Fuck the truce,” right before bringing his lips down to mine.  His kiss was gentle and full of unspoken emotion.  Our mouths moved slowly against each other and I felt drunk from the warmth building between us.  This kiss wasn’t created from fire or passion, but from something else entirely.  It was the kind of kiss lovers gave each other when they are reunited after a long time apart; a kiss meant to sooth, to comfort, to convey thoughts and feelings without the use of words.  It was the kind of kiss where we were breathing for each other and devouring each other; one where there was nobody else in this world.  I was lost to him within seconds and only when it was necessary that we come up for air, did it end.  Daemon raised himself up from me just enough that the sun caught his hair, causing it to glow around his face. I gasped as memories of my first kiss flashed through my head and I had to shake away the image of Buddy above me to replace it with that of Daemon.

      A lopsided grin came over Daemon’s face. “You okay?  You look a little dazed.”

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