Saturday 13 July 2013

Book Review of Death of Heaven by J.Z. Murdock


Throughout the whole of Human History many philosophies and religions have attempted to answer that ultimate question: 

Where did we come from? 
James and Jimmy, brothers in spirit and tragedy since childhood are about to discover the answer to that ultimate of all questions. They will learn about it in a way that is as amazing as it is unbelievable. They alone will discover that reality is unlike anything that has ever before been considered. They will discover just what it is that nightmares are made of.

James has a unique ability. He is receiving a history of Earth from someone. Someone not of this Earth. Is it an Alien? An Angel? A God? Whoever it is, they are very concerned about something that is going to happen and before that, someone needs to know. Someone, needs to know the truth about Humanity, the Earth, and what is about to come.

Friedrich Nietzsche claimed in 1882 that "God is Dead". But that was only a piece of the whole misleading truth. It is now left for two friends alone to experience the whole story, and along with the rest of the Human Race, to experience firsthand the--

Death of Heaven


Death of HeavenDeath of Heaven by J.Z. Murdock
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

This is a most intriguing story. I am not sure it was completely my cup of tea, but I did like it.

James and Jimmy are both intriguing characters. They both grew up in the same neighbourhood, but one event will change their lives forever. Jimmy will grow up and end up serving his country in the military, but James's life will take a strange twist. They meet again some years later, and an incredible story of a desperate journey, an accident and an attempt at communication is recorded for all humanity.

This story is a mix between science fiction and horror. The storyline was extremely unique. It is difficult to say how different it is without giving spoilers. However, I will say that this story has a unique twist on the origins of Earth. Was it created by accident?
The horror aspects were extremely graphic; it made me want to wash my brain out with bleach! The violence and depravity made me feel a little ill! However, I had the "rabbits caught in the headlights" feeling whilst reading this book; I was so fascinated that I just had to keep reading! The juxtaposition between the consciousness of Blue, Fade, Chaos, Fear, Cause and Sane (whom are quite peaceful in actuality) interacting with humans, and the subsequent horror that is unleashed, is quite jarring. The science fiction aspect left me with a huge question mark or two. Why did someone, or something, want to hunt the SoulHeart? Was it jealousy, or something more sinister? Whatever the cause, it made for an intriguing read! The story is fast paced in places, but screeches to a crawl in others, as the story flicks between the different viewpoints. This may be a bit disorientating to some readers.

J.Z. Murdock has written a horror story that completely had me transfixed! I'm intrigued as to what he is working on next!

Although horror is not one of my favourite genres, I recommend this book to those who do love it. - Lynn Worton

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